Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn – Testimonial – Gokce Sezgin

I was a track athlete many years ago but
I kind of fell off track. When my son came here for speed training I saw the
space, I knew that this was for me. I do bootcamp classes, I do strength training
in the gym here, I do group exercises and I do even yoga. It’s a place that has
everything. When I started working out here, with the help of my
coaches’ very specific encouragement and help towards what I needed to do, I
actually became much stronger, and more importantly, I lost 25 pounds which is a
fantastic thing because that brought me back to what I wanted to be and I
definitely became a better version of myself. I just love it. Escape Fitness and
the people who are working here changed my life, made me a better version of
myself. I would recommend it to everybody.

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