ENG[자매의밥상]추억소환~옛날 도시락반찬 만들어서 맛있게도 냠냠~(분홍소세지,김치볶음,콩자반,멸치볶음)|Sausage Jeon, Stir-fried Kimchi Mukbang

Hello, We are Rish and Rush Today is
I have prepared Old lunch box Stir-fried pink sausage, Fried Kimchi,
Kongjaban, Anchovy Stir-Fried, Egg soup Today’s drink is Louis Boycha We will eat well today Sausages are delicious to dip in ketchup Oh why is it so delicious? The anchovies are delicious and Fried Kimchi is really delicious It’s delicious every time Kimchi is fried Sesame oil smells so good The Kongjaban is slightly sweet I like sweets me too I like salty and sweet I’m going to mix this little bit Are you going to mix? Yes to rice I have a question,
Are there any children who brought soup between the children who had lunch? Huh Oh yeah? In a thermos There was a child who brought the soup delicious delicious? Huh Are you mix together? Three I have to shake it with egg frying Mmm ~~~ Is it delicious? Huh I used to eat lunch with my friends. I envyed a friend who had sausages We made my grandmother lunch Kimchi, kimchi fried…
What else did she make? Fry potatoes Anchovies Kimchi pancake Huh? She made a lot of kimchi pancakes I had side dishes with my friends I remember there was only kimchi fry and kimchi at that time.
So one day it’s embarrassing I share my side dishes with other kids
But only my side dishes always remained So I guess I once asked my grandmother to pack some ham I think I’ve talked about this before Oh did it So Grandma made ham Oh yes There were a lot of kimchi side dishes I can’t live without Kimchi right now, right? Yes ~! If I have this, I can eat twice Ate it all Do you want to eat more? A little more me too I will eat more soup,
Would you like some rice? Yeah then you bring it I knew it Not a lot Do you have rice? Oh I thought I ate it all I ate hard but I can’t speed up Put it together Uh, but your bowl is dirty One spoon Why did you bring so much rice? I brought my own How much do you want to eat? Me? Please take it off Okay I have so many There are many delicious hams in the fort, so you won’t eat pink sausages well, right? But sometimes it’s really delicious Yeah I remember sometimes Why? Speak Release the nose Suddenly your face was so funny Thirsty There’s a downside
sausages are very stuffy I’m full Oh, I’m full
Get full because I drink You brought too much rice I ate at home like this Ah… While we never met? Yes Really? We didn’t meet three days Huh One day, I made kimchi stew and ate rice twice The day before, I ate cup ramen and kkaleubobuldalg bokkeummyeon I ate two bowls of rice the day before Really? Huh I ate really hard Oh, even at home ..
You eat so hard on days without shooting It’s an opportunity to lose some weight I will be dieting tomorrow so I vowed to eat only apples I’ll eat half an apple tomorrow and eat half an apple for lunch
I shouldn’t have dinner
I thought I would lose weight It was the next morning As soon as afternoon No, open the refrigerator
Do you have anything to eat? What am I eating today? naturally I don’t see apples. Im really I’m very lazy, Once lying down, it never happens Except for going to the bathroom But when I’m hungry, I suddenly become diligent Just go to the kitchen and make something hard I make food hard After eating deliciously,
they become lazy again lie down How have you been?
At home for three days? Yeah, Don’t ask I’m good I played new games every day with my son Was it only at home? I was only at home We ate deliciously today The end ~ There’s one left Did you say you’re full? I can’t eat If you leave food, you get punished
Mix everything you left Go to hell? Oh, my God Oh my gosh Why? Carbonara and chicken gang mixed Oh it sounds delicious I think it would be delicious


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