Fallen Off the Wagon? How to Get Back on Track with Your Diet

Hi guys. It’s Petrina, your go to girl for learning
how to make fit work in a crazy busy world. Today I’ve got a very special viewer Q&A edition
and it is a short and sweet question from my friend Jen who asks, salty language alert,
“what the fuck do I do when I completely have fallen off the wagon?” and this is a most
excellent question for this time of year when we’re totally over run by barbecues and family
gatherings and pool parties and fruity drinks and all that jazz and first things first when
you fall off the wagon. Get a pen and a paper and I want you to write
down every single excuse you’ve been telling yourself not to get back on it. We’re talking the kind of things like “so
and so is having a party next week and I can’t stay on track” or “wait, you know, we’re going
on vacation next week. What’s the point”. Any of the other excuses you’re telling yourself,
like “I’m too tired”, “it takes too much time”, “it’s too much work”, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah. I want you to write them all down and dismantle
them because chances are, if you’ve fallen off the wagon, you’ve been on the wagon. You know what it’s like to stay on the wagon
and it’s taken calling yourself out on the bullshit when it comes up. So write it down and call yourself out on
that bullshit! Because you know what? No matter what time of year, maybe you’ll
be on vacation, maybe you’ll be partying, you’ll feel like you don’t have time, but
I can guarantee you, there’s at least one person out there who has a lot less time than
you do that is making time for their health and fitness. Why? Because they call themselves out on their
bullshit and they recognize they spend a little too much time watching Netflix. They don’t magically create more hours in
the day. They just find the time to get fit done and
you can too. Number 2, chances are if you’ve fallen off
the wagon you’ve got a ton of crap food in your house. Throw it out! I don’t want you to think about the dollar
signs or how much you pay for stuff. Just throw every bit of crap food out. Toss the jalapeno sauce and vinegar and salt
on top of your garbage so you’re not tempted to slip back in and take a little bit of brownie
or whatever you dropped in there. Capiche? When in doubt, throw it out and then take
another piece of pen and paper and make yourself a healthy whole food grocery list, march yourself
out the door, go to the store and get yourself some good stuff. If you’ve been on that wagon before, you know
what it takes to stay on track and chances are it’s not a bag of Doritos and a pint of
ice cream. You can still have these things once in awhile. It’s all about balance. Balance is good. The third step is I want you to get out a
megaphone and say “hey, is anybody out there off the wagon? Who wants to get back on with me?” I’m betting dollars to donuts if you do that
you’re gonna find several people who maybe want to get back on the wagon. Form a little group together, hold each other
accountable, send each other little text messages, call each other, check in. If you don’t have somebody in your circle
to get on board with you, you can find somebody on message boards, Facebook groups. You can look for a fitness coach, if you know
what I’m saying. Accountability can be crucial in not only
getting you back on that wagon, but keeping you on that wagon for most of the time. Again, it’s okay to slip off every once in
awhile just for a wee little bit. You’re not gonna gain everything you lost
back in a meal or a day. Number four is to just delve into yourself. Try to figure out what was it that got you
off the wagon. Was it something like an emotional trigger? What happened? Is it stress? How can you go about preventing another relapse
and getting off the wagon. You need to recognize what started it and
hopefully address the cause and the heart of the issue in order to keep on track and
stay nice and cozy in the wagon. If you don’t address the core of the issues,
you’re just gonna keep slipping off that wagon again and again and again. Finally, tip number five involves getting
a sweat on. If you want to not only get the weight off
and keep it off, I think exercise is so crucial. So if part of falling off the wagon for you
was stopping the activity, I’d say either dust off your favorite work out program, join
a gym if gyms are what your thing is if you like to actually go someplace and see a trainer,
have equipment there for you or potentially invest in another program. If you’re like me and you have work out ADD
and you get bored very easily, try something new. There’s lots out there. And having said that, I’m gonna give another
shameless plug to BeachBody on demand. You can get a totally free 30 day trial. Click on the link that I put below. Check it out. I’ll also put a clickable link here in this
video, ding! It’s right there for you. Go get it! If you’re in the US, Canada or the UK, you
can get yourself hooked up. All the directions again are right there in
that link so check it out. So there you have it. There are my five best tips for getting your
what back on that wagon. As always, if you have any questions or you
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