DAY IN MY LIFE | Workout routine + getting my life together after vacation! ✨

Good morning friends welcome to a new
day in my life video range and I just got home from Jamaica yesterday
afternoon so right now I feel like I’m kind of in
a vacation hangover my to-do list is long and I really miss the island life
so much relaxing by the beach and doing nothing all day but we had such a great
trip so I have lots of sweet memories to look back on but today we gotta kick it
into gear and have a very healthy and productive day we’ve stated an
all-inclusive resort in Jamaica so needless to say we ate and drink
whatever we felt like a whole day long so again I really just want to have a
healthy day and get back on track but it was such a great time and I’m excited to
kind of get back in the routine it’s always nice to come it’s bittersweet
it’s nice to come home but it’s also sad because you know vacation it’s just such
a happy time but I do love my routine at home and so this morning I just drink
some coffee did some quiet time I did sleep in a little bit too because my
head was hurting this morning again the vacation hangover at its best um but I
mapped out my day and I have lots of meetings later and I need to cook in
grocery shop and just do a lot of household things but also a lot of work
so I want to start my day with the workout because I know if I don’t work
out now it’s not gonna happen later so I’m gonna start my day with the workout
and oh my gosh I need to show you guys my fridge it’s literally a ghost child
so thank goodness I’m partnering with rx bar for this video this is such an
exciting partnership for me because I have loved our X bar for years I
remember the first time I discovered them in college and just fell in love so
let’s go pick out some breakfast and let me show you my deserted fridge okay this
is what my fridge looks like ghost town we do have oatmeal and eggs but you guys
know I love to have my eggs with with sauteed onion and green peppers and I
love to have my oatmeal with bananas and peanut butter but I don’t have any
veggies or bananas so thank goodness for our X bar they have so many delicious
flavors and they also have nut butters as well so I’m definitely gonna have a
little snack with a nut butter later but I have to show you guys their new flavor
and packaging for Valentine’s Day it’s some chocolate raspberry limited edition
rx bar and look how fresh it is so cute I’m definitely gonna make one for
Brandon and write a little Valentine on top so cute this is definitely my kind
of Valentine like I don’t need the candy I don’t need the flowers just give me
some RX cards but oh boy let’s pick out which one we want to eat for breakfast
okay so I’m gonna take one of these I’m actually gonna do my first workout at
home I’m gonna do a 10-minute little booty workout and then I’m gonna pop
over to the gym and just do 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical and then
I’m gonna go straight to the grocery store after that so that’s the plan for
the morning oh this is so exciting I always want this in my pantry like can
we make that happen it just makes life so easy because these are so convenient
and like their packaging says there is no BS in these ingredients like for
instance this banana chocolate walnut bar is three egg whites three walnut
cashews two dates no BS I love that so we have chocolate raspberry which I
definitely want to try this one soon cuz I’m actually never tried back favorite
because it’s new um chocolate coconut I love that I might do this because I had
like lost pina coladas in Jamaica it’ll help me wean off my Jamaican diet so
funny and I also love this one a lot peanut
butter chocolate you guys know that Brendan and I are obsessed with peanut
butter and chocolate let’s just our favorite also chocolate sea salt is
probably like my first I think this is the first one I ever had and it is
so so good all right I’m really feeling the chocolate coconut
though it’s what my body is craving so this is what the bar looks like you can
literally see the bits of nuts and chocolate so so good such good quality so so yummy okay I’m almost done with my
bar I’m going to find my workout I’ve been doing Pamela reefs workouts on
YouTube they’re really easy to follow and they feel you can feel the burn
so that’s what I’m gonna turn on I’m just gonna do a ten-minute one because
like I said today is gonna be a day I wish I could give you guys a binder this
I mean so good mmm I could do an abric no we’re gonna do a booty burn so I’m
just thinkin do this one right here and I really want to run today because I am
doing a 10k in a couple weeks at the end of February the Disney Princess 10k it’s
gonna be really fun I did it last year it was a blast
and you guys know I did the you might know maybe not but I’ll show you but I
did then half marathon the Disney half marathon in November which is really
really fun but I wanted you to 10k could to kind of like take it down a notch and
then I’m gonna do the Star Wars 10k and then I’ll probably do the half marathon
again in November that’s my plan I think I just want to stick to like one half
marathon a year for now because I noticed like my body took a quite a bit
of time to recover after the half marathon but I feel like with the 10k is
easy they’ve just bounce back and like continue workouts so that’s my plan but
I love those races but that’s a big reason why I need to like get running
today because that is coming up super that was so good just what I needed to
get some Monday energy I got to keep this going and go for a run real quick
also later I’m gonna put together a workout schedule where I do like no
equipment workouts all week and I’m just gonna have like a coordinated workout
for each day so like Monday I can do yoga to say can you ABS Wednesday I can
do arms that kind of thing so I’ll tell you guys through that but right now I’m
just gonna double check my grocery list cuz then I’m gonna head to the gym and
then head straight to the grocery store okay Apple in Turkey store and I started
chopping some veggies so every week we always have a thing of onions and green
pepper and carrots and cucumbers all cut up in stored in the fridge so that we
have just quick access to the veggies so I’m washing and chopping those and then
I’m actually gonna start dinner because I have medians later for the rest of the
day and work so I just thought it’d be good to kind of get a head start on
dinner and I think I’m gonna eat what I’m making for dinner for lunch because
nothing sounds better I make this like Ethiopian lentil stew and it’s already
like 12:30 now with that our expert actually filled me up so much so I think
I can wait and then I’ll have a little bit of that and then Brandon will have
the back for dinner and yeah that’s what we’re up to before okay my lentil stew is done yummy yummy
yummy I usually put quinoa on the bottom and then I put the lentil stew on top
and then some plain Greek yogurt super super tasty and simple and it’s such
good leftovers I didn’t actually make quinoa yeah I’m gonna make it for
Brandon later but I’m just hungry and I’m good with just the stew you in some
Greek yogurt hey friends I finished editing a YouTube
video and that’s been uploaded or tomorrow and I finished answering a few
emails for my Disney job which I have a lot of work to do and I’m trying to ask
it shuts out um which some of you guys don’t know I work
kind of like a freelancer for Disney I actually am a cast member but basically
for my role I do communications and social media for the company and she’ll
just give me different projects but I work with my team that I interned for a
couple years ago um a couple years ago like last year it hasn’t been that long
but yeah so I kind of just work on different projects and stuff but things
are always popping up and there’s just things I need to attend to and address
so yeah trying to get overwhelmed oh okay but yeah Monday is comin for me
hard my to do is so sweet it’s insane but today has been pretty productive so
far and it has been a pretty household task heavy day like going the grocery
store and cutting all the vegetables and of all the bond cooking oh it’s nice I
already did my cooking and for like the week though um so that’s good but even
when I’m so bogged down with work I always want to make it a priority to
work out and eat healthy because at the end of the day that’s what’s really
gonna keep me going and give me the energy to do a good job in my work and
having a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important to me I think it is
just crucial to a healthy lifestyle so you gotta prioritize and make sure you
maintain that balance but right now I am just going to water my plants because
that’s another thing all my to-do list cuz like I said we were out of town all
weekend and then I’m probably gonna make some coffee for my afternoon coffee and
a snack before my 4:00 o’clock meeting got my nice cozy latte and I also cut up
some apple and I’m gonna have one of these Rx and nut butters I am so excited
to try them I’ve never tried them before so we will be experiencing it together
for the first time but a few of the flavors they have is this vanilla almond
butter and then they have maple almond butter chocolate peanut butter oh my
gosh I think I need to go for that one again you guys know how I feel about
chocolate peanut butter and then we have honey cinnamon peanut butter these truly
are so convenient for like packing a lunch you can just pack an apple you
don’t even have to cut it up and you can squeeze a little bit of this nut butter
on for some extra protein and flavor so so good okay I’m just gonna try it on
its own first and then I will get an apple oh it tastes like dessert oh my
goodness this is what I’m gonna have for dessert every night this is the
healthiest and yummiest dessert ever it’s not even dessert but it truly
tastes so so good it’s gonna be amazing on the Apple it would also be yummy on
some crackers but wow they nailed that not as the afternoon pick-me-up I needed
in my life also I wanted to let you know that our
x-bar is running a contest on their YouTube channel yes they have a YouTube
channel how cool are they you just gotta head over there and subscribe and I
really hope you all can experience the magic of this nut butter I’m really
excited to try the other flavors too he like I mentioned earlier I said I
wanted to establish a workout that I’m gonna do it for each corresponding day
at the week so this is what I just put together so Monday which is today I have
a booty workout then Tuesday I’m gonna do an ab workout then Wednesday I’m just
gonna have nothing then Thursday I’m gonna do arms Friday I’m gonna go for a
run in Saturday I’m gonna do yoga so basically my plan is that every Tuesday
for instance I’m going to look up an ab workout or do one that I just know from
memory and do it it doesn’t have to be long it can be 10 minutes but every
Tuesday I’m going to try my best to squeeze in a knob workout and then
Wednesday I’ll take a break then Thursday I’ll do an arm workout and so
on and so on and I feel like this kind of workout plan is really obtainable for
me because at this point in my life you know there’s lots stuff going on and I
do live a very active life just in general I’m always climbing up a lot of
stairs and running around with friends and family and all that good stuff and
going on bike rides because that’s one of my favorite things did you but I also
want to make sure I’m focusing on alt all parts of my body and just making
sure I’m healthy and staying active so I think this will be a really obtainable
and I just love to have it all organized and a nice little list and I won’t
question what am I supposed to do that day so I’m gonna add this to my Google
Calendar to make it official but maybe you guys will want to do it along with
me as well and again I’m literally just for my app day I’m just go to Google or
type into YouTube I’m workouts and then do one at home so it’s really really
simple and I hope this inspires you guys to find a workout plan that works for
you you really don’t have to do anything crazy you can start small like I am and
we can be healthier together peanut butter nut butter I should say
actually this one has peanut butter actually you should try it okay you can
try that Apple but I want you to try actually no no first just take like a
little little slip yeah a little slurp of it it’s okay Oh Johnny and yummy oh
my gosh the best you can have them it tastes better playing almost cuz it’s
just so perfectly good by itself okay friends I am getting worn out it’s
been such a productive and healthy and busy day I am so so acting I work a lot
this morning because there was not a chance I was gonna do it this afternoon
but now I’m about to head over to my friend Lexi’s house and we’re gonna
watch The Bachelor it’s bachelor Monday and I’ve been going to her house every
single week to watch it with her and it’s been really fun and I’m just really
looking forward to relaxing and just laying on her couch and not thinking
about all the work I have to get done but it’s gonna be okay and I’m just
excited to spend time with her and I want to bring her in our X bar Valentine
I thought it’d be so cute so I’m gonna write her name right now okay so she’s
gonna love it I know she loves our X bars she’s a pure bar um instructor like
the workout cost so she’s very healthy and fit so she can take this before one
of her classes but thank you guys so much for watching and hanging out with
me today I love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you soon


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