Day SIXTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B from and on tap today, it’s day 16 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series and today we are all
about strength training. You guys, because there’s no cardio today, there’s definitely no jumping. There’s also no transitions
up and down from the ground. You are gonna need a nice moderate pair of dumbbells though. And if you don’t have a
pair that’s moderate enough make sure that you open up
the description box below so that you can get the
exact three pair set that I have from Amazon that I use in all of these weighted workouts. You guys, when you’re ready for this one, I’m totally ready, let’s go. (upbeat music) All right, you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving. Have your dumbbells
completely out of the way while we get started with our warmups and that means that we are starting with arm circles and high knees just like we do. You guys, here on day 16, I kind of feel like you know that. If you are randomly brand new today, and thank you, oh my gosh. I have to be honest, there’s a part of my OCD
brain that would be like, I don’t know that I would click on day 16 as the very first thing that I do. But maybe there was something about day 16 that was suggested to you or I looked friendly, or you
like doing weights or whatever. If this is the first time you’re here, hi, and welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. These are the warmups that we do. We always start with the same warmups because this gives us all a chance to kinda settle in. This routine that we do, your body and your
brain totally appreciate a routine, even if there’s
a part of your brain that’s like, “I like
things that are different “and new every time.” There is definitely a response, a physical and psychological response that we get from doing
the same thing every time. When we do these warmups, you know that a great workout is coming. You know that this is your me time. This is your time to
do something wonderful and glorious for yourself, such as arm crossers with booty kickers, which is our second of
the warmup exercises. I do have a third for us and while we do these warmups, I love to tell you about the day. You guys, I’m really trying
to moderate my warmup already because, honestly, I’m excited about today and I found myself going a little bit fast but today is actually not cardio at all. So, rather than thinking about, “Oh, I’ve gotta get my heart rate up.” What I really want you to think about is whether or not your muscles literally feel warm. Whether or not your joints feel like you are working them through their whole range of motion. The reason we do a warmup is to make sure that we’re ready for the work. And, specifically, when we’re
doing strength training work, when we are stressing our
bodies in a way that is I hate to say abnormal, that sounds like such a funny word, but, truly, 99% of what
we do in the world, we don’t really have
something heavy in our hands. I mean, grocery shopping notwithstanding. We’re walking around, we’ve
got maybe a coffee mug, or maybe our purse, or maybe
something mild in our hands, but generally speaking, we
don’t really pick things up and try to maneuver them
unless we’re doing a workout. Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes. Oh my goodness, Miss Agatha here today. She’s been asleep on the couch for almost all of our workouts this month. In case you are brand new around here this is my cat, Agatha. I have two of them. Rosy walks around sometimes. Rosy is my old cat and she’s very smooth. And this is Agatha, she’s my young cat. And she’s very fluffy. She used to walk around a lot more and nowadays she just likes to nap and now she’s got her do not disturb. She’s got a hand over
her face and everything. I should probably be quiet,
but I’m not going to be. You guys, here’s what it looks like today. I’ve got the timer set because I’m not gonna count,
because I don’t count. I can, but I don’t. And it’s actually set for
really short intervals and you’re going to want to
move in a very cardio-like way. It’s not about that, what we’re doing is loading the muscles just right and then taking a break
so that we can readjust our form and really think
about excellent form, pulling in our core, all those good things and then we’re gonna do that again. So, the intervals are for
20 seconds and 10 seconds. Now we’re gonna do each
exercise four times in a row to really get a good burn at the exact right moderate amount. Now check your muscles, check your joints, make sure that you’re feeling
warmed up and ready to go and when you are, I’m gonna go ahead and pick up my dumbbells because
here’s what it looks like. We’re gonna get started
with alternating press ups. That means that we’re gonna stand with our feet about hip width apart. Knees are soft but strong,
core is pulled in tight. Starting with the dumbbells
on our shoulders here, we’re gonna press up with one hand and then we’re gonna
press up with the other. Let’s go ahead and get that on the timer and here we go, making sure that your core
is pulled in nice and tight and really working that arm through its full range of motion, getting the biceps all
the way next to your ear making the rotation nice and obvious. Palms are facing each other
when your hands are down. Palm faces out when
it’s in the up position. You can go ahead and relax
during those 20 seconds but I really want you to think about pulling in that core again. I know it gets loose. Over the course of 20
seconds, we lose form and that’s exactly what I
want us to focus on today. These short intervals, yes, they can be, I mean, they can be intense. Short intervals sometimes
means a very intense workout. But today, what it’s really based on is you being able to
think about excellent form and getting the best
workout that you can get. Two intervals done,
we’re gonna get two more. Go ahead and relax your arms, intentionally let your core out, and then pull it back
in, zip that belly button right back to your spine. You guys, there’s lots of different ways that we can moderate a workout. One of the ways that we
can moderate a workout is to simply make it shorter, do the same work that we normally do but do a shorter duration of it. Another way that we can moderate a workout is to move slower. Here’s 10 seconds of rest. That was our third. That means that this is our
fourth and final interval of these alternating press ups. And I take a nice deep
breath, and here we go. Press up, and press up. Another way that we can moderate is by picking up lighter weights if we do have a weighted workout. And I want you to know that during this Weight Loss for Women Over 50 series, I’m moderating in every
single way these workouts. Ten seconds of rest. Coming up next, we’re doing split squats. Now here’s the thing, I’m gonna have one leg
forward, one leg back, and simply go up and down in
that split squat position. If you would prefer not to be in one position the entire time, go back and forth with a step back. You are absolutely getting
the same kind of work on the same muscles without doing this lunging position. Your arms are just nice and relaxed. The split squat position is balanced. Go ahead and rest and relax for a second. I am gonna switch leader foot. The other foot for me is gonna be forward this time. That big step back, making
sure that all 10 of your toes are pointed forward, and any time we have that
back foot kicked out, your muscles are working
slightly differently which means that your ligaments and joints might be taking more work
than they are accustomed to. Excellent form means thinking
about all of your body. 10 seconds of rest. Yeah, I know, we’re moving slow. The weights aren’t too heavy. This still feels intense, doesn’t it? The work itself is always
still work, my friends. Here we go on the other side for me. If you are alternating, that’s okay. You’re doing your best workout making sure that things work for you. That you can keep excellent form. Awesome job. Very nice. Split squats are very challenging. No matter how we modify or moderate. This last one, I’m gonna have
my other foot forward again and here we go. Big step back, squeeze your core, thinking about all of your toes facing forward, knee not coming over your toe. This is balance work, so we’re thinking about
moving slowly and carefully. Awesome job. 10 seconds of rest. Okay, before we move onto the next thing. The next thing is knee to elbow. We’re gonna have the dumbbells
right here at our shoulders. You’re gonna bring up one knee at a time all the way to that elbow, really thinking about squeezing, oh my gosh, from your abs. Make no mistake, this is abs work. We’re doing crunches, it’s just that we’re standing up while we’re doing them. Standing up straight and tall, pulling in your core, really working to bring that
knee all the way to your elbow it’s a lot more work than we’re used to. I know we bring our knees up all the time. We just did it in a warmup but it’s different when you’re trying to get that extra little inch to really touch your knee to your elbow. My friends, there are
so many different ways to get an intense workout. And that means that there are so many ways to moderate your workout too. Two and a half weeks into this series. 10 seconds of rest. I do hope that you’re feeling exactly the right amount of moderation. Sometimes, these workouts,
especially when we’re here, oh my gosh, with weights in our hands, doing a little bit tougher work. Sometimes, even when we are moderating with slow pace, light
weights, short duration, there’s still plenty
of intensity to be had. And I want you to know that that’s part of what we’re learning. That was three. Our next one is our last interval with those knees to elbows. Figuring out your moderate, figuring out what feels good is such a huge part of
the weight loss process. Somebody can tell you what to do and you can either do it or not. But when you put in the thinking time to decide, “This is how I’m moving. “This is intentionally what I’m doing.” 10 seconds of rest, and coming up next, we’re gonna do a bent
over row with a kick back. Feet about hip width apart,
core is pulled in tight, back is super duper straight. We’re hinging forward by
pushing our butt back. You’re gonna row those dumbbells up and then you’re gonna press
them back to your hips. Oh, yes, that’s triceps work. Back to your armpits and down. Row it up using your big back muscles. Squeeze it back using your tiny triceps. Back to your armpits and down. 10 seconds of rest. Stand up, let go of your core, and then let’s refocus on form. Every time, that 10 seconds
of rest is meant for you to be able to reset your brain. Row and kick. Back to your armpits, and down. Neck is neutral, we’re not
shrugging our shoulders. We’re pulling from the
middle of your back. You guys, this is the kind of work that, even with moderation, there’s two of them done, stand up and relax, even with moderation, you’re probably gonna
feel this work tomorrow. I know I feel this work tomorrow and I’ve been working out for years. It’s not about, well, I know, early in the series I talked about let’s not try to be sore. The fact is some work is more designed to make you feel sore than others. This kind of slow moving strength especially if you’re not used to it can definitely feel sore the next day. That was three of them done. Coming up next is the last time with those
row plus the kickbacks. So, here we go. Pull in your core, take the
time to get yourself set. We’re not trying to do a ton of these. Again, that’s one of the
ways that we’re moderating. But we’re trying to make sure that every single one of them packs all the punch that it
can, with excellent form using our muscles the way
they were designed to be used. Excellent job. 10 seconds of rest. Coming up next, not an easier exercise, we’re doing curtsy
lunges with biceps curls. Go ahead and turn those dumbbells out. Get your elbows locked into your waist. As we come down into a curtsy, we’re curling those biceps up. If you do not care for or
do not do curtsy lunges feel free to do a side kick instead. I know you can feel
that side of your booty doing your work when we do a side kick. It’s the exact same thing. 10 seconds of rest. Let go of your core. Relax your shoulders
and get ready for more. Elbows locked into your waist, making sure that your elbows aren’t moving out from your waist while we’re doing these curls. There are so many different ways that our body wants to compensate for not quite being able to do the work that we ask of it. Thinking about every point of your body and where it is, 10 seconds of rest, is using excellent form. That is what we’re
really focusing on today. So, elbows in, and here we go. Breathing out as we come down, breathing in as we come up making sure that your
body, your breathing, is working in rhythm with the work. And in, excellent job, very nice. Okay, coming up next, it’s
the last time, I know, and these curtsies,
they get me every time. Again, I’ve been doing
this kind of work for years and these exercises,
they get me every time, even with moderation. This month we talk so
much about moderation and it doesn’t mean that you’re
not going to feel the work, it doesn’t mean that
you’re not doing anything from the work, it simply means, 10 seconds of rest, that we’re doing our best with the work. We’re doing what’s right with the work. Coming up next, we’re
doing welcome to my homes. Our hands are gonna be
right here at your waist. You’re going to open it out, oh my gosh, squeezing with those big back muscles to have your hand opening out right about chest level. If you have suddenly found
that your moderate dumbbells are hugely heavy, (laughing),
as frequently happens to me, either drop your weights, totally fine, or keep the motion a little bit lower. Whatever works for you to get your best workout without injuring yourself always works for me. Here we go again, open it out, open it out, right about chest level, a nice big side opener, really thinking about squeezing from the middle of your back. Those angel wings are really
working for business today. 10 seconds of rest, oh my gosh. Shake out your shoulders if
you need to, totally okay. This is tough stuff, am I right? I know, even moderate work can feel, oh my gosh, like enough work. If I have a gift for you today, it’s this. Moderation does not mean you’re
doing nothing, my friends. It means you’re doing the right thing. You, oh my gosh, are doing something, 10 seconds of rest, something wonderful for your body today. Here comes our last of the four intervals of these welcome to my homes. And pull in that core because here we go. Oh my goodness, right about chest level. Welcome to my sweaty home. (laughing) Making sure you’re breathing, there’s a big temptation, especially when we’re really
using our core like this to hold in your breath, making sure that you’re
breathing in and out. I know, that is both
things that you could do. Coming up next, we’re doing sumo squats. Okay, feet are uncomfortably wide. There’s no nice way to say this. Turn your toes out. Hands are just relaxed right here in the
middle, facing your body. We’re gonna push our butt back before we push our butt down and then stand up, relax in between, push your butt back as we come down. Thinking about keeping your head up, your chest up, breathing, and breathing. Now this one is a little
bit harder to get out of, so I’m gonna keep my feet here, but relax your core in between. Keep your knees soft in between. You can move your feet if you want to, Getting into the sumo tends to take me a little bit longer and so I’m gonna go ahead and stay there. It is uncomfortably
wide, but still doable. Excellent job. The head is up, chest is up, core is in. Well, core is out now. Relax your core, relax, relax, relax. It’s only 10 seconds, but I want you to relax as much as you can so that you can feel the work again as we pull it back in. And come on down,
thinking about your knees not going over your toes, thinking about your hips pushing back. You might not get as
low, you might get lower. Wherever you can get to that’s good form, that’s using the muscles and joints, and tendons, and ligaments properly is good, good work, my friends. Coming up next, this is our last one. I’m very excited about that. These got tough. My inner and outer thighs, oh my gosh, they love this work later. While we’re doing it, it
just feels like burning, such a good job, when it beeps again we’re
gonna stand up from this. You might have been
standing up every time. I’m gonna stand up from this. Very nice job, coming up next, it’s our built in finisher, you guys. This is already the end of our
moderately intense workout. We’re doing side kick press ups, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Weights here at your shoulders. We’re gonna come up and do
a side kick and press up. And then we’re not gonna fall
out of it like I just did. We’re gonna really think about coming over into a side kick, press up, and then coming down, gently with control, as much as possible. I’m definitely struggling with this. That’s why it’s a finisher. 10 seconds of rest. Thinking about your core, thinking about how far over you can get and still control it. That’s what I’m really struggling with. I’m trying to come over too far and then struggling to stand back up. If this is super shallow, it’s super shallow, nobody’s handing you anything other than a gold star today. You’re doing the work,
you’re doing your best. You’ve gotten this workout
almost entirely finished. That was two intervals,
we’ve got two more to go, but there’s nothing but
a gold star for you. Don’t be a hero, don’t
try and do something extra that’s outside of your
abilities right now. My friends, where you
are is where you are, where you are in another six months is gonna be where you are
in another six months, where you are in another six years is where you are in another six years. Don’t worry about any of that right now, just be where you are. 10 seconds of rest. And coming up next,
it’s our last interval. What a good job you’ve done, oh my gosh. This was intensely moderate, wasn’t it? Here’s our last interval,
side kick and press up. Core pulled in tight,
side kick and press up. Beautiful job. And probably our last one a side kick and press up, and then. I had a feeling it was gonna be, I’m like, “Don’t make do another one!” And that was it, you guys. We are better than done, we are finished. Go ahead and put your dumbbells
completely out of the way. That was enough time to have
dumbbells in your hands. Let’s go ahead and do
some nice big arm circles with those low tappers. Oh my goodness. How light do your arms and hands feel now? That’s actually, honestly, truly, one of my absolute favorite things about a strength training workout is putting the weights down and suddenly feeling like
I’ve just lost 10 pounds. I mean, (laughing), I literally did by putting those weights down. I didn’t even mean to make that joke and I’m totally cracking
myself up with that, I really just enjoy how light my arms feel when I put the weights down. You guys. What a great, great, great
job you’ve done today. If you are relatively
new to strength training, I want you to know this kind of workout is so good
for you in so many ways, but I also really do understand because I didn’t do strength
training for a long time. I understand how different it feels. How it’s hard to even find something that feels moderate
because it all feels tough. You, my friend, are doing such a good job finding what works for you. Let’s go ahead and do arm crossers. Open ’em up and then give yourself a big hug because that… That’s our other prize today. Give yourself a gold star. Give yourself a big hug. Go brag on the Internet about how you did your workout today. Do whatever it takes to feel so, so good about the effort that you’re putting in. You are doing the work, my friends. Now here on screen, in just a couple of seconds, up on top there’s gonna
be an extended cool down. I love to cool down sometimes. (laughing) We’ve had this conversation. And sometimes I have more time and more mental energy for it. If you love to cool down and
have the time and energy for it make sure that you do
the extended cool down in addition to this one that we’re doing. On the other side of the screen is the playlist that
has all of the workouts from this month’s series. You are gonna be able to,
at the end of the month, have all 31 videos in one place, so that you can repeat them again, and again, and again, and keep
getting weight loss results. Down on the bottom of
the screen is a letter P. That’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
workouts for everyone. Yay, thank you for that, and on the other side of the screen is a picture of me, that’s
actually a subscribe button. Make sure you click that
and the bell notification so YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video, which this month is every single day. You guys, thank you so much
for working out with me. Make sure that you subscribe
and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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