EFT Tapping For Weight Loss | Using EFT Tapping To Lose Weight

hi and welcome to this program I’d like
to talk today about a really important topic which I call ending the war within
now I might look like one person sitting here in my office but actually I am many
people I am the scientist I am the writer I am the husband I am the father
I am the manager I am the skeptic I am the believer there
are many many many parts to me just like there are many many parts to you and you
might realize that sometimes one part of you is dominant other times another part
of you is dominant now how this is important to your weight-loss journey is
this usually the model we use with weight loss and any kind of personal
growth is that one part of ourselves one of those parts of self recognizes
something is wrong and needs change it then goes about try to change other
parts itself to produce the desired result the great 20th century
psychologist Fritz Perls call this the top dog underdog model so top dog is
saying things like you should lose weight top dog is the voice of authority
top dog is the boss top dog is the alpha male or female at the head of the herd
top dog is calling the shots you should lose weight so why don’t we lose weight
because we know we should lose weight we know how to lose weight and we don’t
lose weight that’s because there is another part of us that is active which
Fritz Perls called underdog now underdog always agrees with top top
so top dog says you should lose weight a dog like rolls over on its back exposes
its belly and says oh you’re so right hot dog I really should lose weight top
dogs very satisfied now that it showed it’s in control and to certain its will
now fritz perls said that in this struggle in the psyche between top dog
and underdog one dog always wins one dog always wins and that dog is underdog
because the moment top dog’s back is turned
I’m their dog runs out and sabotages everything top dogs done and all this
agreements so top dog says you should not be eating desserts after dinner
and the dog says oh you’re so right top dog I should not be eating those
desserts after dinner and guess what happens at midnight underdog sneaks the
refrigerator and grabs the dessert all the ice cream well the candy bar or the
cigarette or the wine or the vodka or whatever it is that other dog is using
to assert its right to be part of the psyche that is why so many diets don’t
work that’s why so many personal growth programs don’t work and we notice we
know this going into week one that’s why this video is in week one because we are
given to that we are not gonna do that for the next few weeks we are not going
to get into those top dog dynamics we are not gonna do anything you’ve done
before in a weight loss program in fact we’re gonna sabotage the top dog
underdog dynamic from week one deliberately and we’ll do it like this
we’ll do some tapping to release that conflict within because what’s happening
is that when you have one part of this I heat trying to dominate another part of
the psyche maybe it does temporary through will power through force of
personality through moral argument but because one part of the psyche is being
suppressed the suppressed part is driven into the shadow and find some way of
Rios yourself later on and sabotaging the
whole process so as part of week one we’re gonna undercut that whole dynamic
that what happens when you do that is that all the energy that’s locked in
this conflict between top dog and underdog is liberated the great 20th
century therapist Carl Rogers who developed client centered therapy said
the paradox of personal change is that it begins it begins with acceptance
change and a radical shift in who you are or your weight or your money or your
relationships or any part of your life change that big change you want to see
doesn’t begin by trying to make happen change begins by accepting yourself just
the way you are so it’ll do some tapping on this make sure you’ve looked at the
EFT introductory video if you don’t know the tapping points and at least know the
basics of tapping before we begin and I’ll go ahead and walk you through a
couple of tapping routines and show you how this can really affect your ability
to make progress by accepting all of those parts of yourself and ending that
war within I remember I got back from a psychology conference but I’ve been
presenting many years ago before I learned EFT and I knew about top dog
underdog didn’t know about tapping back then and I had my own particular little
top dog a new dog struggle going on which is that I used to smoke these
little brown cigars inoffensive cigars and I buy them at the corner market and
I take them home and usually I’d have one maybe two and night I usually had
them after dinner with a glass of wine on the front porch so it’s a little
ritual I had I go outside having lots of wine have a cigar
felt great but the next morning I woke up my throat would feel all scratchy in
a tree I feel at these cigars were not good for
my health so I knew they weren’t good for me and for years I did top number
top down you shouldn’t smoke cigars at a dog you’re right top dog you shouldn’t
smoke those cigars I’ll never do it again
guess what dog always won a new dog would run out there and grab a cigar so
I’ve been trying top dog on a dog for so many years and after I’d give it a
lecture at one psychology conference I said you know I’m not going to
perpetuate this dynamic in my own psyche so what I did was I wake up every
morning my throat would feel scratchy I didn’t realize was because of this
cigars like before and rather than doing a top dog never saying you’re damaging
your health you shouldn’t be smoking no cigars I
would instead say my throat feels scratchy and I love myself that was a
fantastic cigar I enjoy that glass of wine that cigar so much last night so
I’d only experience and I’d love that part of myself rather than trying to do
a top dog at a dog number on a part of myself now what happened next was
incredibly interesting one morning I woke up my throat not feel scratchy I
thought my throat feels great doesn’t feel scratchy at all I realized I didn’t
have a cigar last night wow I just kind of forgot to have a
cigar last night you know I don’t think I had a cigar that I before that either
or the night before that I had quit smoking those cigars completely without
even realizing it eventually I found a package of the cigar that stuck away in
a closet were the receipt and the receipt showed but both those cigars
five months before so I quit smoking those cigars spontaneously when I ended
the war within no top dog underdog willpower or persuasion
I naturally quit the cigars and I quit without even realizing it was five
months before I realized you know I just had not drawn to that thing anymore same
thing with food I went to a party the other day and everyone was making a
delicious eating a delicious cake that some reported was a actually a raspberry
pie as he carved up into sections it was a homemade pie look so good smells so
good so I ate some of the pie I just took a fork broke a little piece of pie
put in my mouth savored it tasted great and that was it
I just didn’t have any compulsion or any real interest in eating the whole pie
I’ve got the experience of the pie without needing to eat the whole slice
or two slices or three slices and my waistline was really happy because I’d
lost a couple of pounds the next day so this is my goal for you is to help you
end that struggle we are not gonna perpetuate that struggle in the next six
weeks or however long this course takes you we’re gonna let you off the hook we
want you to be in your joy we want you to love and accept all the parts of
yourself try to stuff them try to suppress them doesn’t work and they wind
up sabotaging your best intentions so we’re gonna end the war with then
wouldn’t let top dog let the dog go they’re their ways both coexist
peacefully and do some tapping to reduce that energy tension that holds these
conflicts in your life in place so I like in a first of all tune into your
inner top dog that part of you that’s dominating that part of you that wants
to be a control making a certain way and now tune in to that rebellious underhand
cunning whatever it is I do Dom as well feel those two parts of yourself and
feel the tension in your body actually felt in my own body at what I said that
I felt this like ran down my side I feel that tension
even in me after doing all this work so feel that feeling of your body that
tension between the part of you that says you will do this and the part of
you that says oh you’re right I should do that
but then may sabotage your best intentions feel a tension in your body
now let’s do some tapping unaccepting all of our parts start with the karate
chop point say out loud all these parts are part of me and I accept them all I accept all the parts of myself the ones
that are lovable and the ones that are unlovable I accept them all I accept
every single part of me because they are all parts of me I accept all the parts
of myself tap over here say out loud I accept all the parts of me sign of the
eye I accept all the parts of me and your eye even the parts that are
unacceptable and your nose even the parts I wish were not their chin even
the parts I don’t pretty love collarbone point I accept them all I accept all the
parts of me lovable and unlovable I accept them all body chop point the
struggle within me has been going a long time it’s tiring
it’s exhausting and I don’t need that struggle anymore
I’ve tried losing weight by dominating parts of myself I try losing weight by
being hard on myself and for the next few weeks I’m not playing that game I’m
loving myself I’m accepting myself and I’m ending the war within right now I
love and accept all the parts of me even the unacceptable ones I brought point
accept all my parts all these parts of me they are all part of me whether I
like them or not and since this is the hand I have been dealt these the Parts I
have I accept them just where they are collarbone point I accept myself just
where I am 20 truck point I accept all the parts of me take a nice deep breath
doesn’t it feel good to let go of that struggle at beating a struggle you
probably feel quite different in your body right now now let’s do one last
exercise before we wrap up this first part of the program and that is focusing
on a part of our body we don’t like in fact let’s focus on the part of our body
we like the least I know when I was beginning my weight-loss journey I
walked into the bathroom every morning I look in the mirror and my big tummy I
say I look terrible I hate that stomach I want it to go away
not a very positive message to your body so find whether
it’s your stomach whether it’s your arms whether it’s your
butt whether it’s your thighs focus on the part of your body that he liked the
least right now now feel all the feelings you feel maybe self-loathing
may be discussed maybe anger when you look at or feel into that part of your
body but do it right now so pick the part of your body you like least really
focus all that part of your body really focus on the part of your body and now
do some tapping say out loud with me even though I hate that part of my body
even though I do not accept that part of my body I am still me I’m slow Kay
I’m still a good person I have trouble accepting that part of my body I already
don’t like that part of my body it’s still part of me I accept all of me the
parts that I like and the parts that I don’t like the parts I like the parts I
don’t like I accept all of me the parts i light and the parts I don’t like
they’re all part of my body they’re all part of me
I love and accept my body just the way it is I could never love and accept my
body the way it is I can only accept it after it changes I can only accept
myself after I lose weight after I lose the weight then I will
accept myself I will accept myself right now
regardless of whether I lose the weight no I won’t I won’t accept myself until I
lose the weight lose the weight or not lose the weight I accept myself I can
never accept myself until I lose this weight I accept myself now than any
weight I am a child of the universe at any weight I am loved and nourished by a
higher power at any weight I am a child of the universe loved by the universe
here on earth for a purpose at this weight I am right now but the weight I
am right now I am perfect find a child of the universe the way I am right now I
might lose weight I might gain weight I might lose lots of weight I love and
accept myself whatever happens whatever the journey holds in the next few weeks
I love and accept myself and whatever weight I happen to be quite each other
point one more time I love and accept myself and whatever weight I happen to
be I love and accept this part of my body this part of my body this part of
my body this part of my body all parts my body including this one including
this one all parts of my body love and acceptance fully and completely at this
weight and any weight okay take a deep breath
didn’t that feel good go ahead and tap on this every day I
love yourself accepting yourself you’ll be amazed and how you naturally start to
shift once you end the war within thank you


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