Melis I am on the corner. Bro you came here but don’t you feel anything? Bro you came here but don’t you feel anything? Fuck of Melis it is too high 😀 Melis it is too high 😀 Allahuekber Allahuekber Man wait a second wait a second. You’re going to corner. I am not ready to go. Maan maaaaan maaaan Man just wait a second ı can’t move. Bro it is too high Melis it is too high Melis it is too high Bro you don’t push right? Bro just a second let me breath. Bro just a second let me breath. let me watch the view You don’t need to rush right? As long as you wait you’re going to more scared. No. I’m just trying to get used to view. Open your arms Volkan. I will open just a minute I will No, look you will open your arms I’m not going to push you I will count, when I said ”now” you’re jump. Open your arms. Shall I jump or fell down 😀 Look 😀 with dolphin style or with toes? 😀 Look 😀 with dolphin style or with toes? 😀 Jump face down. Allahuekber Bro fuck of bungee fuck of 😀 Bro it is too high 😀 I will open just a second you are rushing me. I am trying to concentrated alright alright I will do but.. I will do but.. Bro it is too high 😀 Just fell face down right 😀 Bro I can’t open alright alright I will open Wait a second I will jump dont push me okey 😀 Melis hold safely alright? Safely Okay I’m counting. Open your arms. Great. I will jump. RIGHT NOW!!! MOTHERFUCKER! MOTHERFUCKER! (KEEPS GOİNG TO SWEAR :D) How long should I carry? The Wishes and The Lives… The Wishes and The Lives… Just record me only and always me Shall I record only you right? Don’t record someone else Ruhi stranded on an island And We are sliding 😀 Really what happened to Ruhi? He stranded on an island He went for recording a video Whatever we called Coast Guard don’t need to panic 😀 Can you look to that face? I will go to rescue him with boat 😀 Volkan captured his boat and coming for Ruhi 😀 When we turn on Air conditioner It blows Not blowing no no I don’t want to do this but.. IT IS NOT WHIFFLEIN NOT WHIFFLEEEEEIN I don’t want to share those posts. and the funniest thing is Those people, who says NOT WHIFFLEIN, are millionaire In our car when we open AC car can’t go 😀 Car can’t go 😀 We need to scream like that… NOT MOVIIIIINNNNNGG WHEN WE OPEN AC NOT MOVIIIIINNNNGG Guys before I forgot let me tell In our house we don’t have Internet Yes we moved to a villa but there is no infrastructure There is just 8 Mbps Internet and with
fair usage policy 265 kbps Internet sorry what the fuck? We are Youtuber Our job is Internet But there is no connection in House? so that we can’t upload regularly I just want to explain you. But soon it will be alright. I don’t know maybe we can turn back but.. We are going to solve. Let us to say “solving”. Yeah we will solve. It was good. Jumping was the best. Really. Even I couldn’t jump but.. Guys really it was so scary As I know in Antalya there is just one Bungee jumping and it is the place where we come today. It was Water Planet Aquapark Yeah Water Planet Aquapark WE ARE ON THE ANTALYA ROADS ANTALYA ROADS MADE OF STONE KOCAKARI IS COMING SLOWLY..


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