Exercises Seniors can do at Home

(upbeat music) [May 30, 2018 is
National Senior Health
and Fitness Day.] [Josh Escue, PT] – Saint David’s Rehab in Sun City. We’d like to provide you some tips and some demonstrations of
the exercises you can do for an overall healthy lifestyle. [Exercise 1: Heel Raise] So, when doing the exercise, it’d be good to do next
to your kitchen counter, just for safety and balance. The first exercise we’re going
to be doing is a heel raise. And I’m gonna demonstrate the heel raise. Just up and down as high as you can. This works on calf strength
as well as over all balance. [Exercise 2: Squat] The next exercise is what
everybody knows is as a squat. It’s just a lower slowly
and come back up slowly. Go as low as you’re comfortable going, if you have knee pain, obviously back off a little
bit and don’t go as low. [Exercise 3: Lunge] Next one is gonna be what
most people consider a lunge, but it’s a very small lunge. Little of a knee bend and then back to where you started. Little knee bend, back
to where you started. This works on balance, as well as over all
coordination with stepping. [Exercise 4: Band Pull] The next exercise requires a band, but if you you can find one, or if you have one, it’s good to attach it to something solid, a door
handle works very well. All it is, is you’re pulling straight back with the band and relax. As you pull back, squeeze
your shoulder blades together. This is a good exercise for your posture and maintaining upright positions. (upbeat music)
[St. David’s Georgetown Hospital]
[A St. David’s Medical Center Facility]

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