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Everybody my name is Gio. I’m a coach here at Erie Fitness Academy and in this video DJ and I are going to take you through five different things that separate us from every other facility in Erie. I hope you guys enjoy the video! So the first thing we’re going to talk about is the atmosphere. As soon as you walk in the door you’ll be able to see for yourself what a fun, motivated community we have here. Music is always playing, you can take any pictures that you want to, you can lift any style that you want to. You can do anything that you want in here, this is a judgement free zone and you’ll get to see for yourself as you walk through the doors of EFA. And second we’re going to talk about equipment. So here’s a list of everything we have: 5,000 pounds of steel plates, 2,000 pounds of bumper plates, 24 cardio machines, space to do deadlifts wrestling mats Dumbbells kettlebells and obstacle course training equipment. So the third thing we’re going to go over is personal training. We offer a variety of sessions, from 1 on 1 to buddy sessions, to small group where we’re going to be able to cater your workouts to your specific needs and your specific goals. The fourth thing we’re going to go over at Sport-Specific Training where we can tailor your program no matter what your sport or what your age group is to meet your athletic needs and goals. We work with athletes who are basketball players, football players, soccer players, wrestlers, golfers and more. Last but not least is our Training for Warriors Program. We offer the 8 week warrior challenge where we’re going to help you lose fat, build muscle and feel good! If I can offer you would do in this gym, I would recommend this program. It’s going to help you get where you want to be. Thanks for watching our video. If you liked it. Please like our like button. It really helps us out. I hope to see soon. I hope to see you guys here!

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