Day TWENTY-ONE – Weight Loss for Women over 50 πŸ˜… 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey Killer Bs. It’s Pahla B from and on tap today, it’s day 21 of the Weight
Loss for Women Over 50 series and we have a great cardio
and strength workout today. You guys, today, there
is absolutely no jumping. There are no transitions to the ground, and for my friends who
like that sort of a thing, there is no repeat. You are gonna need a nice,
moderate pair of dumbbells, and if you don’t have
a moderate enough pair, make sure that you open up
the description box below and get the exact three
pair set that I bought from Amazon that I use in
all of our weighted workouts. You guys, when you’re ready for this one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go. (mystical music) Alright you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving. Go ahead and have your dumbbells
completely out of the way while we get started
with our warmups and that means that we are
starting with arm circles and high (laughs) knees. Oh my gosh. I could tell you already
that we are gonna have a super fun day. When I fall over on the
very first thing we do, I know that that means that we are in for a great workout today. And I’m not actually even being sarcastic. It might sound like it. But honestly, sometimes when
I start off with something that just like bobbling
right out of the gate, it’s kind of a signal to me that I need to focus a little bit more.
(bell dinging) And I actually already knew that even before I turned on the camera. I was having a little
pep talk with myself. Pahla, pay attention. Pahla, it’s only 20 minutes. You can do anything for 20 minutes. Have you given yourself that speech yet? Probably not with my name but have you had to do that whole, “It’s only 20 minutes, I can do this.” Yeah I do that too. It’s kinda funny. Even after all these
years, sometimes I still just need to have a little breath. And that’s exactly why we do these warmups every single time. Let’s go ahead and do our arm crossers with our booty kickers. Because this, this is how my brain is going to just get in its groove. We do these same warmups
every single time. I have a little chat with you about what a weird day
(laughs) I’m having. And then, and then whether I
mean for it to happen or not, my body is ready for the work. And oh my gosh. Are you ready for the work today? I’m excited about this one. We are doing cardio and strength and I keep saying it like that, even though technically,
we are doing strength and then cardio. I am, I am very naturally
a cardio first kinda girl. And so I’m stretching myself a little outside my comfort zone today. And we are doing strength first. This is a no repeat workout today. I have my timer set for 45 seconds because I don’t wanna be trying to count at any point in time when I’m already bobbling (laughs)
on the first exercise. Let’s do some welcome to my homes. And here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ve got a handful of strength exercises. We’re gonna go through
the 45 second interval one time for each of them. And I stressed that like that ’cause they’re not easy. Today, today there’s really
truly nothing easy about it. And I am gonna tell you, you might wanna go with
your lighter-moderate pair rather than your heavy-moderate
pair of dumbbells. Today is not going to be an easy workout. But, we’re gonna do whatever it takes to make it moderate, to
make it work for our goal which is weight loss, to make it work for us. If that means dropping weights, that means dropping weights. So if that means taking
a break, taking a breath, breather, that’s totally fine. There is technically
no rest at all (laughs) in this workout, which
means that if you need a 1/2 a minute, you just go
ahead and take a 1/2 a minute or you know, not maybe a 1/2 a minute, but take whatever you need. We are going to get started
with our dumbbells in hand. So if you are not feeling
warmed up enough yet, go ahead and warm up a little bit more. I’ll be here when you’re ready for it. I’m gonna grab my dumbbells
and I am gonna get started with press ups, regular old press ups. We are alternating those, so that there is a little
bit of built in rest. So
(bell dinging) lets go ahead and get moving. Your feet are about hip width apart. Your knees are soft but strong. Your hands are starting
right here at your shoulders. They don’t get lower than your shoulders and in fact, you can even
tap the dumbbell down on to your shoulder. When your hands are down, your
palms are facing each other. When one hand at a time goes
up, your palm is facing out. There’s a natural rotation to this. And it brings the biceps
right next to your ear. Make sure you’re getting full extension without locking your elbows. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do something significantly harder. (laughing) Something I call high curls. It’s basically biceps
curls, except rather than having our arms locked right
next to our sides like we do, our arms are gonna be out to the side at shoulder height. (bell dinging) Indeed, so out to the
side with palms facing up. I’m gonna take a 1/2 a second here to really tuck my tailbone under, pull in your core. We’re curling up. This is the resting position. I know. And then we’re opening back out. Yes, indeed. This is tough. But we are not coming back to it and we are tougher, my friends. Making sure that when you
are in full extension, just like always, don’t lock your elbows out in that position, you’re keeping your arms
soft but very, very strong. When it beeps again,
gonna put our arms down. We’re gonna do another single, not really single-sided,
just one at a time exercise. We’re doing front openers. So we’re gonna have our hands starting just about chest height or actually
(bell dinging) probably closer to your stomach. Ah there we go. Bring it on down. One arm at a time. You’re gonna have palms facing each other. One arm comes up and opens out to the side and then down to your hip
and back to the starting. The other one, out to chest height. Open up your shoulder, down to your hip and back to the starting point, right about your stomach. So out and open. And release down gently. The trick on this one, truly is that releasing down gently. I know that you would rather
just drop that weight. But we’re thinking about
every inch of this motion. And yes, this is just about
the end of our upper body little section here. Coming up next, regular old squats. Just what they sound like.
(bell dinging) I’m gonna have the weights
right here at my shoulder. Feet about hip width apart, maybe a little bit wider
than hip width apart, whatever feels comfortable. Push your hips back before your hips come down. I like to get my knees and my elbows to touch there at the bottom. If that is possible for you,
it is totally dependent on your strength, obviously. But also on your ankle
mobility and flexibility. There are lots of moving parts in a squat, even though it’s a simple
motion, it’s not easy. Thinking about pushing your hips back so they don’t come, so your
knees don’t come over your toes. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do dead lifts, another rear chain exercise. Working that rear view. We’re going to have our back
(bell dinging) super duper straight. Palms facing your body. Your core is pulled in very, very tight. Feet about hip width apart,
maybe a little bit wider. Just go ahead and roll those dumbbells down the front of your legs. That’s gonna help you push your hips back, back, back, back, back, before your torso comes leaning forward. Thinking about keeping your
back super duper straight, your core pulled in super duper tight. And your hips driving the motion, pushing back, pulling forward. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do triangles. That means that we’re gonna
have one hand up over head, while the other hand rolls
down the side of your leg. Feet are gonna be a little bit
wider than hip width apart. In fact, not significantly wider, but wider
(bell dinging) than hip width apart. This is the one. It’s not a side bend. It looks like a side bend. So one hand up over head. Even though it looks like a side bend, we are indeed letting our hip jut out. This is not just your abs and obliques but your hip complex. All of those little muscles, oh my gosh, including your inner and outer thigh. Oh yes, here comes the grunting as happens when we do strength work like this. Rolling that dumbbell down
the side of your legs, switching sides. And rolling the dumbbell
on the other side. You guys, when it beeps again, it’s our last strength exercise and that’s why it’s the tough one. We are doing drinky birds,
which oh my gosh, is a single leg dead lift.
(bell dinging) This is single-sided but
we’re doing one side at a time and going back and forth. Arms are just relaxed, core is pulled in tight, back is super duper straight, foot is wobbly as is the case with me. You’re driving the motion
by pulling your leg up behind you rather than bending forward. Thinking about your whole body as basically one giant lever. Your leg and your torso,
the leg that’s coming up and your torso should
be one straight line. When it beeps, we’re
gonna drop our dumbbells completely out of the way, and we’re going right into cardio. I have been looking forward to this. I don’t know (laughs) about you. (laughing) But I gotta tell you, this
is actually kind of nice, for me personally, I’m a cardio girl.
(bell dinging) Go ahead and put your dumbbells
completely out of the way. We’re doing low swinging tappers. So tapping your feet from side to side. I call them low swinging,
even though it’s only your feet that stay low. Our hands are getting up pretty
high on this one, my friends ’cause this is cardio and that means we can move a little bit faster than we were doing for strength. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do rainbow jacks. Hands going up over head like a rainbow, one knee at a time coming up on one side. For a cardio girl like
me, this is actually kind of a treat to end
on cardio (laughs) rather than doing cardio first and
then ending with strength. Depending on what you like more, this might feel like a
treat and it might feel like oh I was enjoying the
strength and now I have to do cardio.
(bell dinging) Here we go with rainbow jacks. You know the great thing
about a workout like this, lots of great things, actually, about a workout like this. This is so efficient, so effective. We’re getting our heart rate up, working on some endurance. But we also did that slow
moving strength work, toning all of our muscles,
making our bones strong, making our bodies strong. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do skiers. Hands moving up and down,
right in front of your body. Feet shuffling back and
forth underneath you, trying to go across your
body with the motion. But honestly, whichever hand is moving, whichever foot is moving,
we’re just gonna roll with it because that’s what we do. You guys, I know you’ve already noticed these intervals, pretty long. You might need
(bell dinging) here we go with skiers. You might need to take
this down a little notch from your normal cardio. That’s something that
we’re really working on, truly this whole month,
finding our moderate, finding a pace that works. But every day, I throw a
different interval at you. What pace is gonna work today (laughs) and truly, I mean if you are here over 50, your body might be
throwing a different pace at you today too. Every day is a new adventure. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do elbow swinging booty kickers. Just like we do for our warm up, we’re doing booty kickers. But we’re getting our elbows
really swinging back and forth, getting your chest muscles into our cardio exercises.
(bell dinging) and here we go. Really have to think about this one. Here we are. Swinging those elbows,
hands going up and down. Booty kickers right there behind you. I think I went out a little bit too fast. Woo on this one. Find a heart rate that
works for you, my friend. The other thing that I love
about a no repeat workout even with long intervals,
the long intervals truly, very good for you in so many ways. Really challenges your balance, challenge your muscles, challenges your heart and lungs. When it beeps again,
we’re doing toy soldiers. Hands are gonna be up over head. But because it’s no repeat, truly, I feel like a lot of our no repeat workouts go faster than some of the repeating ones.
(bell dinging) Because, here we go with toy soldiers, there is nothing I hate
to use the word dread, but there’s nothing to dread. You know, when you’re in the middle of it, you’re in the middle of it. You’re getting the exercise done. But knowing that we are not coming back to any of these. No matter how hard they are, it feels a little bit like well, I can do that. I can go ahead and get
through what I’m doing because it’s the only
time I have to do it. When it beeps again,
we’re doing reach across which is exactly what it sounds like. We’re gonna reach across your body at just about shoulder or head height, while tapping out with that same foot. Knowing that these intervals
were quite long today, I chose enough
(bell dinging) of a challenge that we can definitely
get our heart rate up. I’m sweating, I’m moving. But also I tried to go back
and forth between all overhead and some of the lower reaching ones. And some of what I consider slightly more moderate exercises. There are some low impact, no in fact, no. All low impact exercises
can be high intensity. It’s always a matter of
how fast you are moving. When it beeps again we
are doing middle skips, which means it’s just a skipping motion without any of the jumping. And that’s really the
difference between low intensity and low impact.
(bell dinging) Low impact means no jumping. But my friends, we are finding the exact right amount of intensity today to get your heart rate up. And my friends, my goodness. This is our last exercise. The next time it beeps, I do
have one final thing for us. I am gonna grab my dumbbells again. That means that we’re
gonna have our dumbbells just about chest height. We’re gonna be doing kicking twists. It is a cardio move that we
are going to do weighted, which means that we’re gonna be moving slightly slower than cardio,
slightly faster than strength, getting a little bit of both to really cap off this very efficient and effective workout. (bell dinging) You know when we do total
body work like this, here we go with hands
just about chest height. Look out Sissy. Oh my gosh, I don’t
know if you can see her. I don’t know if it’s
exactly on screen or off. My cat just walked right
in front of my feet. (laughing) These kicking twists, oh my goodness, really feeling that work
in my abs and obliques and even though we’re not moving our arms. This is a little bit of
bonus upper body work after all that great upper
body work we already did. You guys, the next time it beeps really is the last time it’s going to beep. This is our very last exercise. Woo doggies, before we cool it down. You have done such a great job.
(bell dinging) Ahh, with a very
challenging workout today. I’m gonna get my dumbbells completely, completely out of the way. And I’m gonna turn the timer off. Ahh. (bell dinging) And I’m gonna catch my breath. Let’s go ahead and do Ahh those nice big arm
circles with the low tappers. Ahh! You know, I love I love it when we do
everything all at once. I am a cardio girl. I’m also a strength girl. But I love it when we do
both of them in one workout and I will tell you that this is something that I get a lot of questions about. When we do both in one day, what do you call it on your tracker and how do you how do you categorize it
in your week of workouts? My friends, I strongly
suggest that rather than trying to think of every workout as either cardio or strength, that sometimes it can
be a total body workout. Sometimes we’re doing it all. That’s great. That means you get to check all the boxes. Let’s go ahead and do some arm openers. Ahh, and arm crossers. Oh, give yourself a big hug. Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of you. What a great job you did today. No matter if you love
cardio more or strength more or love them both exactly the same. Today was a good challenge,
and you did a great job finding your level of moderate. Now here on screen, I am gonna have an extended cool down for you if you would like to stretch more. Our cool downs for this series, they tend to be kind of short. I wanna keep them efficient for you. But for my friends who love to stretch, make sure that you click that
and get an extended cool down. On the other side of the
screen is the playlist of what’s going to be
all 31 of these videos. Right now there’s only 21 of them. But by the end of the month,
you’ll have all 31 to access and come back to again and
again and again at your leisure. Down on the bottom of the
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and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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