Fat Loss Workout for Women (BURN FAT & BUILD MUSCLE!!)

Hey, you guys! I am Melissa with ATHLEANXX for Women and
today I have a great fat loss workout for you to do. For today’s workout you’re going to need a
kettle bell and I want you to go heavy. It’s a 12 minute workout. Four different exercises. I want you to do 10 seconds of rest, 50 seconds
of work, 12 rounds, all right? Here we go. Exercise number one is going to be a lunge. So you’re going to put the kettle bell in
one hand, you’re going to take a step into a lunge, and I want a nice lunge. I want you to step forward and drop that back
knee. You’re going to pass the kettle bell underneath,
stand back up. Switch. You’re going to take a big step, drop that
back knee, but I want it to be a smooth motion. I’m going through it right now so I can show
you guys what to do. Pass it, and go back. That’s number one. Number two: you’re going to do – you’re
going to hold the kettle bell in your hands. I don’t care if you hold it here, or here,
it doesn’t matter. You’re going to go down, down, up, up, stay
in the squat and pop. Down, down, up, up, pop. I want you to alternate which knee goes down
first. Number three: let me tell you what, I’m already
out of breath. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like
when you hit start. Kettle bell swings. Now, this is all butt and legs. When you think of a swing think about swinging
your arms. You’re not going to swing your arms. Your legs and your butt is going to do all
the work. You sit back into a squat and you’re going
to thrust your hips forward as hard as you can. Your arms are going to do the movement because
of the momentum. I don’t want you to use – focus on using
your arms. I want you to focus on using your legs and
your butt. So sit back, swing. That is number three. Number four, the last exercise: put your kettle
bell down. We’re going to do some burpees. You’re going to put your hands down on one
side of the kettle bell, jump back, push up, jump forward, hop on your kettle bell. You’re going to go down and do it back and
forth for 50 seconds. Those are your four exercises. 12 minute workout. Let’s go. Awesome job, you guys. Your legs should be on fire. This is a full body fat loss workout. I hope you enjoyed it. I am Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women and I
will see you guys next time. Bye.


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