DJ’s fitness secret – from rock to a hard place // Challenge 2020

So my name is DJ. It’s just spelt D
and J that’s it. It’s a question I get asked most how to spell it. I’m a
personal trainer, I’m a gym owner here with my wife and that’s what we
do. Absolutely not so I used to be an 19, 20 stone when I was 19 years old
so through school through college I was always really big really heavy I was the
fat kid in class and then when I sort of hit 19 years old I kind of wanted
a girlfriend and realized that I wasn’t gonna get a girlfriend looking the way I was just because I didn’t have the confidence and that’s when I found a love for gym and
fitness and everything that I do now and it’s just gone on from there. My mum took
me to the gym on and off three years just trying to encourage me to try and lose some weight because I was always big I was I was the big kid in the family so
she always took me in and kind of encouraged me so it’s just kind of like
another effort and then fail and another fail but then when I hit that 19
it felt good it was the right time you know I get it with a
lot of people in here when you when you kind of hit the right time to start
something new and kind of really turn over a new leaf and that was the right
time I felt good I felt comfortable and confident going in that that was what I was going to achieve and eight months later after just sitting on a bike and doing
some squats I’d lost eight stone so which was which is pretty cool and that
was sort of 17, 18 years ago now. I wanted to be a rock star that was my thing. I wanted to be a rock star I play guitar I play drums I studied musical through
school and and into college and that’s all I wanted to do I wanted to be in a
band play guitar teach guitar that was it that was my whole life and it still
is I still I still play all the time. That was what I wanted to do and I
didn’t need to be in shape to do that I was good at drinking beer and that’s
kind of the only qualification I needed. So that was what I wanted to do music
was everything to me and it still is alongside this New era fitness to us to
my wife and I and everyone who trains here is we like to say it’s like a
community-led gym it’s not a traditional gym you should up, you do your work-out,
you go home. It’s a really involved kind of community like a family almost who
like to come. There’s 120 our people who train here there come in they’re kind of
you know they think they’ve got all the friends they’re ever going to have in their life and then they come here and they meet a whole bunch of new people that they then call friends they do these crazy adventures with and
with all this cool stuff that we’ve done over the years and they kind of get this
I guess like almost like a new lease of life that’s amazing for us for me and
Amy to kind of be part of that so it’s we kind of see it as not so much as our
gym, come along it’s like come and be part of what we’ve presented here almost
this is an opportunity to do something cool and we love people to be a part
of it. Absolutely probably the most cliche one – Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s the pinnacle he’s the one he’s the boy because he’s not just
you know not even from a fitness perspective you know what he achieved is
amazing but just what he’s achieved in life and his work ethic because things
like this which we’re really proud of it doesn’t happen overnight it’s you know
for five years I worked seven-day weeks 16-hour days just constantly working all
the time so he’s a real big role model cause he’s just about if you want it
work for it it’s that kind of six hours sleep a night and then crack on with
your day. It probably sounds daft I’m only 33 but I’ve got a nearly three-year-old little girl so since she’s been born my focus has shifted
from lifting weights and looking good I don’t really care about that so much
anymore to actually think and I just want to live for as long as possible so
the focus for me when it comes to training isn’t just adventure. That’s
an amazing by-product of it but for me it’s health. It’s about I just want to live
for as long as possible to be here for as long as I can for her
my dad died when I was really young and I don’t want that for her
so that’s for me that’s why I went vegan I put a lot on like Instagram and social
media like what well like what I eat because people don’t kind of believe
that I eat as much as I do I’m about 13 stone I burn about 7,000 calories a day
that’s about normal for me so yeah it’s quite a lot. I found don’t try and replace the things that you’re not having anymore chicken in a beef and milk and all the
rest of it it’s not about trying to replace those things it’s I use it as an
opportunity to eat new things so like where I’d have burritos before with beef
I still have burritos like every other day but I have them with beans. I get to see all these different people and work with them and you really get to see who
people are in here which is really cool I find that really inspiring. You really get see people really break down in here in a
good way so you really get to see who people are and what they’re kind of made
of and and how hard they’re willing to push and I love that I really get to
know people. And so what we want to do is give something back each year and by
doing like a cool thing a big thing like a challenge the physical challenge for
people that train here there’s also an opportunity for us to fundraise so over
the last five years we’ve done various different events we’ve hiked Hadrian’s
wall we’ve climbed the three peaks we cycled to Paris we ran from Land’s End to John
O’Groats in six days which was pretty rad and then last year we did a 24-hour
non-stop workout and so this year being that is 2020 we thought it’d be kind of
romantic to do the 20 20 20 so rather than one big event we would do
20 big events throughout the year we’ll be doing the north coast 500, outdoor
swim marathon – 13 laps, climbing Mount Olympus in Greece, walk
across Wiltshire coming up this month some other like official events as well
we’ll be doing Endure 24, a 24-hour run 24 hour cycle we’re doing the Red Bull
Time Laps, the Wings for Life world run, loads going on. And mountains we’re climbing loads of mountains we love climbing mountains so yeah which would be cool.
So when I found running it gave me an opportunity to be outside which is
amazing because you get to be in nature on the canal up a mountain wherever
wherever you go even around a city so probably running coz that can take you
anywhere. Instant response without haste swimming. I just think I’m a
sinker, not a swimmer. I just disappear to the bottom of the pool
instantly. I’m rubbish I’m rubbish. Whatever your discipline is consistency
that’s it because the first point of that kind of journey is really hard
because the rewards don’t come they just don’t you know you can start working out
and it sucks it’s just gonna keep sucking for a little while and that’s
where most people kind of go this isn’t worth it I’m not getting anywhere the
weights not coming off or my fitness isn’t improving but it takes time to get
there so I say that’s the advice I give to a lot of people that that train here
is just consistency keep going. We used to have a chapel they came to one of our boot camps and he was a military chap and he gave us this
phrase years ago and he said if it ain’t raining ain’t training – it’s just another
way to make yourself stronger right that’s the opportunity. A hill isn’t a
hill, it’s an opportunity to become stronger so it’s the same with the
weather where we live in England it’s like this
50% of the time so yeah you just just keep going. Cake or pie cake easily cake
carrot and orange yeah that’ll be the one carrot and orange cake yeah. My wife’s cakes my wife’s cakes are my favorite cakes

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