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Maybe I’ll just do this and no one will even know it’s happening. Are you videoing this? (Laughs) I see you are because I see the light Hi it’s Kati again. Thanks for checking back. Now this week’s video is coming out on popular demand! You have requested something and I also believe it is very important this time of year, so I’m delivering it. And the topic is…swimsuit season. (Ahhh) Summer’s coming. Everybody is asking me if I want to go on a diet. (Ahhh) Stress! Right? It’s like shut up. Why? Every magazine boasts “How to Lose X Amount of Pounds By X Amount of Days” and yada, yada. Yuck! Hate it! So how do we deal with it right? Cuz it’s everywhere. Everybody’s talking to us about it, and friends that aren’t even good friends, like acquaintances, are asking us about it and we don’t wanna say, “Hey I have an eating disorder. What are you doing do me right now?” But we need something kind of like that, right? So what do we do? Well the first thing that I would encourage you to do and even to think about while I tell you a couple tips is to try to put it into your own words. Because everybody is doing it different. Everybody has a different take on stuff. Some of parts of the things I say might not be how you would say it, but start putting it into your own words and practicing it because when they hit us out of nowhere, cuz this can be like in between class and I’m like just at my locker and she’s like “Hey!” and you don’t know this person too well and they’re already asking you about dieting, or summer time, or bikinis, or who knows what? I want you to feel confident and comfortable with your answer and your response ok? So that’s just kind of preemptively, because I know it can be sort of anxiety provoking feeling like we’re under fire all the time. Ok, so my first tip is something that will take a little time and consideration. ..because we’re working to better ourselves, right? Everybody talks about spring cleaning? We worry about how the outside of us looks and how our house looks. We’re going to worry about the inside of us. We’re doing a mental spring cleaning. So I would encourage you to say to someone “I’m doing an internal spring cleaning this year. I’m not dieting, I’m not doing that outward stuff.” “I’m working on the inside.” I know that sounds a little weird, and it might feel uncomfortable, but that’s why I said put it in your own language. Like, “oh you know I don’t really do diets, this time of year is where I take like a mental checklist of things I want to work on, and I set goals.” No one can really argue with that… “Oh I’m setting goals for myself that don’t have to do with weight or anything. It’s more mental goals.” And I would encourage you to do that. Set your mental goals. We’re doing a mental spring cleaning. There are things that don’t serve us anymore that we keep doing, and people we have in our lives like toxic friends. There’s a bunch of goals we can set by summer time! Lots of people are setting this weight goals, we’re going to set mental health goals. Cuz we can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind, right?? But the most important thing with these goals: small and achievable. Ok? This isn’t perfection. We don’t have to achieve them all. And I want them to be small and achievable so we don’t beat ourselves up when, maybe we only go to 2 of the 10 goals. But that’s 2 more than we did before! And if you asked me last year, I wouldn’t have done any of them, right? We need to cut ourselves some slack. So set small goals for yourself and when someone asks you or says something like, “Hey, I’m preparing for swimsuit season, you can say yeah I prepared for summer too,I just have some different goals. This is what I’m working on.” It detours the conversation. You don’t even have to address the fact that “Oh I don’t believe in diets.” or “I’m in recovery.” or “I don’t do that” or “I’m not comfortable” You don’t have to say that. “Oh yeah I do stuff too! I have these goals. Do you want me to tell you about them?” Or you can just go right into them. You’ve been in conversation where people just force the conversation to veer in their direction. You can be that person. Because these people are going to drive you crazy if you don’t. So be one of those conversation diverters. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m doing this.” I know it will feel weird at first, but it can be really helpful, and to be honest, they won’t even notice! We’ll be thinking about it, but they won’t notice. And that’s why putting it in your own language will make you feel much calmer. If we practice it at home it will come out naturally. It won’t be like a deer in the headlights look and then “Oh yeah……I’m not doing that….” We wanna try to stop that from happening. So we’re doing a mental spring cleaning. We’re preparing for summer mentally. Right? Because last year may not have been so good, and this year we’re gonna have a 2.0 version of ourselves. You know? A lot of people don’t take that into consideration. That’s obviously something we’re building on. We’re working on. That’s why we’re putting in all this hard work. So don’t let somebody’s stupid comment about swimsuit season detour you. You detour them first. And no judgements on these goals. And whether or not we are able to do it in the moment, just try next time. Because each time we do it in a positive, healthy way, is one time less we did it in an unhealthy way. And our eating disorder gets a little quieter each time. So work with me. And if you have done something and you’ve said something that really worked and nobody every bothered you again and you felt very comfortable addressing that, comment below! Lead people feedback so that we can help each other. Like I said, I don’t really go to school at this time. I’m not in high school. I don’t know what people say. I also, my friends all know I don’t diet! I’m not going to prepare for summer. I don’t even do that stuff. So no one is going to ask me… But someone may have just asked you, and you may have something that worked. So let us know. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! So when I post new videos there’s another thing by popular demand that I am putting out, you hear about it right away and also follow me on twitter and don’t forget to check out my website And each day, each season, we’ll take another step in the right direction to a healthy mind AND a healthy body. Subtitles by the community


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