Enterprising Moms in league of their own

My name is Ofra Abramovich. I’m a wife and mother
of two children. I’m the chairman
and the founder of Mamanet. Mamanet is actually
a league for mothers. The league consists of almost
7,000 mothers all around Israel. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. The words mothers and league
never existed before and as a mother it’s very difficult
to have time for sports. No one thought that mothers
can do something like this. I have to break a lot of walls
just to convince them that it’s possible and we can make it
in the best way for us. So I went to my mayor of Kfar Saba and I told him that I want
to open a league for mothers and he told me: Go away,
there’s no such thing. But I didn’t give up,
I called his wife and I told her: Please tell him that we want
to have a league for ourselves because I was so convinced myself
that it should be and can be, he agreed. I wrote a letter to the principals
of all the schools in Israel and I went to each school
and told the parents that there’s going to be
a league for mothers. At the first time,
they came, only 9 mothers, at the second time, 16 mothers and the third time, 50. And we divide them
according to schools. So each mother represents a school
where the children are attending. After 3 months,
we had 110 mothers. The most important thing
of the league is that it connects the parents
with the children. We changed the rules. Instead of the children,
that they go to their activities and the mothers pick them up
and bring them back, the mother is the star. Women in Israel never thought
that after the circle of life of going to school and army,
university, get married, have children, they would be able to do
something for themselves. I mean, the Mamanet gives them
the opportunity phenomenon specifically for moms.
to have time only for themselves. Mamanet is spreading out
and it’s now, we have a league in Sweden,
in Vancouver, in Long Island, Washington DC, New Jersey. We even received calls from
Arab villages to open leagues there. Now if you ask me
I can say that Mamanet mothers
can bring peace to the world and if you ask me what I want,
this is what I want. For me creativity is: do something
that no one else did before.

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