Exercising at Home: Strength and Cardio (Standing Workout)

Welcome to Exercising at Home, a video
program designed to get you moving regardless of where you’re at. Today, we
will be focusing on strength and cardio with my friend, Tonya. Let’s get started.
We’re going to start with a warm-up. This should be low-key, easy movements and we’re going to do each movement for a minute. So we’re going to start with marching in place. And go! So nice and easy. We’re just working
to get that heart rate up. Whenever you’re exercising, you’re kind of aware of where your arms and legs are. You want to keep a tight core and keep it string as you march. We’re about halfway through this march so let’s add in our arms and get them going forwards and backwards. Just go on and step with those legs. Great job! You should hopefully start to feel your heart rate pick up You should hopefully start to feel
your heart rate pick up a little bit as you’re moving. We’ve got fifteen seconds left and then we’re going to move into our next movement. Ten seconds. Five seconds and then we’re going to
move to a side step. And go to a side step. There you go! Step together, step together. Great job! Again, we’re keeping this movement going for a minute. We’re trying to just lift up that heart rate. Throughout these exercises, if you ever
feel like you’re going to lose your balance or are just unsteady, feel free to always
use a chair or your cane if you have one next to you so you have that safety. You also want to make sure there’s nothing around you so if you did fall or there was an incident, you wouldn’t hit anything. Alright, great job! We have 15 seconds left in this one and then we’re going to move to some straight leg kicks. Five seconds left. Two…One. And let’s do some straight leg kicks and we’re going to add our arms. You’re going to alternate your arm and your legs.
That’s perfect! Again, doing this movement for a minute.
This one’s real key to keep that core straight and tight. So try to engage your core as you’re going. Perfect! By now, your heart rate should
definitely be picking up a little bit. We are halfway through this movement. Thirty more seconds to go. Fifteen seconds left. Three…Two…One. We’re going to move into butt kicks. So you’re just kicking those legs straight back. Ms. Tonya’s doing it great. You want to make sure that your knees are staying even and your heel is just going back. So that’s perfect. If you can’t hit your bottom, that’s totally fine. It’s just where you’re headed. Great job! Halfway through there. After this, we have one more exercise and we’re done with the warm-up. Fifteen seconds left. Great job. And then after this, we’re going to move into a march. And- back to a march! So knees up. Try to bend those elbows and get them going with you. Perfect! Great job! Now you’re getting warmed. Your whole body’s ready to start some exercises after this so keep it going. We are about half way through this. If you guys feel like you’re moving all over the place, try to find an object on the wall to stay focused at. That might help you. Ten seconds left. Keep the movement going through the to the very end. Three… Two… One. Great job on that warm-up! Alright, we’re going to move into the upper body section of our workout. We’re going to start with some arm circles and if you can’t do a full arm circle, feel free to bring your arms in. So Ms. Tonya, show us one full arm circle. And if you can’t get that motion, go ahead and bring your hands to your chest and do the same movement, but just keeping those hands in. So, either way, arm circles forward. We’re going to go for thirty seconds. We don’t want to cause any sharp, shooting pain so if you feel any sharp pain, we want to change the movement or stop it all together. Alright, let’s take it backwards. So moving backwards. Again, you can do a full arm circle with your arm out straight or you can bring it with your palms into your chest. Great job! Full range of motion. Standing
up tall and straight. Hopefully you’re starting to feel the burn about now in those arms. Five seconds left. Two…One. Drop those hands down by your side and you’re gonna do like a cross-country ski. So your arms are going forwards and backwards. Try to bring it up to shoulder height on both directions. So you’re going all the way up and all the way back. Good job. So this one is not for cardio but it’s for your upper body so don’t worry about your speed as much as you’re thinking about how high you’re going or that range of motion that you’re using. Okay drop those hands down and now we’re going to go to a forward punch. So pick one location and both hands should hit that same spot. If you’ve got some aggression issues you can take it out on this one. Punching forward. Use that core. You can turn your hips a little bit to engage with a little bit more power. Alright and stop. Alright and stop. We’re going to take our arms out to the side and then we’re going to clap them forward and then bring them back out to the side and then clap them above your head, back down. Forward, out, up and out. Forward, out, up, and out. Great job. Keep that movement going. Again, we’re focusing on the full range of motion. Alright, now take it to a raise the roof. So start with both hands at your shoulder and pushing both hands up to the ceiling. We’re working on the back of our arms, so your tricep area. So really concentrate on keeping your elbows in and pushing straight up. Great job. Feel it in those arms- and stop! Great job. Okay, we’ve moved over to a counter so we can do some dips. You could also use a solid chair or maybe the side of a bed. You just want to make sure that it’s a solid piece that isn’t going to turn over on you. So we’re going to do some dips and go! So you’re bending your knees and then pushing back up. You want the majority of the weight to be on your arm so try not to use your legs too much but they are there to definitely assist you. So going down to a 90 degree angle with that elbow bend and then bringing it up to full extension. Great job! So you can see that dips are super versatile. You can do them from any degree or any degree of difficulty as well. Alright, stop with the dips and let’s
bring our arms to a straight raise in the front. Up and then down- yep! Bring them down by your side and bringing it back up. Great job! Five more seconds… Three…Two…One. Great job. Okay we’ve moved to find the wall. We’re going to do some wall push-ups. So when I say go, get those hands on the wall. And go! Remember on this one, the further your legs are back, the harder that exercise will be. The closer your feet are to the wall, the easier that exercise will be. So you can adjust as needed. You also want to bend your elbows all the way down and bring them back out to full extension. This is a great alternative to a push-up on the ground, still working the same muscle groups. This is a great alternative to a push up on the ground- still working those same muscle groups. And stop. And we’re going to turn and
do some uppercuts. So we’re punching our arms straight up
to the center, trying to keep that core strong and solid and using it to help
you push up. Great job. Five more seconds. Keep those
punches coming. And stop. Okay, we’re going to move into the cardio session now. So we’re going to start with those same exercises we did in the warm-up with just a little bit higher intensity. So still a minute long. We’re going to start with the march-in-place. And go! Marching in place. Great job! Keeping up that intensity. Moving those arms. Keeping your core- your tummy tight. And that’s how we’re going to move through all of these motions. Great job! Keeping up that pace. For you guys at home, you keep the pace that’s comfortable for you. But you want to feel your heart rate pick up a little bit. It shouldn’t be super easy. Great job. Halfway through this one.
Keep those legs and arms moving. Fifteen seconds left. Then we will move into a sidestep. Great job. Three seconds… Two… One. Okay. Take it to a sidestep and let’s add the arms, up and down. Perfect. Still keeping that intensity up. So whatever pace you feel comfortable keeping. Using the arms helps keep that heart
rate up just a little bit higher. Great job. Halfway through this one. A good judge of intensity is if I asked you to sing right now you hopefully wouldn’t be able to do it. You would need to kind of take a deeper breath than that. So that can be your judge throughout
this cardio session. If you’re able to sing, try to step up your pace a little bit. Ten seconds left. From here, we’re going to move into a straight leg march. Three… Two… One. Kick to a straight leg march. Awesome, so moving those arms and those legs all the way through that full range of motion. If you can kind of pretend that you’re in the water and you can just feel the movement
of the water around your body. And this is one if you need to keep a
chair near you, it’s totally fine. Halfway through. And you want to kick just as high as you still have balance so don’t- The goal isn’t just to get the leg up as
high as you can. It’s more just for that movement. Fifteen seconds left. After this one,
we’re going to move into butt kicks. Five seconds left. One. Take it to butt kicks and we’re going to curl those arms up. As you curl your heel to your bottom make sure you keep those knees even
and just your heel is going back. Great job. Halfway through this one and
then we have one more cardio exercise after this. Fifteen seconds left. From here, we’re
going to move into the last march in place. Again, remember we want that heart rate
up. Five seconds left…Three… Two… One. Take it to a march in place. Adding those
arms, that’s right. Remember I said if you can sing then we’re not going hard enough. So if you need to up your pace, go for it. If you feel like you can’t even breathe then you want to bring that pace down a little bit. Halfway there! Finish strong on this
cardio session. Feel that heart pumping. Keeping a great pace there. Fifteen seconds left. I love it! Going strong. Five seconds…
Three… Two… One. And stop. Great job on the cardio! Alright. Now we’re going to start
with the lower body section of our workout. For this one, I definitely suggest you have a chair nearby and you want to face it backwards. So make sure you have the higher part near you. Use it if you need it. If you don’t need it, it’s there for safety. First thing we’re going to start with is squats. We’re going to do 30 seconds of squats. And ready- Go! So squatting down. The goal here is to
make sure you can always see your toes. So if you squat and you lose your toes
because your knees are too far forward then you want to stick that hiney out
and really push it back. So like trying to sit in a chair versus trying to just go straight down. Use those hands for counterbalance. You also have the chair there if you feel like you’re going to lose your balance. Alright we’ve done 30 seconds. Now we’re going to go into calf raises. So just going to stand up straight. Go up on your tiptoes and back down. So you can kind of get up as high as you can on the toes. You should really feel in your calf. And back down. This is another one that’s perfect to have that chair right by you. You can probably actually even go a little bit higher if you do hold on to that chair so it’s not hindering the exercise in any way. It’s goof to have that chair with you. Two more seconds. Alright, and stop. The next one
we’re going to move into is a lunge. So we’re going to lunge with one leg and then come back. Keep that same leg going and we’re going to do thirty seconds on that
side. So lunging forward. Keep the same leg moving and then we’ll switch to the
other side. Again, go down as far as you feel comfortable. Alright, three more seconds on this side. Give me one more good lunge and let’s switch sides. Now the other foot is going to go forward and you’re going to squat down. If you have a weaker side or a weaker knee, you really want to focus on form. So make sure it’s good solid form before you focus on going even any lower. Ten seconds left on this leg. Five seconds. Alright and stand up back straight again. We’re going to go into leg lifts. So we’re going to keep the same side. Lifting that leg up straight and bring it right back down. Try not to bend that knee at all. So you’re keeping it real straight. Your standing leg will also get a little tired just from the repetition. Let’s kick that leg up as high as you can and feel comfortable. Bring it back down. Five seconds left. Hopefully, you feel a little burn. Alright, switch sides for me. Go into the other side. Same thing. Leg straight up and down. You want to go as high as you feel comfortable. Feel the stretch in the back of your leg. Great job. Five seconds left. Alright, and stop. And we’re
going to take it to a leg curl. So again, keeping those knees even. Bring
that leg down and up Trying to kick your butt. Keep it on that same side so we get the repetition. Try not to let your hip hike up
when you go to curl that leg. Try to keep them even and just
pull that heel straight back. Great job! Three seconds and then we’ll switch to the other side. And switch. Other leg, same thing. Keep those knees even and try to kick that heel straight back. So your leg should be feeling a little bit of fatigue at this point. Use that chair when you need it for that balance. Halfway through this one. Great job. Three seconds left. And pause. Come back to center and we’re going to do leg extensions. So you’re going to bring that leg up. Kick it out and back in. So it’s just like a pendulum. The top half of your leg shouldn’t move. You’re just icing your foot out and bringing it back. You should feel it in the top of your leg or in your quads. Five seconds left. Great job. Don’t let that leg drop. Drop it down now and
we’re going to switch to the other side. Pick up the top of the leg and then swing out the foot, keeping it on that pendulum. Trying to keep your thigh raised. Again, feeling it in the upper part of your leg. Ten seconds left. Hopefully, you’re feeling it- a little burn going on. Two…One…And stop. Alright, we’re going to move into the cool-down phase. You guys have done a great job through these exercises. So now, we want to bring that heart rate back down. We’re going to start with a march in place. So we can start marching but this one is not for speed. So just keep it nice and easy. Think about your breath. Think about keeping your shoulders back. Strong core and just bringing that heart rate back down. We’re going to keep it here for a minute and then we’re going to move on to the rest of our body. We’re going to make sure that we cool down our whole body. Great job. So 30 seconds left. On this last 30, try to pick your feet up just a little bit higher but go a little bit slower. So we’re really focusing on our breath. And bringing it back down but still getting that full range of motion with our body. Fifteen seconds left. Great job. Five seconds…Three…Two…One. We’re going to move into leg circles. So we’re going to take your whole leg. Keep your knees straight. And do a big circle. You can go forwards
or backwards- it doesn’t matter. You can change halfway through it. We’re at fifteen seconds, if you want to
change your direction but you don’t have to. So you’re working your hip out. The leg you’re standing on should also feel it a little bit. And just working on that full range of motion. And drop that leg down. Go to the other leg, same thing. And I’ll tell you when we’re halfway through, just in case you want to change directions. Great time to use the chair if you need it. We’d rather you do a fuller range of motion than lose your balance. Alright, fifteen seconds.
So change directions if you want to. Great job! Drop that leg down. Now we’re going to do a side step and we’re going to add our arms. And I want you to focus on your breath. So when you take a step out, breathe in. As you come back together on the other side, breathe out. In…and out… Great job!
We’re going to do this for a minute. So the focus is your breath and just getting a little bit of movement. Bringing that heart rate back down. Halfway there. You’re doing great. Keep your shoulders back, your head up straight. Just think about your posture as you’re breathing. You want good, deep breaths. Ten more seconds. Three…Two…One. Drop your hands to your side. Stand up straight and we’re going to roll those shoulders backwards. So try to get the fullest range of motion that you can. You’re going to try to touch your ears. Then try to touch the floor. As wide as you can, as big a motion as you can. Keeping that posture upright. Standing straight. Now I want you to take it forward. So bring those shoulders forward. As they’re going in the back, try to pinch your traps together or those back muscles together so you kind of feel it. Bring it back down. Fifteen seconds left. Good job. Make sure you’re still breathing. Don’t hold your breath on any of this. Three, two, one. Okay we’re going to use that chair again and we’re going to just do some nice little ankle circles. So start on one side. Bring it in- rotate that ankle in. Rotate that ankle out.
So you should feel it move all around. Alright, let’s drop that foot down. Pick
up our other foot and rotate that ankle, bringing it in. Switch directions, rotate out. Great job, five more seconds. And drop that foot down. Now we’re just going to focus on our breath for a minute So I just want you to take some nice, deep breaths in and exhale out. Do it again. If you can, count to three on your inhale. Good job. One more time- In… and out. Great job, everyone! Great practice today.

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