Facing The Consequences Of Reckless Driving

The speed limits are too slow.
I’m quite a dangerous driver. I tend to cut a lot of people up.
I do use my phone when I’m driving. You are on that thin line
between life and death and the only thing in control
of that, really, is you. You have changed the way
I think about driving. I love tailgating people
because I know they can see me in their mirror and it’s making them
feel interrogated and frustrated. When people tell me to slow down,
I normally speed up. I sometimes do scary manoeuvres
just to increase the adrenaline. I’m always beeping my horn
and flashing my lights at people because sometimes it’s just so cold
you don’t have the energy to put your window down
and scream at the person. The thing I most enjoy about driving
has got to be just the feel of it, just being behind the wheel,
the roads, the freedom. To be honest, I think if you’re
going to have a car and not speed, there’s no point. 70mph on the motorway sometimes
is just ridiculous. I want to do 200mph
in a car by myself. 200mph club is the goal. When I do 120mph I feel
like I’m in the Fast And Furious and it’s just so fun. Drifting is the art of purposely
throwing your car out of control and maintaining control. When you take a roundabout, you pull out and kick the clutch
and you get it sideways, if you want to prove
to someone you can drive, you take that roundabout at 60. Drink-driving is quite common. With my mates as well,
they all drink-drive. I used to do quite a lot. You go to house parties and
you don’t drink, it’s a bit boring. I used to drink a beer but, yeah… And I used to drive back home
the same night as well. Less than four pints,
I think it’s OK to drive, but sometimes if I have, like, seven
beers, I can drive totally safe. I’ll be honest, I do use
my phone when I’m driving. I need to make a snap,
there’s music. I need to know how I look as well. When I’m driving, the sound
system on my car is really loud. I feel like when you’ve got eyes, you don’t need to listen
to what’s happening, really. I’m quite a dangerous driver.
I tend to cut a lot of people up. I like the adrenaline so
I don’t really care if I crash. All right? Hi. All right there, mate.
How are you doing? TYRES SQUEAL
SHOUTING Yeah, four, three
is, like, the limit. Having met you, you know,
it’s made me feel like, you know, a zero limit is actually
a good idea, definitely, because it’s caused significant
injury, it’s caused deaths. Yeah. Just making a pointless snap.
It was just not…not needed. Life is worth more than a Snapchat. You have impacted me,
you have changed my thoughts on drink-driving, and also
just driving, speeding as well. As you say, in proof,
things can just happen no matter how good you are
or how good your car is. Now I’m just going to drive home. I’m even supposed to be
going out later and I’m going to drive my friends so, like, there’s just
no need for the speed. At the end of the day, I’m going to get to
the destination regardless.


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