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Including the consumption of dates in the
daily diet is very beneficial for health. This great fruit offers incredible benefits,
and many people are not aware of it because the consumption of only 3 dates a day can
bring impressive improvements to the health of the human being. The dates have a fairly broad nutritional
scheme and when consumed they cover a large part of some vitamins and nutrients that we
need for our body to function properly. So in this video, i will show you the different
benefits that are obtained from the consumption of dates. And you will not be able to believe how healthy
they are. Number one. Essential Nutrients. This rich and incredible fruit is very nutritious,
because it contains many vitamins and minerals, such as; potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, copper,
manganese and magnesium, making the consumption of only 3 dates a day, allows the body to
cover the daily intake of these nutrients, on the other hand, thanks to the fiber that
it contains can improve the ailments of intestinal constipation. Number two. Pregnancy. After conducting studies and comparisons between
pregnant women who consumed the fruit and others who did not, it was observed that the
consumption of this fruit during pregnancy, helps to have a more favorable pregnancy,
likewise can help weight loss afterward to give birth. Number three. Soothing Pain. Thanks to the magnesium contained in this
delicious fruit, it can help in the anti-inflammatory process and with pain, according to studies
carried out it was confirmed that it can improve arterial inflammations, in addition to reducing
the risk of heart diseases, and other diseases such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Number four. Healthy Brain. The consumption of the fruit of the date is
also beneficial to maintain a healthy brain, and even to improve the functioning of the
same, thanks to the content of vitamin B6 that has, you can see benefits to improve
memories and concentration, likewise improves Significantly, the ability to learn, because
it keeps the mind prepared for it. Likewise helps to conserve a more acute and
focused mind. Number five. Good digestion. Thanks to it’s high fiber content, in addition
to helping in the problems of constipation, it helps to significantly improve the problems
of irritable bowel syndrome, and can even help reduce the risk of colon cancer and improve
the problems of hemorrhoids. So now you know, the benefits obtained from
consuming dates daily. And only 3 dates everyday. So you should start taking dates from today
for your better health.


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