Day 3: Total Balance – The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

(Indian music) – Sat Nam, Welcome to day
three, let’s get cracking. We’ll be doing a kriya which
is known as the total balance. The balance is the whole body,
the metabolism, it’s a very deep detoxifier, but also
eliminates mental fatigue. So if your work is requiring
a lot of tension, it’s very busy, very stressful, then
this kriya will eliminate all of that pain, and the mind
becomes really sharp and focused. So let’s begin, rub the hands together. Place them at the sternum, and inhale. (meditative chant) Inhale, hold the breath and exhale. So as you’re sitting, we’re
going to raise the left arm up so the elbow is straight,
the arm is high up. And we’re going to turn the palm facing up so as you see you create
this 60 degree angle here, this will put pressure on the elbow. And the elbow is important
because that helps with our metabolic functions
and our immune system. So sitting here, long deep
breathing, close the eyes, go within, just dedicate your
tension to the sensations you start experiencing. (soft music) Long deep breathing. (soft music) And bring that back, and
stretch the right one out. Same concept, hand is up
to 60 degrees, palm is really, really facing forward
and extending your fingers, you’re trying to reach the
floor, and the elbow is straight. Keep breathing. And relax the hand down. And let’s go up with both hands up with the pressure with the palms and the elbows are straight. Keep breathing. And bring the palms and bring
the thumbs closer to the index finger, keep the palms together, that will make pressure even stronger. And inhale up, stretch up the hands, exhale, relax the hands down. And now inhale up bring hands
up again and we’re going to rotate, we’re rotating
only at the wrists, so feel how the wrists are
cracking for some, like mine, that’s actually fine. Wrists, they carry so much for us, massaging that area of the
body that we so often neglect. Really enjoy it. Such a joy. My wrist is cracking, it
means you must hear it and now get the elbows involved as well so the forearms and the
wrists, swinging, massage. Trying to release the
tension from the hands. You’re almost there, I know
it’s burning, I know it’s hard. Let’s give it a try. And inhale straight, relax, well done. Feel how all this tension
just melts away from the body. Such a divine experience
to release body and mind from the burden we carry with us. And now stretch the hands
parallel to the ground arms are facing down, don’t
bring the shoulders up. Relax the shoulders. Spine is straight and
we’re going to do long deep breathing, eyes are closed. Now you’re going to hold this for a while so prepare yourself to not give up. Keep up. By now shoulders are burning,
it’s becoming really hard to hold, that’s absolutely
normal, keep going. Keep it up. Keep up. And you start feeling the
burning warming up now with all of the tension and the
pressure, just keep up. You might feel trembling,
that’s normal, that’s pain leaving the body, don’t be afraid. Push through this, come on, let’s do it. We have less that a minute to
go, we can do this, come on. Stay with me, push through this. Almost there, it’s 30
more seconds, let’s go. Don’t push the shoulders
up, just stay still. Take breaths, deeper and deeper, they will carry you through. Almost there, keep up, keep up, keep up. Ten more seconds, hold. And inhale, hold the breath in, stay, and exhale, ooh! Well done, shake your hands up a little, release that tension. And exhale, go with it. Notice the sensations across the body. You may feel pain that’s normal. It’s not an easy
exercise, but it’s so good for your nervous system. Alright, we’re going to come
lying on our bellies now. So come lying down. Now we’re going to place
our hands below the shoulder and we’re going to push into a cobra and we’re going to take the tongue out, we’re going to breath through
the mouth, long and deep. But the point is that the
breath goes really deep inside the diaphragm and the tummy. Imagine you’re convening
all of the toxins out, you’re digging in this as far
as you can go to find them and throw them out. Let’s begin. (loud breathing) And inhale, hold the breath
in, notice in the tongue there’s this bitter sensation and slowly with care, come down and cross your arms and just
relax on top of your arms. (relaxing music) And up. And we’re going to come
back to our sitting pose. And for the next one we’ll do breath called Sheetali Pranayama breath. In Sheetali breath works with the tongue. So we curl the tongue into
a q shape, but some people naturally cannot do that, so
if you’re one of these people, don’t beat yourself up
because you can’t do it. It’s absolutely fine and you
can just take the tongue out. For those that can curl
it, the tongue comes out and we’re going to
inhale through the tongue and exhale through the nose. Let’s give it a try. So the breath is very deep,
and this breath will bring absolute calmness to your mind. So if you’re ever angry,
and you feel like you can’t take it anymore,
just do this breath, and you’ll see the difference. Let’s try. (relaxing music) Make this the last one. Again notice how the tongue taste. So for the next one we
start circles grinding, grinding the rib cage, the movement is contained as
far as you’re feeling power. Your grinding up against
the walls of the sides. Inhale forward, here we go. Inhale forward exhale back. (slow music with female singing) And let’s reverse now. ♪ I am one with you now ♪ ♪ I am one with you now ♪ ♪ I am one with you now ♪ ♪ I am one with you now ♪ And make this one your last. So we’re going to bring
our hands in front, as you’ll notice, like a
little dog with paws in front. You’re going to keep the
hands relaxed, so wobbly. And we’re going to use
this relaxed motion, to get our shoulders in
front of you massaging the whole shoulder blade part, and releasing all of the tension. Let’s go. (slow music with woman singing) Noticing if there is an area of the back where there’s tension but
it might feel more stiff, that’s absolutely fine, just
focus the tension right there. And stretch out and relax. And while we’re like this,
bring your legs in front, your arms are 60 degrees behind you. We’re going to raise one leg
up and down and alternate. Really engage the tummy here. (slow music with woman singing) Let’s breathe out a bit. (loud breathing) And inhale, exhale. So from here we’re going to
come forward into what we call the yogic mudra. If you can come to full
lotus, if you cannot, this is absolutely fine. Obviously if you come to full
lotus you will adjust the spine at the right place. Once you’ve identified which
position you want to come bring your arms behind you. We’re going to come forward,
the forehead is going to be on the floor and we’re
going to raise our hands far up above, as far as they go. And we breathe, long and deep, keep breathing long and deep. And come up. Now bring our hands in front
and it’s going to be the same concept so we’ll bring the arms into venus lock and the index
fingers are going to stretch and point up. Long deep breathing. (relaxing music) And inhale up, stretch, hold
the breath in and relax. And come to the center. (meditative chanting) (Indian music)


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