Extreme Weight Loss: Mitzi

>>Mitzi: Good morning, my name is Mitzi. We
are just wrapping up the finales of Extreme Weight Loss
cast season 5, and it’s been an incredible experience. I feel like the most difficult
part of my transformation journey has really been just the vulnerability, and just truly
understanding that in order for me to really move past where I’m at, the comfort level
that I’m in, there’s actually a quote that says that, Life begins where your comfort
zone ends. It could never be more true. And even though it’s very uncomfortable to be
in a, a physically unfit body, to live with disease, and, and with, with pain, there’s
comfort in that, because it’s what you know, but once you get beyond that, and allow yourself
to truly live, there’s nothin’ sweeter. The best part of my journey was becoming uncomfortable.
Was letting myself be vulnerable. Showing my transparency and just, ummm, allowing others
to help me. I’ve been for so long that person, and I’m not alone, there’s many people that
are out there. We help everybody else, so it’s easy to go ahead and say, it’s easy to
fix other people, but when you have to, to work on yourself, that’s a whole other level
of, again, vulnerability. So the best part of it was to let people in, and to let them
help me. One thing that people don’t know about Chris, or I should say, Heidi, she wears
UGGs with the most beautiful dresses, even though you see her on stage with those really
pretty stilettos, she wears UGGs when she’s not, and it’s really cute. Chris, Chris is
a jokester, and he is one of those people that, even though he has heart of gold, he
loves doing little pranks. And, both of them just, they’re families are so beautiful, so
we even have an opportunity to not only interact with them, but with their kids too, so they
bring us totally into their world. I think the most fun that I had doing a cardio workout
was probably, believe it or not, the Warrior Dash. I never in a million years thought that,
ummm, I would be the person, I was taking pictures of my friends that would do different
types of activities that were walks, or runs, or something like that, but I was actually
able to do the Jacob’s Ladder, and I was jumping over fire, and all of those different types
of things that were actually metaphors for my life jumping through the fire in the, in
the, uh, the muck and the mire that we all live in when we’re living in bodies that are
unfit and unhealthy. And so to be able to do that was a great accomplishment. The tips
and tricks that I would give to someone that is starting out on their journey is one, to
be forgiving for, of yourself. You’re not gonna’ be perfect, we’ve all, we are experts
in dieting, Lord knows we’ve been doing that for years. We’ve tried every single diet that’s
out there, so don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t have to be perfect with it. There’s
nothing, no perfect way of doing a diet, that’s the thing that we have to remember. This has
got to be a lifestyle. So by even just making the smallest changes, and being consistent
with those changes, is going to make the world of difference. So if you do that, then every
single day it’s going to get better and easier, and it becomes new habits that you are forming.
To me, the biggest thing that helps individuals through this process is community. When you
partner with people, much more is accomplished. We were not meant to be in this world alone.
So, being with community, allowing people to support you, being a support to others,
it’s, it just comes back, it’s that, it’s that circular thing, it’s the way the world
evolves and moves through, but you can only move forward if you’ve got other people that’ll
surround you and support you.>>Team Powell: Sum up Chris in one word.
>>M: Uh, I can’t do one word, so I’m gonna’ do two. Passion and Heart for Chris.
>>TP: What about Heidi?>>M: Heidi? Strength and Beauty.

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