Dirty Fasting Weight Loss Results | Water Fasting Electrolytes

hi its Mieka Fasting weight loss and this
is second time making the video not cool I have to make it faster I’m today I’m
going to talk about dirty fasting weight loss water fasting electrolytes on my
fasting journey to lose 90 pounds and get off medicine okay so I’m gonna tell
you everything that I have I call it dirty fasting because I’m not water
fasting I don’t know what is the real definition but I feel like this is what
it is it’s when you’re having all this extra stuff you’re gonna see a lot of
stuff okay and I’m okay with that fasting means to abstain from something
I’m abstaining from food okay not calories not other things not artificial
not anything this is what I’m doing do not do what I’m doing do what you’re
doing do what you find and research to be best for you and your goals okay this
is good for my goals I just want you guys to know what’s happening Elyse I’m
like 95% transparent okay but I did not eat yet I’m about sixty five hours
fasted 2 p.m. will make three days completed I feel amazing
I’ve went to the gym everyday I’m being very very strategic with getting in the
nutrients I think I need to feel good like I feel now because I do go to work
everyday and I do go to the gym everyday because I like to I’m not telling you to
do that either I think it’s better not to unless you’re used to that everyone’s
body’s different do not listen to anybody I don’t care if you think there
are fasting guru do your own research you’re different than everybody else
your activity level your health level just everything is particularly you in
your situation learn read and then do what’s best for you okay do not do what
I’m doing though cuz it’s a dirty fast you don’t want to be dirty like me okay
so these are the electrolytes and this with everything to do so I take one
blood pressure medicine 20 milligrams of lisinopril okay I used to be on – yay
I’ve been off of the other one for about a month or two
because fasting exercise low-carb is very beneficial to your health okay um
let me see I’m gonna tell you my weight somewhere in this video too and I’m
going to show one picture of hair is nothing spectacular but I just went to
show part of what happened in my day and that’s one of the three clients that I
did yesterday Bing birthday bash is dedicated
Fitness’s fault because he made a review on it and he
said it tastes like birthday cake shake and it’s zero calories it has creatine
and as Co Q 10 amino acids I like it I had it this morning after the gym um
let’s see I had a good weight loss I have gum and I don’t care if it has
sugar amount I just buy whichever one I want and this is big red when I’m at
work if I feel like having it I’m gonna have it the fasting fat man me and I
think dr. Berg I don’t know who else I’ve only heard about nutritional yeast
twice from two people the faster fat man I believe he takes it he has a
supplement I gotta talk faster my phone does not have a good memory um it has
the vitamins protein fiber I am very happy to be taking this I’ve taken it
twice so far three tablespoons of the serving I just sprinkle it in my apple
cider vinegar mix so I don’t measure it out I’m not a measure pink Himalayan
salt is part ok snake juice oh I forgot the bacon powder okay snake juice um
original recipe has these things right here let’s say that’s the original one
when I started a year ago there was one recipe this is it
pink um I might say cayenne pepper and potassium
dr. berg says that potassium is the most important electrolyte so please everyone
make sure you’re getting your potassium no salt can be found along with pink
opal and salt in the grocery aisle okay of most grocery stores cayenne pepper he
originally said it raises the heat index I like it if you look up the benefits of
cayenne pepper you’re gonna see it has a lot of benefits okay and I like you to
have a plain water these two salty water and then a whole three water
I’m not saying I’m doing that every day but these are things that I would have
won this dirty fast of mine okay um I am taking a vitamin I’m taking alive
women’s gummy vitamins no gelatin pork free yay for those of us that don’t eat
pork because gelatin is usually has pork and all these different gummies which
are fun to have gummies I take this one too as a serving um it does have
calories but it has good stuff I’m not trying to lose here this time I take
apple cider vinegar it has so many minute benefits fasting or not this is
like a miracle food you want to get the one with the mother which is their gross
looking stuff you want to shake it up and take this and it’s raw unfiltered
apple cider vinegar with the mother okay that’s everything I have here to show
you that’s my fasting waterful that’s my
fasting supplements and electrolytes drinks mix I will have many things a
zero calories I don’t care okay I also have Powerade I do have all kinds of
dirty stuff okay um but I have no food I’m having no food okay
fasting fat man is having some things to like at least the vitamin and he’s doing
I think he’s doing dr. burgers electrolyte color I don’t know let’s
watch that video okay for those of us that are on his journey I mean you know
what I mean okay let’s see so my weight I went to the gym yesterday night I did
walk in a little bit of sauna I might think I was there an hour and a half
very light that’s it I’m also with this morning I feel great um my weight
yesterday was to twenty three point four and my weight today is to twenty point
four that is minus three pounds and I’m very happy with that and that’s it
please put a heart in the comments if you watched all the way to the end
because I just want to know who wants to the end and here’s a few pictures buy it
and let me know how you’re doing you


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