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Oh, just a second please.. Hi 🙂 Maybe you’re the one who just called me ..? Right 🙂 Well.. I guess.. probably this is your first time here? Yes it is 🙂 Well then.. Have you every taken Ayurvedic treatment by any chance ? or every heard about it before ? 🙂 Ok.. you’re not familiar with it So this is your first experience ? 🙂 Alright 🙂 Well then .. I’ll get you some tea first .. and then let me take a step to explain what Ayurveda is and how the therapy will proceed today 🙂 Good 🙂 I’ll be right back with some tea for you I’ll put it here. You can help yourself to it at your convenience 🙂 So .. before proceeding with a therapy you applied today .. Let me explain simply what Ayurveda is and how the therapy process will work First of all, Ayurveda is Well, to put it simply It’s a traditional medicine in ancient India Actually the word ‘Ayurveda’ stems from Sanskrit term (Ayur and Veda) Yes. Sanskrit term 🙂 So what Ayurveda basically means .. Ayur .. Ayur means .. Sort of life .. and a daily routine .. life .. something like these and .. Veda .. Veda means .. ‘knowing’, so .. such as ‘knowledge’ and it also means wisdom and something like that So.. if we are to translate this ‘wisdom of life’ and a remedy for long life So we can literally interpret as ‘knowledge of life’ So .. what matters the most in Ayurveda is .. The most important thing is .. Harmony and balance between body, mind, and soul .. so that we can maintain a healthy life So the basic belief in Ayurveda is that .. a balance between mind and body so that we can bring a healthy life It may sounds too obvious .. but this will make more sense to you 🙂 When you’re ill .. rather than focusing on taking a scientific approach .. rather than fighting against the disease .. hmm .. How do I put this .. Through healthy life style .. and healthy food .. literally, we can promote health which is the purpose of Ayurveda Yes 🙂 So physical and spiritual discipline is really crucial So.. The therapy we’ll proceed today is .. mainly for the eyes But I .. perhaps you’re unfamiliar with this therapy .. I’ll give you a pictorial explanation so you can sit here and listen to an explanation and proceed with a therapy 🙂 As you can see here .. to begin with .. as seen in the picture .. this is a natural dough by using this natural dough we made in advance .. we surround it around eyes and by using the refined butter which we call it ‘spirit(energy)’ we pour it in front of the eyes You might feel unfamiliar with it This is what we call ‘Netra Vasti’ therapy we know that we use our eyes a lot .. so .. umm .. Since modern people stare at computer for long time .. as well as smartphone .. our eyes are strained all the time so .. to relieve the tension in our eyes and to heal from the dry eye syndrome or the scar within our eyes and also for the people whose eyebrows tend to fall easily by getting a consistent Netra Vasti therapy the eyebrows won’t fall easily as it used to be and it’s also good for curing conjunctivitis One thing to remeber is After taking a Netra Vasti therapy .. you should avoid exposure to sunlight or staring at a very bright object Of course, it doesn’t matter that much as it’s evening just in case .. it’s better to keep that in mind 🙂 So this useful for eyesight protection and for preventing presbyopia Ah! And it also reduces dark circles if you have any so it has a variety of efficacies We won’t start right away but .. I’ll be giving you an eye massage After the massage .. after muscle tension is relieved .. we will surround eyes with dough .. I’ll pour the ‘spirit’ and proceed with a therapy Would you like that ? Ok, good 🙂 Then .. after putting a gown on I’ll lead you to a room 🙂 Before proceeding to a therapy .. since we use our eyes a lot .. I’ll give you an eye massage so that I can relieve the tension in your eyes before moving into therapy Just a moment .. There are various grains inside these so when you feel like having dry of stiff eyes rice and grain are both okay if you press these to eyes after heating up in a microwave .. it would get way better 🙂 We already heat them up so .. after having a massage for around 5 minutes .. we’ll proceed to a therapy 🙂 then .. We’ll start with a massage 🙂 this eye .. like this .. press both eyes .. How’s the temperature ? Again .. Right eye .. Since we use our eyes a lot .. we have a strained muscle around the eyes So .. If possible .. like this .. it’s good to do the same thing at home Again .. if there’s any inconvenience feel free to let me know 🙂 Again .. Did you have any dry eyes symptom usually ? Your eyes have been very dry .. Then I’m so glad you came 🙂 If you take Netra Vastic therapy You can feel the relax on your eyes Also for the right eye .. Once again .. Slightly .. Doesn’t it have a flagrant smell ? I love this flagrant aroma While doing this .. if you are to do it at home .. please keep in mind to not press it too hard The area around the eyes is very delicate part This might be enough .. to relieve the tension Lastly .. both eyes for the one last time .. How’s it feel like ? Even though we did a slight massage .. can you feel the tension relieved on your eyes ? Right ? Then .. We’ll go ahead with a therapy 🙂 From now on .. I’ll start a therapy First of all, using this prepared dough .. we’ll make a dam around the eyes So we can prevent butter from flowing down the eye area and can be absorbed well I’ll surround it around the eyes Is everything all right yet ? To make sure to hold the water .. we need to enclose it meticulously The outer part is also no exception More to the inside .. Building a dam is the most time-consuming thing to do This part too .. Like this .. Shall we move a little ? Let’s move it .. a little bit A little bit .. As well as this part .. Everything’s alright ? Ok Lest water won’t leak .. we’ll blocking all the parts It’s almost over This way too .. As this dough is nature-made, there’s no detrimental ingredient for body .. so you don’t need to worry about it 🙂 Press this part too .. It’s almost done Little bit .. This part as well .. let me clean it up for you It’s not blocking your eyesight, isn’t it ? Move to this part a little bit .. Almost done .. Good.. Then .. Think this will be enough Everything’s good ? Ok Then, shall we get started ? We prevented water from leaking .. I’ll check for the last time I think everything’s settled Then we will .. pour the purified butter while pouring you need to close your eyes And when I tell you to open .. then you need to blink Since this is purified butter .. you won’t feel that much strange feeling so you don’t need to be scared about it too much So just relax and blink. Got it ? Then .. let’s start We’ll start the oil therapy Is it okay ? Keep your eyes closed .. And now .. you may open your eyes Slowly .. Blink .. If might feel weird at first .. Blink .. Blink .. Blink .. You’re doing well Since it’s purified butter you said that you have a dry eyes You might feel more comfortable as oil is absorbed to the eyes Set your mind at ease .. Blink one more time .. Blink .. Blink .. That’s right While oil is inside this .. I’ll give you an eye massage If there’s any inconvenience please do let me know 🙂 I’ll start a massage This part as well .. I’ll press it gently When you are using smartphone .. books .. and also while working .. we use our eyes a lot (This part too ..) Regular therapy is beneficial for relieving eye fatigue Are you all right ? One more time .. blink .. Close .. And again .. And this part .. This part .. Again, for the last time let’s blink blink Open .. and close the eyes .. Open .. Close .. Open .. Close .. One more time .. By relieving the blood vessels(muscles) in the eyes we also relieve the tension to promote the circulation of the blood which makes it good for reducing the swelling I think it’s done This will be enough I’ll help you with removing the ‘spirit’ first Just a sec .. Keep your eyes closed We’ll absorb with cotton like this Looking good One more time .. Keep your eyes closed For the one last time .. I’ll clean it up I’ll clean it up thoroughly One more time .. After that .. I’ll clean the outer part with the antiseptic wipe Also for the eyes part .. the surface as well .. And for now on .. I’ll remove the dough Just a moment .. Like this .. Split it up .. and take it out for you And then .. Just a moment I’ll wipe around the eyes Everything’s set 🙂 You may come out of the room with your gown on and I’ll give you a finishing touch with a lotion So please take your gown on 🙂 How’s your eyes? Feeling okay ? There wasn’t that much of a strange feeling than expected, wasn’t it ? Yea you’re right 🙂 Because it’s a purified butter separated from harmful materials which we call as ‘spirit’ so even if we keep our eyes opened, closed, or blink you don’t sense strange feeling that you might have expected It could get dry so .. I’ll finish it with the lotion 🙂 Yea. Just a sec Around the eyes .. Also this part .. This part as well .. Also at home .. as I told you before Giving a massage is good for (blood) circulation and swelling so whenever you’re free, give it a try a lot 🙂 Then .. therapy is done for today I’ll see you next time 🙂 🙂


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