Desafio da Corda / Jump Rope Challenge

This one… Got good singles already? I taught you already! What about double unders? If you don’t…go watch these videos! These will give you the basics on rope jumping I got a great idea to do this crazy workout 1 single, 1 double under, 2 singles, 1 double, 3 singles, 1 double… all the way to 10 singles and 1 DU and then back down to 1 This is for time! Now – each time you fail, you have a punishment You’ll have to do 5 burpees each mistake! I’ll go hardcore…each time I make a mistake I’ll have to do… 3 Burpee Back-Flips! I was one short!!! I was this close… This will work your cognitive side You’ll really have to focus or you lose your grip Even if you can’t do many DUs it’s ok! This will help you with them and the switch from single to DU More advanced athletes will have to do a harder punishment! for example 10 burpees Beginneres might not have punishment but they’ll have to begin again where they left off If you fail at the 7th round you begin that round again Gimme your time on the comment section and good riddance!


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