Extreme Weight Loss: Panda!

Panda: Hey, what’s up? We’re backstage and,
um, what am I supposed to say [laughs] Anybody starting out on the journey, I mean,
start small, you know, you don’t have to go and get on a reality TV show to do it I mean
make every day a little changes. Start off with your diet, then move towards walking
more and getting up, you don’t have to go to the gym right away just start small, grow
exponentially from there. Team Powell: What’s your most embarrassing
moment from this season? P: Oohhh, definitely wearing some short shorts
in front of Heidi Powell and ummm she probably saw a little bit more than she wanted to.
[Laughs] One thing that viewers might not know about Chris or Heidi but they really
should know is the fact that they’re genuinely good people, you know a lot of people on reality
shows and a lot of hosts on a lot of TV shows, they act one way on screen but they’re completely
different behind the scenes, they are genuine to a T. I mean they are kind and caring and
they care about your transformation from start to finish when lights are on and when lights
are off to the point where they text you out of the blue one day and it just lifts your
spirit. So Chris in one word, Loyal. He’s with you from beginning to end because that’s
what he said what his word was is the fact that you know if he’s there he will be there.
One word to describe Heidi is she’s a fierce bitch. You know, she’s fierce. You know Heidi
is fierce. Ummm she definitely pushes you even though you don’t think you can push yourself
anymore. Oooh. Favorite cardio workout? I love Zumba, I like to dance, get that up in
there, move the hips, sway around, you know it’s, it’s fun, it’s active, you know not
necessarily super intensive and you don’t have to be running on the treadmill for 20
minutes and looking at a wall a blank space on the wall you’re up, you’re moving, and
you’re having a fun time with everybody else. Favorite cheat meal, that’s a hard one. I
would probably have to say that I really really like ummm sweets, so I would just get you
know, some ice cream, you know a nice bowl of ice cream sit down on the couch, pop on
some Netflix, you know. It’s a good day after that. Favorite healthy snack I really really
like ummm powdered peanut butter and Greek yogurt. Probably one of my favorites, it gives
you protein, and it’s really quick, it’s really sweet, just a couple packets of like Truvia,
or stevia in it and it sweetens it up and it’s like, I can’t, like ice cream.
TP: Best Chris and Heidi impersonation. P: Ooooh…”This is your year. This is your
journey. This is your transformation. Oh my god, Panda, no, Panda, oh my god. So that’s
basically it with Heidi. Words of advice for anybody who’s out there seeking any kind of
transformation at all, be it weight loss, be it, you know, whatever they’re trying to
do to change themselves or definitely be to seek help. You know, transformation, a lot
of people seem to think that it’s an individual journey, but as you see on the show, and as
you see with everybody’s transformation is that it truly takes a village to transform
somebody. And asking for help and reaching out and finding that support, you know, there’s
a lot of non profit organizations that will help you, there’s a lot of communities that
will help you, there’s friends that will help you, and so just ask for help. That’s probably
my biggest thing.


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