Dr Jagannath Dixit Effortless Diet Plan | जगन्नाथ दीक्षित । Effortless Weightloss diet in HINDI

Hi friends, you have seen my three weeks diet plan videos In it I have asked you to eat special supplements and specific recipes every 2 hours But many people told me that it is very difficult to follow In between I came across one diet plan and I got very impressed I’m telling you the same unique diet plan which you do not need any special recipes, or no food restrictions I know you have to take a lot of efforts to follow those diet plans and also have to follow lots of timings But today’s diet plan is proven well and it will reduce your belly fat also which is the biggest problem of many people And after that your weight will be reduced automatically Nowadays, you have to pay a lot of money for the diet plan and the dieticians have put the entire shop In the name of Personalized Diet Plan you are told very different things with all these things you can reduce little weight and after few months you regain weight Following the complicated diet plan becomes a little difficult and you know that, most of the people don’t have that kind of dedication So today I will tell you the Effortless Diet Plan which you can follow with ease Effortless diet plan is based on insulin secretion theory If insulin level increases in your blood then it is not good for your health Before understanding the diet plan, we understand what is insulin? Insulin is a hormone which is produced in the pancreas Insulin converts sugar or glucose from carbohydrate to energy And the remaining glucose stores in the body for future use If your body’s insulin secretion increases then extra insulin get converted in fats and make you fat If this insulin release decreases then the body uses your fats for energy Now you will ask when is this insulin get produced? Whenever you eat anything, your blood sugar levels rises and the beta cells in the pancreas gives the signal to release insulin into blood stream and remember one thing irrespective of how much you eat the amount of insulin release is the same and in fix quantity If your body releases 10 units insulin every time then you eat a little food, or eat full stomach the insulin amount will remain 10 units only Now it comes, how can you stop insulin secretion? You can restrict insulin secretion by eating only twice a day Yes, in this diet plan you don’t have any restrictions You can eat as much as you can, and eat whatever you want Just eat it twice a day To follow this diet you must first fix two timings These timings will be basically those, when you feel very hungry Every day you have to eat on this timing and you will get 55 minutes to eat your food Now you will say that I finish the meal in 10 minutes Remember one thing, the cycle of insulin is 55 minutes That is, if you eat anything in 55 minutes, insulin will not be produced again in those 55 minutes This means after 55 minutes of first mean, you have to eat directly during second meal So you got it cleared? You have to eat only twice a day, and that too in 55 minutes Now you will say, what to do if you get hungry in between these two meals The answer is also there in this diet plan You have to eat such things, which will not lead to the secretion of insulin When this diet plan was designed then with the testing of many blood samples, it was discovered that there is something to eat that does not cause insulin production It is water, thin homemade buttermilk, coconut water, green tea, black tea, without sugar and more water in milk tea, I mean 25% milk and 75% water and in a day you can eat one tomato So if you get hungry in the middle then you can eat anything of these Just buttermilk should be homemade, not outside Outside buttermilk have preservatives Avoid sweets and eat as much protein as possible in the food In this diet plan you can eat pizza, can eat burgers, even you eat chhole bhature It means whatever you are eating, you can eat all those things in this diet just you have to eat twice a day only With this diet plan, you exercise minimum 45 minutes daily Best recommended exercise is walking, which everyone can do You have to walk 4.5 km continuously in 45 minutes your glucose burns in the first 20 to 25 minutes and then followed by body fat So there is a 45 minute time limit The beauty of this diet plan is that it will reduce your belly fat along with your weight Even this diet plan will reduce your blood sugar or diabetes I know, you must be having question, how reliable is this diet plan So, I want to tell you that, this diet plan has been given by late Dr. Shrikant Jichkar and Dr. Jagannath Dixit Dr. Jagannath Dixit, HOD of community medicine and Professor at Government Medical College, Latur is a dedicated publicist for weight loss and diabetes reversal over the past 10 years who is helping people freely through 250 whatsapp groups and other social media platforms He has over 50,000 followers from 37 countries who are following this diet plan, and they are getting positive results too You should follow their diet plan for 3 months and reduce obesity Those who have high sugar/ diabetes should consult their doctor once If you find the video useful, then make sure to like the video and share it so that more people will get its benefit Subscribe to the FITstand channel for such health related videos Dr. Jagannath Dixit’s lectures are also available on YouTube If you want then you can also watch them Thanks for watching. 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