Fat Loss vs Weight Loss in Tamil | Which Way Is Best to Reduce Your weight | Eng Subtitles

many people are going to the gym to achieve this goal many people talks about weight loss also you know all that stuff
regarding weight loss, like what they ate, how
they workout and all those irrespective of all ages but there is a ‘Certain’ way of reducing your weight so what method are you choosing? are you reducing your weight ‘The right way’ there are 2 seperate things called weight loss and fat loss do you think both are the same?..You should think again..Because its wrong both are different by a huge margin and thats what we are going to see in this video what is a weight loss? body weight includes all these are combined for a full body weight for a weight loss to occur basically you can lose 3 things you can lose weight by losing fat, muscles or water you should understand this so many people do starvation for weight loss…you might have heard and many know that its not the correct way to do weight loss during that time your water content and muscles will reduce and fat loss will be minimal during dehydration conditions like vomiting or diarrhoea your body will lose water content because of that you will lose weight you may lose a couple of kgs in 2 days and thats not something to be proud of its the same thing as weight loss after starving there’s nothing to be proud of because its not a weight loss and your muscle would have been lost and fat loss would not have happened even for skinny guys there can be a noticeable amount of fat called skinny fat so even if you are thin if
you dont do proper weight loss you will be still having
a noticeable amount of fat if you take a look at a person doing a random weight loss they would have taken a
crash diet and improper workout program without
proper knowledge even after achieving their weight loss they cany maintain their weight after something there is a chance that you may gain your weight back they will not have strength have low immunity due to a random diet and will feel weak these are all the problems doing weight loss randomly. but fat loss is quite different it targets only our body fat if you do a proper fat loss program above your muscles and below skin there is a layer of fat depending on body fat percentage is there called ‘subcutaneous fat’ and fat around the organs is called ‘Visceral fat’ you have to reduce all
these kinds of fat to achieve a proper weight
loss in a healthy way you will get a fitter look and your total look will change whoever you see with
a good physique like bodybuilders or fitness
models or any celebrities will achieve only this kind of proper fat loss they will not do a random blind weight loss they may hire a professional trainer combined with proper workout
program and nutrition guidance is how they
achieve that physique even a fitness model or bodybuilder before a photoshoot or a competition, they will drop their fat levels to an extreme to achieve that look body will have a ‘ripped’ look with muscle fibers seperation skin fat will be very thin and the remaining skin will adapt on top of the muscles thats how their muscles will look clearer this is the proper way of doing weight loss you will have a fitter look and muscles will improve because of the weight or strength training you will do your strength and immunity will improve and most effective way at the same time its not necessary
that you have to reduce your fat levels to such an extreme
levels like those professionals thats their profession and thats why they are doing like that if you feel that you have to reduce your a small or meedium amount of weight you have to do fat loss method you can reduce to certain
extent to achieve your target weight and dont have to go
to extreme levels of low fat but you have to lose fat only and not a random weight losing muscle and water weight.. in case of obese people who are extremely overweight if they have to reduce weight take a guidance from a proper nutrionist for weight loss and at the end of weight
loss where you have to lose around 10-15 kgs you
can do a proper fat loss so losing weight by fat is only a healthy way for normal weight loss you can do some aerobic activities for 30 minutes to 1 hour like walking, jogging running with dietary modifications from a nutritionist for fat loss definitely in addition to aerobic activities you have to add weight training all those resistance training your muscles should be trained because according to research your weight training will help with the fat burning process after weight training I have already spoke about
the importance of nutrition the link to which is given
in the description below this is the difference between weight loss and fat loss always think of reducing your fat to achieve a proper weight loss better looking, fitter look and most effective way.


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