Dieting Tips to Lose Weight Fast – 4 Easy Tips to Help you Lose Fat Faster

so you want to lose weight faster and
one of the best ways to do that is through your diet but you need the right
advice so I got four tips on that coming up what is up 4 Faith Nation thank you
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so let’s jump right into the tips tip number one with your diet and this is
gonna sound a little cliche hang with me and that is don’t give up a lot of
people give up that I have noticed at least give up right before they start to
really get results the body takes time to adjust and you’re gonna see that
initial drop-off which is going to usually be mostly water weight but then
once the body adjusts it really starts kicking into high gear and then if you
keep your foot on the throat and once you have it locked down then it really
starts to work but a lot of people give up right before that happens I think and
you know the best analogy I could think of is kind of like you’re climbing a
mountain you’re struggling to get to the top and there’s all this fog you can’t
see where the top is and a lot of people are just like screw it
I can’t do this anymore but if they just would have climbed through that fog that
one layer of fog there they would have seen that they are almost there or
they’re really approaching they’ve really gone a far way they don’t have
that much further to go whatever it is you know again kind of cliche stick with
me here though it is essential that you just don’t give up because it’s
consistency that causes results it’s not perfection so when something goes wrong when you’re feeling down just stay consistent with it get back on the horse
try again whatever it is and it will start to work number two you have to
make sure that you enjoy your diet if you are miserable which I have seen so
many people do that and actually I mean probably a good amount of weight has
been lost on people being miserable but the thing is that you eventually gain it
back right because you quit you can’t do that forever and so really what is a
successful diet if you lose 50 pounds and gain 60 back was it successful would
you have done better just sticking to what you were doing and not losing any
weight at all so you have to make sure you enjoy it you
can’t give up entire food groups if of course that is something that you mind
doing if you don’t like carbs in the first place then sure whatever go for it
but don’t give up the foods that you absolutely love give up some things like
I mean me I’m not a big cake fan I can give up cake it’s fine I love doughnuts
on the other hand though so I’m not gonna give up doughnuts me and my wife
it’s just something that we enjoy doing together you know food brings people
together and that’s one thing me and my wife are like doing Pizza lasagna
my grandma’s lasagna is amazing it tastes like it’s about to clog your
arteries like and I’m gonna die tomorrow it’s amazing but I’m not gonna give it
up it’s just too good it’s a family thing it’s tradition you know and so
make sure you enjoy your diet and there is room in every diet for putting
something that you love and I’m not talking about cheating and saying screw
it and going for a cheat day or a cheat meal I’m talking about if you start the
day knowing that tonight I’m going to have a doughnut tonight I’m going to
have lasagna my family function whatever it is you can adjust your day you might
go a little bit over but that’s okay on your calories that is but that is okay
because it’s only one day as long as you’re mentally prepared for it and you
plan it in like okay I’m gonna have a doughnut tonight so that takes a hundred
and ninety of my calories or 400 of my calories whatever it is so you have to
make a little bit of adjustments you’re probably still going to go over your
calories a little bit but that’s okay because you’re already 500 calories down
this is a long conversation and a lot of my other videos hit on that I will try
to link something up in a card up here that you can look at a little bit what
I’m talking about I’m not sure if I’ve ever hit on that exactly but I will try
to do that in the card section and so yes again make sure that you’re enjoying
your diet tip number three this one’s gonna be pretty fast it’s pretty simple
lower your carbs but do not eliminate them if you’re a carb person again if
you’re on Atkins or something then whatever then this doesn’t apply but if
you enjoy carbs like most of us if you like rice if you like bread then don’t
eliminate them but lower them I usually have my clients somewhere around 40% of
their daily intake coming from carbs so they can have lower carbs but still use
the carbs I mean that’s still a good amount of carbs that’s that’s gonna be
your biggest source of energy is from carbs instead of fat
or protein carbs are gonna be a bigger source biggest source of energy so use
that to fuel your workouts work out hard because you’re taking in those carbs but
you don’t want it to be somewhere around 60% unless you’re a highly highly active
individual like a carpenter who also works out six times a week so lower your
carbs tip number four to go hand-in-hand with that is up your protein so if your
carbs lower you got to replace it with something you can’t just have the
calories go lower if your calories are already adjusted so up your protein
it’ll make you feel more full that is a great way of speeding up weight loss
through your diet if you feel more full you’re not gonna eat more later and that
really helps with night eating it helps with so many things and then a power tip
here a bonus tip to go right with that is include protein in your breakfast
that is by far the lowest protein meal most of us have we usually have you know
oatmeal and a banana carbs are just heavy in the morning oatmeal banana milk
is going to give you a bunch of cards and not much protein the only protein
you’re really getting is from the milk so include some some protein in the
morning eggs is an awesome protein especially if
you make sure that it’s mostly egg whites now you could also I feel like we
need to break the whole I need breakfast food barrier I mean you can eat chicken
in the morning there’s nothing wrong with that and if you can get to the
point where you can eat something like a pork chop in the morning which I do all
the time and you know my meals don’t go off of time then that’s a powerful way
of allowing you to get some protein because we don’t have any problem
getting protein at dinner if we could include that in breakfast that’s gonna
go a long way helping us all day at losing weight faster because you’re
eating less and your metabolism will be revved up well that is all for today’s
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the day what do you guys do in your diet to lose weight faster what are just some
dieting tips that you can help other people with in the comments section
below thanks guys have a great rest of your day
see you next time and God bless

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