FIGHT! Talk Back to Your ED! | Kati Morton

Remember? And it just got awkward, ok. You’re worthless. I’m not worthless! I got up this morning. I went to work. I saw my clients – they count on me. I’m not worthless, I’m helping people. What I did right there, that’s what I ask a lot of you to do. And that’s talking back to that eating disorder voice. That tells us those horrible things. So I’m gonna do a couple more. I’m gonna kinda walk you through how to do it. Because I know a lot of you have trouble and many of you have asked me to do a video where I just yell back to your eating disorder so you can put it on when you’re having a hard time. So I’m just gonna kinda ramble off some things that I think fight back against the voices that I know it tells- the little snippets of things it tells us all day, ok? I’m not fat! I’m working on myself. I’m a person. I am so much more than the numbers on a scale. I’m so much more than how, what number’s on my clothes. I’m so much more than that. There’s so much to me that you can’t even understand, because all you focus on is a number on the scale. And how many times I’ve done the behaviors you keep telling me to do. I work hard. I’m not lazy! I get up. I talk to people. I see my therapist. I get out of the house, right? I get online, I check Kati’s videos and when she gives me advice I do it. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t call that lazy at all. I’m not stupid! I’m really freakin’ smart. I go to school. I get my school work done. A lot of times I get A’s on things. So I wouldn’t really think that anybody would actually consider that stupid. Right? I don’t think so. I go to college. Right? I go to class. I got in to college. That’s not stupid. You’re stupid. You should shut up. Because you’re really annoying me. I’m trying to think of other good ones. That person’s not talking about me. They have a lot of other things going on. It’s not all about you and me and people aren’t watching me. I’m doing my thing, I’m focusing on myself. So stop drawing attention to other people, they’re not paying attention to me. I am paying attention to me. I’m recovering. I’m eating lunch right now. So you need to shut the hell up. Now those are just a couple things, and I’ll keep doing these. It’s kinda fun. I feel kinda feisty, like, I don’t know. It’s exciting. (giggle) But hopefully that’s kind of helpful. And these are things that we have to kinda practice. It’s – We’re learning to get our voice back. And a lot of times our eating disorder just rips it out. I doesn’t want to hear it. It just- We are so used to stuffing how we feel, worries, normal feelings, things that come up. And other people cry, they feel mad, they feel sad. We feel like we’re not allowed to. Right? So we just stuff this down. And we let our eating disorder talk for us. And you know what? It’s time to take it back. We don’t have to listen. We don’t have to put up with its crap. We don’t have to have that voice just, all day. Talking negative So we’re gonna learn to talk back. And if you haven’t checked out my, um, workbook it’s on my website. There’s a little tab. A free workbook. You can download it. And the first task is practicing this. This very thing I was just doing. And I know that for many of you, you will fill up the eating disorder side of the page really quickly but talking back will be hard. But just replay this video. Take some time. I want you to say these things out loud with me. I’m not stupid. I work hard, I got into college, I go to school. I got good grades. Whatever it is. Did you say it out loud? Say it out loud! We have to say things out loud sometimes. I mean if you’re sitting at a crowded coffee shop it’s probably not the right time but take it home and say it out loud then. Ok? Because we have to get our voice back. So don’t just say it in your head. Don’t just type it in your computer. I want you to say it out loud and I want you to practice. So let’s go back to the beginning of this video. I want you to go through it and after I’ve said it back to the eating disorder voice I want you to say it again. Ok? And like I said, I’ll keep putting these out because I know it’s hard. And we need that little boost. Because our eating disorder needs to know that we’re a force to be reckoned with. And we’re not gonna be quiet anymore. Ok? So let’s regain our voice, let’s say it out loud, and let’s fight back. Subtitles by the community


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