Deload and Diet Break, AND new PR while Dieting? – Summer Shredding Week 6

what’s going on guys welcome to another
video I’ve got surprise for you guys I finally got my pair of SBD Knee sleeves
I had ordered a medium a while ago but they’re just way too small so I
exchanged them for a large and I tried them out for the first time and they
were a lot of fun so I can’t wait to show you guys the workout this week just
wanted to give you guys you know a little bit of an update in regards to
how the diet is going earlier this week I felt completely destroyed like I just
had no energy I felt so weak I couldn’t train I I just I felt horrible no and
honestly I think it’s just you know the intensities that I’ve been training at
like my CNS was just like dead so I had to make some changes I decided to make
this week a diet break we are halfway through summer shredding as well so it
would be appropriate so essentially what I did is I just took this whole week off
of dieting I did not track I still fit don’t think I went over like a whole lot
I’m pretty sure I was in the deficit I’m a couple of days you know in other days
you know I was at maintenance Ornish slight surplus so I also took a dealer
week this week so I didn’t do a whole lot in the gym you know Monday was a
really light session I’ll show you guys that and then on Wednesday I just
trained up my gym at work I just did a couple of sets of body weight dibs
you know some assisted pull-ups lat pull-downs a little bit of shoulder work
and then yesterday was when I did you know I tried to go in and do a little
bit more heavy work but I still cut the volume overall no lower and I felt
really really great so we’re gonna get into the training log right now
then afterwards gonna be a short little mini vlog and physique update for you
guys so let’s get into the training footage alright guys welcome to the
training so this is Monday I wasn’t planning on training this day but one of
my friends really wanted to work out with me he’s preparing for his first
powerlifting meet and so I’m just doing his workout today which or at least mean
somewhat of his work out I really only worked up to this 335 single with him
and that was it for that I mean that he’s you know he pays to come train at
the gym and so I said you know what like I’ll go why not here I’m doing squats so
I wanted to try out the all Olympic weightlifting shoes that I have and you
see there you know I I picked up the bar and it just felt
really an even you know it doesn’t look that uneven in the video I mean but it
was really an even in here you know I still feel it but I decided to go for
the squat anyways actually this is it 275 actually it’s
like 245 something like that I think too lazy to do the math right now but do the
squat it’s not feel very good at all um I something was wrong you know I I
just like lost my balance because the weight was off by a bit and look at this
here the 35 plate that we were using was actually 38 so it’s crazy how a three
pound difference can make the Hat think of an impact on the lift but here I I
literally just did a single here just one single with on benchpress for up to
195 now works really well the cue that I’m going with is like trying to row it
to my chest and it made a huge difference now here this is my workout
from yesterday I really wanted to go in and try these knee sleeves and do you
know max out my front squat or at least get close to maxing out and one thing
you’ll notice here with the sleeves is they restrict my range of motion they
allow me to get a stretch reflex higher up which is really really great for me
because I I really struggle you know I am so flexible that I go pretty much you
know ask to grass every time and this is nice and here I raised the pins as I got
a little scared cuz the weight was feeling really heavy and so I raised
them and it was just a complete fail so I had to unload all the plates and then
put them back on here I lowered it again so this is 275 no this is like 255 it
was really hard you see my floor brick broke down I couldn’t keep my chest
upright and so I just decided to call it quits and just do some backup sex with
back squat so here I’m still using my Olympic weightlifting shoes which I
never use for training just because I feel like I lose my balance and I just
feel awkward but you know I wanted to give it a try
and they’re actually you know I like them you know with the sleeves it was
not bad at all so I did three sets of five with this
and it felt pretty good I think the issue is you know when I’m squatting in
the Olympic weightlifting shoes without the sleeves you know I go so deep that
it just I lose my balance and it’s just so weird in here just giving you guys a
view from the front and you know it kind of looks like I’m not hitting depth it
looks a little awkward and so the next couple of Clips I record from a lower
angle you know kind of like pair up directly parallel in here just planning
on at the stance as well I’m just trying to see what works best for me because I
think I want to start training with Olympic weightlifting shoes but I’m not
entirely sure but if three sets of five and I was feeling really good so I
decided to you know just go for a heavy single and so that was 275 so how will
that move 315 here like was they even weight on
that bar look at that just insane 345 right here weights getting heavier
that’s the thing with low bar squats is you know the weights just gonna feel
really really heavy a lot heavier than with the high bar and so that feel felt
pretty good you know depth hitting death very well
and then finally 375 decided to go with 375 this ties my old PR but my old PR
wasn’t really to death this one is you can see there was pretty good you know I
had a little bit more but you know after doing some front squats and sets working
sets on back squat beam and we’ll pull this off afterwards pretty good
especially while in a deficit so I was really happy with that I wonder if I
could have squatted more in flats I feel like I could have but I really don’t
know but we’ll see in the future and here but there’s some dips so up to 45
pounds now which is pretty awesome so yeah just do some dips then did some
incline bench some rows and some bicep and tricep work we’re actually not a
whole lot of tricep work but more like rear delts side delts and here just want
to show you guys this is partly around like February last year this is the
first time I’ve ever squatted 315 you know and sometimes I I feel like I don’t
I haven’t made a whole lot of progress numbers haven’t increased a whole lot in
the past year for example this was probably sometime last June or July
don’t remember this was when I squatted at 375 and you can be the judge of this
but I feel like it was a little high and I remember feeling this bar on top of me
like it just I felt like I was being crushed I couldn’t get a big deep breath
of air like it was just it was a crappy squat and it’s just so much better now
and I’m just really happy with my progress you know looking back on my
videos and looking back at pictures I can see how much I’ve really improved
and it’s really motivating but anyways that’s it for the training vlog guys
gonna go into a really short mini vlog and then I’ll show you guys a physique
update as well all right guys remember how I told you that I needed to punch a
hole my belt oh I still haven’t and it’s becoming a
really really big issue now so you can see yeah really really lose pants
these pans you should be so tight on me like just be restricting around the
thighs and wave em around and now look at them this might look weird to some of
you some sweet potato with peanut butter there is so good this is gonna be like
when you favorite tree for a while alright guys I’m out and about running
errands and I saw this at the target register I got a copy
I pretty sure they’re free I picked it up anyways get a free legendary Pokemon
so I have Pokemon moon so I get raikou back is probably my favourites sweet
guns probably the best because she’s like super tanky the Reich is pretty
cool yeah I’m a Pokemon nerd Pokemon spoon
I’m excited alright guys so like I mentioned I did
on the diet break I hope that I’m at least like carved up right now because
like I mentioned you know I wasn’t tracking but I really don’t think I was
going to over I was kind of eating the same foods as I usually do but then I
would just have a treat or add in a little bit of know something else so I I
don’t think I was like in a huge surplus I might have been on some days but I did
have pizza a couple times but either way here’s the physique update for you guys
and here’s the weigh-in so this is what I’m talking about my weigh-in today is
174 this is me you know this was the same way that I hit last week and last
week I was completely depleted today I’m pretty sure I’m more covered up I’m
holding on to more carbs no more glycogen more water so I should be
heavier so that means that even though you know I’m I ate all this food
throughout the week you know I should be lighter especially once I start dieting
again because that water should just come straight off but we’ll see you know
I’m not sure but here’s the physique update for you guys so I mean just drink
a bit of water except that I was done but after we do it shouldn’t be a big
deal so that’s me sucked in and flexed actually triceps coming in feel like you
can kind of see striations a little bit right here but I mean I have no bicep
you can see I mean it’s getting more noticeable doing more bicep work it’s been a while since I’ve even looked
at my own disease so we’ll see how this goes alright guys so different angle for you
guys say so you can see the legs more up close yeah that’s the physique update let me
know what you guys think so that’s going to be the video guys thank you so much
for watching so far everything’s been going really really well I’m excited to
see how this next week’s going to be diet resumes today so I’m definitely
watching what I eat a lot more there’s definitely gonna be some adjustments to
my training this week I don’t think I can keep as high in intensity as I was
before I might lower it to like three sets of five a lower weight and then
just build up I think the tier two exercises are going
to stay the same I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to change originally I
thought I was going to be doing front squats instead of back squats and that’s
why I went into the gym with the original idea of going in and testing my
you know testing a heavy single and I just I was really weak like everybody’s
just couldn’t keep couldn’t hold the bar up so I don’t know what’s gonna happen
but I’ll make sure to let you guys know what changes I do decide to make but
yeah I mean we’re halfway through I stuck to that program for that whole
entirety and even a little bit before you know cuz I did start my diet before
then but I don’t know we’ll see what happens once again thank you guys so
much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time you


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