Dr. John Gray’s Soul Mate Seminar Review – Massage Monday #282

Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it’s time
for Massage Monday. I just attended a seminar called Soul Mate Seminar by Dr. John Gray,
the best seller author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. He’s the legend of relationship. It was held at his beautiful private ranch
in Northern California surrounded by redwoods. We of course learned about the difference
between men and women, the effective ways to communicate with each other, different
physical needs, and different emotional needs. By understanding these we can keep our relationship
stress level low. He didn’t just talk about the relationship
at the relationship level. He has been researching the nutrition and holistic approach to solve
health issues which I totally believe in. To me being healthy means you are not dependent
on pills or drugs. It was fascinating to learn about the brain science, what harmful chemicals
do to your body and your brain causing Alzheimer’s desease, Parkinson’s desease and autism and
what you can do about it. Nutrition to your brain and keeping the toxins out of your brain
is so important because your brain controls hormones that affect your mood and mental
state. One of the major relationship hormones mentioned
a lot besides testosterone and dopamine was oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as bonding
or cuddling hormone and it also helps to reduce stress. Oxytocin is produced in your body
from various activities including giving massage and receiving massage. So it gave me assurance
that oxytocin-producing Couples Massage that I teach must be a good thing for relationship. Besides the contents and location of the seminar
I loved the intimate setting. They had some cancellations and there were only 22 participants
and about 6 staff and helpers took a great care of us. I even got to have him work on
me to find out my blind spot that was running my life. There were singles, couples, and
people in relationship attending alone. Some participants came a long distance from Mexico,
Japan, China and Australia so it was very diverse. And the price. I’ve been to lots of seminars
and I can say that it is unbelievably reasonable for the 4 days you get to spend with him. He has so much to share from his unique background
and vast experience of traveling around the world. He is open, frank, and very down to
earth. You forget that you’re with this big author until you hear names like Oprah and
Tony Robbins in his stories. I had a wonderful time and I highly recommend
it if you are interested in healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy relationship. I
think he offers this seminar once or twice a year. You can learn more about it on his
website MarsVenus.com. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next
week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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