Episode 7- Hidden Depth

– Most people I know would rather be taking natural products than taking drugs. – I’ve had pain, it’s like ah, the messaging is not
matching the substance. People don’t understand
the depth of these products and the fact that the Ionix,
the adaptions in the Ionix are, it’s one of the
most complex spiritual, deep, nourishing, high frequency products that I’ve ever come in touch with, and there is so much eastern medicine laced throughout this system. Eastern philosophies
preventative medicine, like Ayurvedic principles
that come from John Anderson who’s spent so much time in India. There’s so much of that in the system, but that messaging hasn’t come through, and that’s where I’ve had pain. It’s like ah, the messaging
is not matching the substance, and that’s what we’re doing now. – This frustration that John experienced was that people came to him, or companies that came to him to formulate products, were always willing to compromise on the integrity of what could be, because they were trying to achieve a price objective, or a margin. You know, enjoy greater profitability associated with their products, and that drove him crazy,
and so his goal was you know, I wanna create a company
that really does it right. That I know from my 25 years experience in formulating products, he
formulated over 2300 products for 600 different companies. I wanna create a company that takes all of my experience, and
wisdom, and knowledge, and uses the best
ingredients in the world, the best processes in the world, and produces products that actually create results that exceed
peoples expectations, and that was kind of
music to Kathy and my ear, because we’ve always
recognized, in this profession, if you wanna have a real business, you better have real products. – The fact that there is so
much more to this systems. The Telleman support, the
Adaptogens, the cleansing herbs. Stuff that has nothing to do with shakes. But you do need to be
able to reach the people who are not talking freely
about Shazandra Ashwagandha, we just put it in the
products and give it to them, and that’s what people don’t understand. So I feel like now Isagenix is
like show the world my depth, and the eastern parts of my program. Not just the western, shakes,
nutrition, working out, show them the eastern
elements of this system. Show people the fact that my Adaptogens, like some of them were sourced from Russian primordial sites, and there’s a big crystal in Jim’s office, which is like, and I’ll read you an email after about
what he said about it, but it was like mineral extract from the extraction process from Ionix, and show people like, why
we have Aloe Vera leaf gel, and raspberry leaf in the cleanse, like tell people about the
fact that my shakes aren’t just for people who wanna lose
weight, or replace a meal, that they are meant to
nourish, like a new mom, and they’re meant to, like
when you’re traveling, they’re meant to be
that thing you can have and know that you’re okay. So there’s just so much more depth, I feel like the world just sees like, there’s this superficial part of Isagenix which is frustrating and part of it, I shouldn’t just take responsibility because the messaging
hasn’t matched the essence, but it’s about to. – Even their habits for
the rest of their life and kind of their identity around food for the rest of their life,
and so somewhere along the line if they wanna get healthy,
they’re gonna have to reprogram that whole way of
thinking and that identity.

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