Eternus: Supports Cells for Better Aging

Aging is something we all do and it starts
from the time we are born. So why not add something into the system thats
going to really optimize that outcome in ways that we desire? There’s a very dramatic difference between
the functionality of young cells and older cells. The key difference between the cells that
exist in young people and older people is how much energy those cells are able to produce. The energy available to cells is critical
for every single thing they do. You’ve got tens of trillions of cells that
are all doing a trillion metabolic functions a second. We are a company that specializes in performance optimization and at the crux of health is how our cells function. How can we do something that would make you
a better version of you every day? These are the resources that we can supply
to help that system function better. Having healthy and energetic cells is going
to play a huge difference in how you feel as a whole. What your total energy levels are. What your athletic performance is. Your ability to have energy you need to do
all the different tasks your cells need to do. If they can do those things then your tissues
work better and if your tissues start to work better your whole body functions better. We expect people to have more energy, maybe
faster recovery times, they might see improvements in how they exercise. It could possibly even see improvements in
sleep. Our aim here is to extend the number of years
that people are not only on the planet but number of years in which they are thriving. Our science team was really able to select
the ingredients that we think will make a meaningful difference on the pathways involved
in aging. Rather than just focus on ATP or just NAD
or just insulin sensitivity, or just mitochondrial quality control, how can we support all of
those and all the steps in those processes to be able to do it better? We have a dozen or so ingredients that are
actually contributing to your bodies ability to maintain the level of NAD+ that’s healthy. You really want to ask, what is the relationship
between those? Without ATP we can’t make NAD+. Clearly the amount of ATP is critical for
the amount of energy in the cell. Why there’s not more focus on both together
as opposed to NAD+ in isolation has been a complete mystery to me. We also looked for ingredients that have shown
evidence for mimicking some of the effects of exercise. I found about 25 systems that are being addressed
in Eternus. Extracts from strawberry seed, we find Gynostemma
which is an ancient Chinese herb known for its longevity. There’s products in there that will upregulate PGC1A. There’s products in there that will upregulate AMPK. It’s making sure we’re getting the kind of
variety of polyphenols that our ancestors would have got. We then do extensive testing on every single
batch of every single ingredient that comes in. Quality and safety are of critical importance
to us. It works for anybody thats looking to optimize
their aging process. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a 20 year old
or a 73 year old. We went about being able to create a product
that didn’t address just one or two key factors but actually took the entire system into account
to produce what we believe will be the single most effective product on the market for being
able to start to have aging cells operate much more similar to what you would see in
young people. I recommend Eternus to anybody who is alive,


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