#EngineeredAggression, with Naksu Muay Thai – Muay Thai Clinch

This is Chris, I’m Marco Fuentes. We’re here in Manzanillo, Colima (México) at Naksu Muay Thai. Today,… in the last video we showed you how to control the clinch off of the plumb (”the anaconda video”). Today we’re gonna show you how to engage it through the long range and how to get inside, alright? And with good head control, OK? OK, so Chris is going to be here helping demonstrate, or he’s going to demonstrate, OK? The 3 key points we’re going to look at are 1) the entry, 2) the execution, and 3) the exit. For example, Marco is going to use a push kick, a long-range weapon in the Muay Thai arsenal. I’m going to trap. I’m going to push driving in with my hand. I’m going to pull back so that his foot will be outside my,… or inside my left leg. I’m going to set my lower frame, take the neck and bicep. Off of the push kick, when Marco throws the push kick, I’m clearing the body and I pull him back in, and when he reaches for my neck, I lift that side, push against the knees, locking his knee out at which point this is where I’m going
to take the plumb, and again in the anaconda video (link below) we’ve seen where was the Muay Thai clinch vulnerable? When the the hips were postured out, the opponent had room to move. So I’m going to keep my cup-to-cup nice and tight and again I have
my lower frame step so I can,… break his foundation before throwing my knee. Thank you. Enter off of the push kick. OK, thank you for watching us. Don’t forget to follow sanjuansteve on YouTube and if you’re ever down in Colima, Manzanillo, come to Naksu Muay Thai. And if you’re ever down in Canada, go to Mas Thai Boxing with Chris.

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