Defense against Muay Thai Kicks

Hi guys. Nick Drossos and Code Red Defense. We are going to be looking at defense against a Thai kick. Now, if you are faced with a good MMA fighter, you know I have my coach that I train once a week and I do MMA. If he nails that freaking Thai kick… There is so much power that it could do much damage. Now, I’ll show you a few of the blocks I’ve learned and I will tell you the ones that I would prefer and the ones I use if I was facing against some who would throw a Thai Kick. The first one is, as the kick goes in, you go shin to shin.
I personally hate that. If you’re faced with a good kicker and Thai kicker and he’s built his shins… He’s going to break right through your shin, you won’t even have enough power to block it. Okay. The other one you can do is “boom” where you can Thai kick it or just jam him through the hip. But again, that takes a lot of timing. You have to time it. So if am here and he’s here and I can see him go for the kick boom, I will try to go right into the hip or block it with a jar kick. The other kick that you can do is this one. This is a big no no, never drop your hands because you can go here, block it, let’s say I’m doing a Thai kick block it Pat. No, with with your hand He comes here, “Whack”, he can nail you. Okay, the best and the one I recommend is go, if he’s here he does it Thai kicks…Step out. As he steps out, what I do is go, step out, boom, come in right away, okay. The other thing you can do is if you see the Thai kick, step in as he is throwing the kick, right? If you can pick it up, If he’s being telegraphic and you see that kick is coming in, I’ll strike, because the closer you get to the kick, the less damage it’s going to do. Because what he’s going to try to nail you, is with this part right here and generally speaking, it’s going to come between the knee or a little bit higher, okay. So, again, if he goes for his Thai kick, step it up this way but you got to go in right away and strike as quickly as possible, okay. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you want to learn more self defense, go visit our website, Code Red Defense .com Stay safe and stand strong. [BLANK_AUDIO]


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