Drs. Rx: Have You Tried Jumping Rope Backwards?

You want to know a fun
fitness tip you can do, hey during commercial break on the TV? It’s something new, it’s unique, it’s okay to do things backwards in life. Jump rope, but do it backwards. All right, so here’s the key. First of all you need to
learn how to jump rope forwards first right? The first few times I
did this it was a little bit difficult. But what do we do all day long? Everything is leaning
forward so your spine is constantly leaning forward. You’re throwing a ball, it’s forward. What this does is it kind of
helps you work on your posture and all these muscles in
your back that hold up your posture. They get a nice little workout. It’s good for your shoulders, too. Yeah, it’s just a simple as this. (clapping and cheering) I do it a lot so I’m not afraid to watch a big sporting event. I’ll hang out. (audience chanting “go”) Try something new, that’s
my doctor’s prescription. Thank you all for hanging out. (clapping and cheering) Thank you all for tuning in. If you missed anything
on today’s show go to thedoctorstv.com. We’re looking forward to sharing
season 12 with all of you. Cheers.

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