DAY in the life : Killer LEG & GLUTES Workout ! (+ Munchpak try)

Hey Guys ! Hey ! So today we had a killing leg workout, And, now we showered and we are heading to the beach, to see the sunset And, a company called Munchpak sent us a package, full of snacks and candies form all around the world And we are going to try these at the beach And we are gonna speak french there, so if you want to understand, you can turn on the subtitles ! So, let’s go There is an application And you can scan the barcode of the products And then it tells you from which country it comes And this one come from Japan, I am going to focus on my phone It comes from Japan and costs 3.00$ In the video, we’ll put there.. or there.. the country So we start with this one ? Is it chocolate flavor ? It smells really good, it smells like hazelnut It’s weird.. Yes, it is a bit weird.. On /5 ? my rate is 3/5 Me too, 3/5 So, it feels like it’s gonna smell strong ! 5/5 ! Yes, me too These are bollywood sweet and sour Really ? It tastes like Indian Food Huuuuuum, this is so good So we rate 5/5 too ! There, it is written in korean or japanese There are animal faces on it I have a lion face It is chocolate, but is it chocolate which is 15 years old ? My rate is 1/5 Me too This is a chocolate bar, it’s cadbury, it’s from UK Ah right What ? it’s like laminated Yes.. it’s chocolate.. 3,5/5 3,5 or 4/5 These looks like “Krema” in france (candies) Yes it looks like it I do like the packaging Ouch, it’s hard Pocky, we already tried those in the other video But these one are the matcha flavor, it’s cool What’s your rate for the candies before ? 3/5 Me, 2/5 Woow the color is beautiful I love the color ! Thank you I still have the other thing in my teeth.. Last time the strawberry flavor ones were not good.. Do you like it ? Yes my rate is 4/5 Yes, me too There is one thing I’m not sure I’ll like it, it’s this one.. Ah.. there is a little banana cream.. The smell remind me of a medicine I used to take for otitis It’s not good.. Isn’t it ? I love banana, but this is not banana It is exactly the taste of the medicine What’s your rate ? rate : 0,5/5 ! This is a bear, we have the same thing in France Do we cut his head ? my rate is 3/5 This is still cadbury brand, we have this in France too It’s good, our rate is 4/5 It’s alrealdy the last one ? Yes it looks like reese’s What flavor is it ? Chocolate crunch caramel It’s good Chocolate.. It’s not so good my rate is 3/5 It’s so sweet It’s too sweet Well, Munchpak is great ! They say on their website, you can order boxes with the products you want You can scan and put some of your favorites Now we are going to enjoy the sea Ouch


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