Extreme Weight Loss Lunch Recipe| Weight Loss with Bottle Gourd| Oats & Flax Seed Weight Loss Recipe

Hello Friends, I’m Aditi. Welcome to my channel Aditi’s Kitchen. Today I will make a high fiber and low calorie healthy recipe for you If you eat this you will experience extreme weight loss. This recipe will fill your tummy and and satisfy you. If you include this healthy dish in your lunch this summer You can lose upto 3 kgs in 1 week. If you suffer from constipation this recipe will benefit you. so before I start the recipe, I request you to subscribe to my channel click on the red subcribe button. then click on the small bell icon to receive timely updates from our channel. here I have taken half of a medium sized bottle gourd and cut it into half-inch sized cubes pour two and a half glass of water 1 pinch turmeric powder sprinkle himalyan pink salt as per your taste. Now we will put on the gas stove and let the bottle gourd cubes+Himalyan pink salt+ turmeric mixture boil so till the time our bottle gourd comes to boil we will start other preparations. we will take 3 tbsp of gluten free oats we can eat oats in variety of other ways, like overnight oats, pancakes etc. this channel has other oats recipes for which we have provided links in the description box below. Do checkout those recipes as well! here we are dry roasting oats. till the time oats change color as you can see oats have changed color. we will now take them to a grinding jar. we have to grind them to a powder. as you can see we have crushed it to a fine powder here we have boiled the bottle gourd to a consitency that it doens’t convert to pulp. now we have to strain out water from boiled bottle gourd. bottle gourd is a very beneficial vegetable but generally people avoid eating it. Even I never used to eat it. but ever since I came to know the huge benfits of eating bottle gourd and I never resist it. you can easily get a bottle gourd anywhere it is a wonderful means of weight loss you may find it hard to believe but bottle gourd reduces weight faster than most other weight loss recipes. you can eat bottle gourd in many ways! you can drink it’s juice, eat it boiled, or just sprinkle salt it provides relief in many diseases bottle gourd is like a miracle for diabetes patients. if you drink it’s juice everyday on empty stomach, your diabetes will come under control soon. bottle gourd also improves digestion as it contains natural water and high fiber bottle gourd is full of nutrients like many types of protiens, minerals and vitamins vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, pottasium and zinc which helps our body fight diseases it also helps in controlling bad cholestrol and hence keeps our heart healthy add oats powder we prepared to the boiled bottle gourd now we will add coriander leaves, mint leaves and grated ginger apart from flavor, coriander and mint leaves also provides us with dietary fiber. Mint helps stimulate the digestive enzymes and turns fat into usable energy. here we are adding 1 tsp flax seed powder, which we prepared after dry roasting flax seeds and then crushing them in a mixer grinder. I use flax seed powder in my puddings and some other dishes as it is very beneficial in weight loss. after mixing all the things properly I add curd on top of it. use around 200 to 250 gm of curd curd is an excellent probiotic food and aids in digestion and weight loss I have mixed all the ingredients properly as you can see In the end add Himalyan Pink Salt as per your taste himalyan pink salt is the only salt you should use if you are aiming for weight loss. If you are not getting the ingredients from your neighbourhod store then you can buy from link provided in the pinned comment as well as description box. so our extreme weight loss lunch is finally prepared you can enjoy this high fiber low calorie dish in breakfast as well. start taking it and you will notice difference after first week. you may also add black pepper powder in it if you like to. the amount I have made is enough for an adult person’s lunch. in addition to this extreme weight loss recipe also do some workout. I have made many weight loss recipes links for them can be found in the description box. If you liked this healthy fat loss recipe then don’t forget to push the like button. also don’t forget to subscribe to your own channel Aditi’s Kitchen!


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