Designed Specifically With Your Diet In Mind

– Most products that
are in the marketplace, try to talk to age, gender,
something along those lines. The truth is, and being a geeky kind of guy, we’re kind of like
two-legged petri dishes. And being a two legged petri dish means the things that you eat, are gonna select specific
things to grow on your body. So, if you are primarily a vegetarian, the types of micro-organisms
that are living in you, that are helping make you healthy, are different from somebody
that’s eating a mixed diet, a more conventional diet. So personalizing it means, what did you eat today, what will be consuming, what will you be dining upon? And we’ve matched up the
right probiotics to that, and we’ve matched up the
right enzymes to help break down that type of a meal, and that type of a diet.

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