Fast VS Slow Reps For Building Muscle Mass FAST? (THE TRUTH!)

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of and in this video we’re going to discuss a question
I’ve been getting asked very frequently. It’s what’s better for building muscle
mass fast? Slow reps or fast reps? Alright. in this video we are going to
teach you what the perfect rep speed is so that you get faster muscle building
results. So what I want to share with you guys is not based on my own opinion. This
is based on physics and we are going to show you guys with our fish-scale.
Alright. I have got five pounds attached to a fish (laugh) I can’t say that Frishscale (laugh)
oh my gosh fish scale. Maybe I’m dehydrated. Alright so, as you guys can see it
weighs five pounds. Do we have verification of that? So the question is…
is what happens when we change our lifting speed? If we go fast, is the
weight still five pounds? If we go slow. is the weight still five pounds? Alright.
This videos in context to building muscle right. And I find that’s
where a lot of people get confused in terms of how they need to train. People
don’t know what their end goal is alright. If your end goal is to be an
athlete, to be a great power lifter, those are very specific goals. Those are
performance-based sport. Alright. They require performance-based variables to
be achieved. However if you want to build a great physique. If you want to be a
bodybuilder. You just want to be really proportional, you just want look really sexy
for the ladies, a lot of the methods used to achieve sport based performance are
not necessary and that’s why I wanted to shoot this video because for me, like I’m
never going to play professional sports. I’m never going to do powerlifting. I
just want a good body. To look good to feel good.
Alright. So if that’s my goal to have an aesthetic physique, a balanced physique, a
muscular physique, one that doesn’t get hurt, I want to eliminate all the risks
possible. Does that make sense? That’s why I’m so passionate teaching guys how to
use baby weights. Alright. And we’re going to take a look here at this thing
called the fish scale and we’re going to find out when five pounds doesn’t weigh
five pounds and when it does so that you can make more intelligent training
decisions. Alright. There’s no point beating up your joints if you don’t have
to. Alright. So as you guys can see let’s just get right into the
demonstration. We’re going to have to get some really good camera shots of this so
you guys can see this but when the weight’s here, I’m going to drop the weight
quickly okay. Any exercise you’re doing when you’re lowering the weight, if
you’re lowering the weight too fast, let’s take a look at what happens to the
weight. It’s no longer five pounds. You see how depending again on how fast I drop the
weight, the force is no longer five pounds. Alright. I mean if you can catch
that it’s going from five pounds to close to ten pounds and if I go even
faster you can see that the force is magnified. So if you guys don’t know the
equation of force, its mass times acceleration. Alright. So the mass here
is five pounds depending on how much the acceleration is, is going to dictate how
much force you’re actually putting into your joints. So a lot of people, what
happens, they go to the gym and they get hurt. How many of you guys know
somebody’s been hurt lifting weights. Well I believe that you should never get
hurt if you train the way I teach you alright. I believe you should never get
hurt because I don’t teach this. I don’t teach how to magnify the force into your
joints with acceleration alright. I teach you how to control the weight
which we’ll get to in a second. Now that’s one issue.
Another issue is if we’re going too fast on the way up, alright. So now we’re
doing the concentric portion of your movement. You’re doing your press on the
benchpress. You’re doing your press on your shoulder press. You’re doing your
pull on the pull-up. You’re doing your curl on the bicep curl. You’re doing your press
down on the tricep press down. What happens if we use too much speed on the
way up? Now watch the needle. Five pounds, when it’s not in motion, you see how the
needle goes inward. It’s literally going to almost zero. So you’re literally
putting your muscles through a state of weightlessness alright. Again, this is
fantastic if you’re an athlete or performance-based person. You don’t want
to feel the weight. You want to get the rep done, right. You want the weight to be
light. So this whole thing of speed is fantastic if you don’t want tension, if
you don’t want fatigue in the muscles. If you want an advantage, go fast. If you
want an advantage go fast. My shoulder’s getting sore so I’m going to put this
down. So the title of this video is how do you build muscle faster? Slow reps or
fast reps? Um, well, do we want more tension in the muscle? Yes or no. Yes. So
does going fast serve us? No. We’re actually making the weight lighter. Alright.
If you want to build muscle tissue, we need what’s called muscle
disadvantages, not muscle advantages. Alright. Now, if we’re trying to build
muscle tissue and we’re lowering the weight too fast, is that good for our
joints? No. If we’re hurt and not in the gym can we build muscle? No. Right. One of
the best ways to build muscle is just not to get hurt. Alright. A lot of guys peak
in their 20s. They look their best in their 20s and it’s all downhill.
I take pride in looking better since I started and I think I’m going to look
even better my 40s and 50s because I’m playing the long game and I’m avoiding
these risks of lowering the weights too quickly. Alright.
And I’m not going so fast that I’m losing tension in my muscles so
they’ll have to keep adding more weight to try and get something into the muscle.
Does that makes sense? So let’s wrap this video up and let’s find out when five
pounds actually weighs five pounds. I think you’ve probably figured this out
by now, but five pounds weighs five pounds when we’re going what
is the needle moving at all? Do you see the needle move when I’m going slow?
Hardly moving. So five pounds is five pounds when we eliminate the
acceleration component. Alright. So the force going into your muscles is in fact
what it says on the weight when we go slow. So I could have wrapped up that
entire video in two words. GO SLOW. Alright. Now some of you guys are thinking
slow is like so slow that like you’re not even getting a good workout in but
that’s not the truth. If you watch guys work with a slow tempo or controlled
tempo, it’s a harder workout guys. Swinging weight is easy. That’s not a
hard workout because you’re cutting the weight in half or depend on how fast
you’re moving, you’re reducing the amount of force you’re putting into your
muscles. So everyone thinks going slow is for whimps. It’s not hard. It’s harder. You put
that load all into your muscle. It feels completely different. You’re going to get
an incredible pump. You’re going to get an incredible burn. You’re going to break
down muscle tissue and the best part is you’re not going to bang up your joints.
So if your goal is to build muscle tissue, to build muscle mass, the name of
the game is going slow. Going control. Alright.
Fast lifting is great if you’re an athlete. It’s great if you’re a
performance-based sport, but when it comes to the world of bodybuilding,
you’ve got to control it. You got to own it.Alright. If you can’t control it, you
can’t challenge it. You can’t challenge it, you can’t build it. Next time you’re
in the gym with your buddy, I want you to coach him by just using those two words.
Slow it down. Control. Stop swinging it. Squeeze it.
Own it. Contract it. Alright. If your goal is to build muscle that’s the name of the
game. Alright. And as you start to build more muscle tissue, you will get stronger.
Alright. That’s the cool thing. You guys who want to get stronger, you will get
stronger, but you’re going to be doing it safely, alright, and you’re actually
going to be using your muscles to move the weight. So if you’re ready to improve
your exercise execution so you get more from less, so that you actually put
tension in the muscle, I created a course called Mass Mechanics. It’s an exercise execution video library.
00:08:23,870 –>00:08:28,670
You get five hours of video coaching where I take you through 113 different
exercises. Ones you’re probably familiar with and we show you how to own the
weight. How to execute your movements so you build muscle faster and you don’t
get hurt in the process. It was my best-selling program last year. People
absolutely love it. They say I wish I discovered this when I first got into
lifting. Alright. It took me five years to put this thing together until I was
comfortable with all the tips that I put in the program. It’s very different than
what you’ve probably been taught. Alright. And this video resource can be
picked up through the link on the page here or the first link in the
description box and you’re going to start getting better results without
banging up your joints. Alright guys. Thank you so much for watching. I look
forward to doing this again soon. If you’ve got any feedback for upcoming
videos you know what to do. Read them. Read them. Post them in the comment
section below. I’ll see you guys next time


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