[DIET VLOG #6] 뷔페 먹으면서 다이어트하기 – 치팅데이 식단?!

I had a schedule today, so I washed up from morning. Body check I’ve been on a diet for a week, and I’ve lost a little more weight. I’m going to remove a little bit more body fat from my current condition, and I’m going to maintain it. I can see the muscles in my legs better than before. I was hungry, so I went out to eat. Today is Cheating Day, so I’m going to eat what I wanted to eat. Since it’s my father’s birthday later in the evening, I’m going to go to a buffet, but I’m going to eat two meals clean. The best meal is white rice with black bean paste. Set chicken breast (100g) before eating. Packaging vinyl doesn’t come off easily. This is a hidden restaurant in Konkuk University where only the people who know it as Jaehee’s Restaurant Take a bite like this. It’s really good. Use egg rolls to fill up the missing protein. I just finished my meal…!! Everyone, I’m on my way to Cheongdam where my friend works as a trainer. Let’s do some exercise together and eat some today because it’s my father’s birthday So I will go to work out right away. Let’s go. It’s cold, but it’s a lovely day:) Ah… I missed the subway right in front of me. Hello, hello. You have to introduce yourself.
Oh, my name is Park Hee Won, a friend of joomin, 25 years old. This is Andfit Cheongdam, and he works here as a trainer. You’re playing with my camera for a while. lol Two shots before exercising. jpg. Come to the Andfit for exercise. Guys. I’ll put my friend’s Instagram ID in the comments. (I told him to play and he’s really playing…… lol) Park Hee-won, a trainer who is curious about the camera. 25 years old Close shot.jpg I’m practicing on YouTube. Do I have to put this scene in the video…? Dumbel presses pay more attention to contractions…!! Making your back slightly arched can give you more stimulation on your chest. Because of the inflammation of my right shoulder, I focused on the stimulation with a little lower weight…… Slowly weighted because of low weight It was the morning, so I put on my jacket and started working out. I’m sure my friend weighs well because he’s bulking. He just went to the competition, and his muscles got really big. If you have a partner who supports you, you can add two or three more to the usual number. I think you’ll get better muscle pain the next day It’s done with the thought of squeezing as much as possible from the point of contraction. The advantage of the Flat bench press machine is that it is safer and can weigh more…!! I’ve worked hard on Dumbel Benchpress, so I can’t lift much weight. I’m not in good shoulder condition, but I put on weight because it’s a machine. It’s a good machine, and I think it’s a good contraction in chest 🙂 After you do a flat bench press, go straight to the Incline. A developed upper chest gives you a sense of volume throughout your chest I hurt my shoulder while benching in an incline, so I set the bench angle at 45 degrees or less and focus on stimulation. If you put on an incline press and then move on to the fly, you’ll have a bigger contraction in your upper chest. Dips, a very famous chest workout It’s a necessary exercise to make a lower chest line. Sometimes, the size of the chest is big, but if you look at people who are not pretty, they often don’t exercise their lower chests If you set your body’s angle, it’s more irritating to the tricep, and if you tilt it slightly forward, it can give you more stimulation to the lower chest. When you’re out of strength, put your feet on the ground and do exercise….!! Body check after exercise. That’s a good light. It was short and thick workout for about an hour. 🙂 End of exercise! After the exercise, I sat down to eat my meal. Brown rice & chicken breast side dish X end But after exercise, I’m hungry, so I eat it in a hurry. Carbohydrate is 100% brown rice. This is the chicken breast 200g from E-Mart. It’s my first clean meal after the competition. lol It’s salted chicken breast, so it’s good to eat. I think brown rice is more delicious than white rice. ;; Is it just me?
I’m eating without saying;; I plan to leave for Daejeon as soon as I finish my meal. I arrived at Central Terminal after eating my meal. And it’s crowded, people in Central Terminal was Saturday. 🙂 I arrived at the express terminal and now I’m going to Daejeon. Now, after going to Daejeon, I go to a buffet for my father’s birthday. I’m going to eat like crazy today. It takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Seoul to Daejeon. I slept soundly while I was on my way. I arrived home after many twists and turns. I’m tired. Ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived at home. It’s my home. I dozed off on the bus for a while and my beard grew.Because I’m so tired. a 25-year-old man who grows a beard when he is tired. The cycle I bought for the aerobic at home is good. Buffet Arrival!! I arrived buffet ladies and gentlemen I’m so hungry nowwwww After the exercise, I didn’t eat anything except chicken breast and brown rice. I’m going to eat a lot of food at the buffet today There were so many breads that I like. Five or six kinds of cake! These are all the bread in the bread section This is the Korean food section. From beef raw fish to soy sauce crab sauce, it’s heaven. Two of my favorite kinds of pasta. The first plate was filled with Chinese food. Plus Carbonara pasta Is this heaven? I usually control my appetite, if I eat as much as I want, I eat really well. great This is an eel such incredible Who eats pasta as a fork these days? I will eat with chopsticks to eat quickly. Is it noodles, not pasta?
It’s really hot, but it’s just inhaled. It’s Carbonara pasta that I eat in almost 3 months. I love broccoli. The last dish is Chinese food. This is soy sauce shrimp. When I eat shrimp, I eat all but shrimp head. The third and fourth plates were filled with carbs. Tomato Pasta + Macaron for a combination of sweet and salty foods Wouldn’t the food on this plate make 2,000 calories? It’s already been six plates. Actually, I like fresh and fresh food like sushi rather than fried or greasy food. This dish is filled only with sushi. Tomorrow, I will probably have to ride the aerobic all day, but I will have a happy day today:) A happy day for the Joomin is coming to an end……


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