(Eng)DIET브이로그👙/46kg식단 관리운동하기,다이어트는 먹기위해✨(비빔국수, 현선이네 떡볶이, 감자탕, 낙지볶음, 스마일꽈배기)다시 식단관리.

(Last Story) (I started boiling some eggs right after my workout!) (Nothing quenches thirst like an Iced-Americano!) (Vietnamese coffee is strong so I usually drink half a bag at a time) (Put in just a bit of hot water and dump in ice right away!) (This completes a home-made iced americano!) (For today’s brunch, I’m going to have salad and boiled eggs) (Oh and about six almonds! The crunchiness works great together with the salad) (I’m going to add just a tad bit of dressing. No dressing is best but I can’t handle bland salad) This is my lunch for today!
(Salad, 6 Almonds, 2 Boiled Eggs) My breakfast/lunch? Time to eat! (My love~ ALMONDS~) (The eggs are perfectly cooked!) (Taking my supplements right after eating) (Minerals, VitaminD and Milk Thistles) (Remember to take it with lukewarm water!) (Not sure what I did just now..) So after breakfast…lunch? So after brunch, I always take my supplements right away. I recently added Milk Thistle to my daily takes!
(That means I have no intention of quitting drinking..) Anyeong~ (You can find the details of this work out in my diet-workout video!) (After my low calorie meal and work out lost some weight!) Hi guys! I’m off to eat Manghyang Noodles! (Didn’t eat much after my Clarins event yesterday so I’m going to go all out today!) I haven’t had Manghyang Noodles in forever! (Dumplings and Manghyang Spicy Noodles!) (The broth, dumplings, just EVERYTHING here is amazing!) (Looks great right?! It’s sweet, spicy and sour all at the same time!) (Care for a bite?) (Tteokbokki out of nowhere??) This is the world famous Hyunsunine Tteokbokki! Time to eat!!(again) (This sauce here isn’t too thick. It’s just right!) (Pork Sausages dipped in sauce!) (Fried Veggies are always a winner!) Fried Veggies! I think.. They give you two different sauces. Spicy and regular! This on is the spicy one. (Ugh.. getting happy just looking at myself eat..) (When full…nothing beats a movie at home) (Today’s number one is Gamjatang Stew and Spicy Octopus!) (This is a LOT spicer than it looks. Wrap it in Kelp to help with the spicyness~) (Sorry guys..forgot to film myself eating.. I was too hungry..) (And….dessert time) (Classic donuts…Everyone knows what they are about!) (With some Iced Americano, we have a championship team right here!) (Where’s…the filling?) (Nvm the filling..I’m just gonna eat it anyway) (Now my hair is doing its own thing…) This donut has a sweet beanpaste filling and this one’s just a squiggly regular donut. (remember to go hard on stretches before sleeping..) (where’s my fave filling…But the regular donuts here are amazing as well!) Hi guys! This is lunch. I cooked two sweet potatoes in the air frier
(Ah.. how my body never lies after a cheat day..) This is regular warm water. Time to eat! Destroyed Hi guys! I’m off to the gym now! As I had brunch, a workout is in order. I’m going to end today’s video here. Time to burn out that extra weight I gained. I’ll see you all in my next video! Anyeong~


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