Dare to Be Different. The Key To Success! – Training Camp Episode 3 with Guest PJ McClure

On this episode of Training Camp with Coach
Jimmy, we’re talking about your mind set and we’re talking about how being individually
you could lead to your fortune. Every day that you start and say, “regardless of what
happens today, I WIN! You win with nothing to lose and when you live with nothing to
lose, you are UNSTOPPABLE!” Hello there and welcome come to another episode
of “Training Camp,” I am your host Coach Jimmy and we bring you the pros, the very best of
the best when it comes to helping you build your home business. And that’s your home
business and so many different realms and so many different ways. People are building
businesses online today and so I wanted to bring in a pro’s pro, somebody that I have
been working with for years now. I find that he’s such a valuable piece to my success and
to what my family has experienced, Mr. P J McClure a.k.a. “The Mindset Maven.” I know
that people think and talk about having their right mind set but there so few people I have
run into in the industry, that actually talk about what are the steps to getting the right
mind set? What is the mindset that you want to have to identify that? PJ is the real deal
when it comes not just talking in generalities, not just talking about theories, but like
literally, let’s get down to the trenches and how do we shift this thing?? How do we
really take care of those issues that continue to block so many of us? His client base ranges
from Fortune 100 Company CEO’s to home business moguls to education, healthcare etc. it span’s
across so many different business areas. PJ thank you for taking the time to hang out
with us today. I love it, I love it! You know I love hanging
out with you so this is gonna be fun! You know this is gonna be really good and
I just wanted to kind of let people in on a conversation you and I have been having
for the past couple of weeks, and when it comes to individuals specifically in the home
business realm – whether they are building a Network Marketing business, maybe they have
their own coaching program or product or something online. People tend to lose their individualism,
as we’ve decided that is a word today, and can you just talk a little bit about some
of the pitfalls you see in people that are trying to build their own business? Absolutely! In fact it’s probably the single
biggest thing that takes somebody that is just full of enthusiasm full of all the things
that it takes to build a successful business of any sort, whether it is in the career realm
or in corporate or its moving on and doing your own thing hanging your own shingle, it’s
that we find so many different people they see somebody that’s having success in an
area that they would like emulate, or an area that they are coming into. You see it a lot
in Network Marketing business especially, I’ve seen it for years with Junior Executives
or people in the stereotypical – in the mail room and looking at the Ivory tower saying,
“Oh I want to be like that guy” and what they do is that they start taking themselves,
who they are and the individual gifts that they’re packaged with, their instincts and
all of that yes and all of us can and need to improve and do different things to get
better to move into a higher place if you will. But instead of becoming better people,
we take who we are and we try to jam it into a mold that we think somebody else fits into.
We look at their success and go, “Oh well I’ve gotta be just like them” and we hear
word like what you do has to be able to duplicate, you’ve gotta be able to duplicate it, so
that means if it’s gonna be – and I hate this word because I never pronounce it right
– duplicable that we have to do exactly what somebody else had done; we have to become
a duplicate, therefore we can produce duplicates. My own personal feeling and this is not a
popular thought in the back office of a lot of companies, but that’s a horrible thing
because, we don’t go far enough to explain to people that you need to duplicate some
of the best practices. You need to duplicate the things in terms of line items and certain
things that get done, but you don’t duplicate people. When we duplicate people, we lose
who we are, and when we lose who we are, not only is that just a crappy way to live, but
more than that from just a straight business brass tacks standpoint, its unsustainable.
You cannot sustain something that you have built based on being somebody else, you just
can to do it; even actors who make their living Jimmy being somebody else, are only that for
a short period of time and for the purpose of the role. They’re not that all the time,
so you crash. Absolutely and I love that you touched on
that because I know in my own personal experience and working with my team; is that you see
somebody that has success that you want to have or maybe you working with – I’ve
even had this with business coaches that I’ve worked with in the past, and you advise, but
you see what works for them and I know there’s been kind of some frustration and some bitterness
that comes up because I’m investing in this training right and so and so is saying, this
is what I’m doing and so my voice or my post or my videos try to copy that individual
and I don’t see the same success. Therefore I get really down on myself in the past about
well, what’s wrong with me. I did it exactly like they did it and it didn’t work and
I think in our conversation we talked about that kind of the big key there is, that was
it; we did it exactly like somebody that we’re not and therefore in a lot of ways, we’ve
had to dumb ourselves down and take our strength-but the person we’re following it’s not their
strengths-abandon our strengths to try to put on somebody else’s strength and it just
comes across false. And I think that’s one of the reasons why
I’ve been able to have success across such a diversity of different types of people and
different types of industry. Honestly it’s not because of anything I’m particularly
good at, aside from asking very good questions and drawing people out of who they are in
some more of who they are. If I had been in full transparency here, I f I had been fantastic
at being a great sales person- I was in sales for years and I was very good at it, had a
lot of success, but it wasn’t because I did everything exactly as I was told. Unfortunate,
I’m a bit of a rebel, didn’t do everything I was told to do. But in that I was real with
people and because I was real with people, I had success. Whenever I tried to transfer
that into a system, it didn’t work and that was actually the time frame that I started
moving into and started being led into a more of a coaching capacity. It wasn’t a coaching
practice that said, “Look at all the incredible success I’ve had in your industry, come
follow me.” It was a coaching practice that said they you know what, I’m starting to
see what it takes to really live a fantastic life and I think you could have one of those
too let me show you how that works. And it wasn’t based on you being like me, it was
based on you being the best you and being able to transfer that – there are best practices
from one person to the next no matter how different they are- there are best practices
and those are all good and those are things we can all benefit from and we can push into
but when it actually comes to doing something that’s sustainable for a long time, those
best practices have to hang on the framework of who we are as people, our instincts, what
we enjoy, what we dislike, the kind of people we want to be around, the type of business
model we want to be involved in, what is my daily schedule like, what are the things I
need to do and what are the things I absolutely must avoid or I will just absolutely sink.
One of the things that you and I have talked about, we share a lot of common traits and
one of them is, it may not be ADD but it very much is you know what I’m really bored with
this and I’ve gotta go do something else for a while and you know what that was fun
so now I’ve gotta go back and do this for a while. We don’t necessarily sit down and
crank on one task all day long. There are times that that’s required you know to get
something done, but those are very small windows. And if either of us is being forced, somebody
says look you have to do this for a period of time or you can be successful, shoot me!
Because I just won’t be successful at it. Well that’s exactly- that’s where this
show is born out of to be really honest with everybody. I wanted something fun to do you
know that wasn’t the same thing over and over again. So, I want to touch on something
you kinda just went over, so let’s put ourselves in the mindset of somebody who either is just
starting a home business whether they’ve found an online mentor, maybe they’re creating
their own product or maybe they are in some kind of structured network marketing situation
and they’re either following a mentor because they are not seeing the same return or they’re
plugged into a network marketing company and they’re following their company’s training
process or maybe even their mentor – its somebody that they’re really good on video or they
have this really outgoing personality and me as business owner, I don’t have that
same skill set or I don’t feel like I am strong in that area what are some steps people
can take initially to identify these best practices and put their own skin on it instead
of trying to live in somebody else’s clothes. Yea its great place to actually start all
of this from. We’ll go back to the whole mindset aspect of it because it’s a word
that we throw around a lot and my whole career actually started when I got tired of people
throwing the word around and I wanted to figure out what it actually meant. So, we’ll hit
on a couple of those things, you know and all of those watching may not know this, what
I found over what was effectively 14 years of studying nothing but mindset, about 4500
hundred interviews with different people. What rose to the surface was there’s actually
7 pieces that make up a mindset, make up all of our mindsets and I call those the 7 elements
of personal choice because it’s not something you have to be gifted with; it’s something
you decided, all of those choices you decide. The two things that I want to hit on right
away, for the question you asked, are elements that are of vision and purpose. So where I
wanna go and why I wanna go there? Those are the two biggest keys in this scenario because
if I am following a system, I’m trying to build something. If I am working with a mentor
– whoever that might be – and they’re instructing me to do something or I see that they’re doing
something and I’m moving in that direction, what I have to be able to do first of all,
first and foremost we are creatures that are designed to hold vision and purpose, it we
don’t have vision, the Bible says that when the people don’t have vision, they cast
off restraint ok? King James says they perish and what it means is they just go wherever,
it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll get there,
but who really knows where that’s gonna be and is that where you want to go. So, I have to have a vision for my life, I’ve
gotta understand what I want my life to look like and how I want that to play out and so
if I’ve got this vision for how I want my life to look. If what’s going on in the
company’s training doesn’t fit that specifically, that doesn’t mean that I abandon everything
that I’m getting, what I do is look at the training, I look at the mentoring, I look
at whatever the system is and I say, “What of this is essential? What is this training
actually trying to accomplish? What is the mentoring actually moving me toward?” And
then, I can take and put that in alignment with where it is I’m trying to go with my
vision. I can start aligning those things so that it can be sustained; because it I
want my life to look a certain way and the training or the mentoring that I’m receiving
is not in align with that, something’s gotta give, it’s just not gonna go the full distance
and to reinforce that even more before we get into purpose, the “Why”- if this is
where I want to go, why do I want to go there? If this is the business I’m trying to build,
why am I trying to build it? I don’t know how many people I have seen – I know you
have seen as many or more – that have jumped in to build a business and not really know
why they were trying to do it. That’s how frustrating does that have to be for somebody
to be crank and just go and go and going, “I did this myself, I want to build this
business, and I’m going for it! I’m going for it!” Late nights early mornings, grinding,
killing it, doing stuff I don’t want to do so I can live the way I want to live later
and all the other clichés that we just drowned in and I didn’t know why; and because I
didn’t know why, I couldn’t sustain the effort even when I reached a pretty good level
of success, I couldn’t sustain it because it wasn’t built to this and everything takes
care of itself. Nothing is like that! The only thing that you get to and it takes care
of itself afterwards is death’ and we’re not really building toward death there right
now. Why do I want to get there? And do I want
it to look like and then I take into alignment in fact there might somebody watching that’s
going, “Holy cow! This business I’m killing myself to build doesn’t align with what
I want to do with my life!” I’ll be the bad guy and tell you, “Get out! Don’t
do it!” If you’re not building something that is sustainable with the life you want
live, stop it! Two word counseling, “stop it!” Find something that aligns with where
you want to go in your life and why you want to go there, and start applying those best
practices to it that allow you to come out. I want to stop you right there because there
is something you told me one time in a conversation that I think I’ve repeated a gazillion times
and it was talking about when we look at somebody else and say, “I want their life or I want
their business,” that happens a lot specifically in the Network Marketing realm right? Or I
want to be like them, and you told me one time that the only thing worse than trying
to set a goal to be like somebody else and not making it; not getting there is getting
there and realizing you hate your life and that was me not to long ago. In my businesses
was chasing these accolades, or titles and really when I got there, I didn’t build
it the way I wanted to. I didn’t stop first and say what I want my life to look like and
(a) does this business compliment that and is there a way that this business can complement
that and so for somebody like myself, you know me and the performer in me regardless
if I’m talking a one person or a room full of 8,000; they’re gonna get the same energy
level from me – the same performance. I’ve found, like doing a lot of one on one phone
calls, I was wearing myself out and I couldn’t figure out why and it was because I was giving
of myself to a one person phone call the same way I would to a room of 8000 And a whole lot of them! Yea! And so I had to figure out, ok this may
not be how the company that I work with says to get people to start; I had to find ways
to work in groups of people without letting them feel – that they were still taken care
of; that was what my biggest concern was, how do I do this and not think that they’re
just number. But, it was just embracing what are my energy levels? How do I work and what
are my strengths and be willing to do things just a little different like you talked about. And that’s, really when you break it down,
what is the reason for what we are we’re doing? Not just put on the blinders and go
do it, but why do we do this particular thing? Well it’s so this happens. Ok cool, so if
this is the actual goal, the goal isn’t the system; the system is to support the goal.
So, if I’ve got this particular goal that I’m trying to achieve, with this system
– with this particular activity, but this activity just stinks for me! It’s just not
good for me! I can’t do it! You’re not a whiner, you’re aware. So look at it as
though this is what we’re trying to accomplish, is there another way that I can come in and
accomplish that same thing without compromising my integrity or compromising something the
company’s asking us to do; whatever it is, because ultimately this is you. One of the things that we get caught up in
is that people see a success level and they want that success level and they see a person
attached to it. So, as we started off the conversation they start trying to fit into
that mold; the challenge even beyond that, becomes that once they start trying to fit
into that mold, then they start trying to build the rest of their life that doesn’t
fit in that mold around it. They start trying to build their life around the business and
Entrepreneurs, business owners; hello….you are the 85% burn-out!; that ok I’m gonna
build this business – nobody starts a business that they can spend less time with the people
they love, so that they can be broke, so that they can be unhealthy, so that they can sleep
less, so that they can vacation less, nobody starts businesses for that. They start businesses
for the exact opposite reason. But what do they is that they get caught up in this whole
thing of well – I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this and part of this is true
but you know what rat poison is 98% sugar its only 2% arsenic; we’ve gotta be very
careful about what isn’t true in something – we get caught up in the idea of I’ll work
super hard for a little while, so that I can enjoy the rest of my life. Here’s what happens. We work super hard,
to create a business that is built direct around us working super hard; so where’s
the hours? Where’s that finish line? Where’s that sunrise? It’s not there, because we’ve
created something that relies on us doing things, we don’t like to do and as soon
as we start trying to not do those things, it all collapses – it’s gone! And it will
always fall back to what is foundational; it’ll fall back to what is sustainable.
So, if you want to know how sustainable your business is, try to change your model and
see how far it falls. Whenever it stops falling, that’s actually the part that’s sustainable
and you can build back from there. But its, a scary thing to look at; you’ve actually
just had to do that not too long ago through some of the things we’ve talked about; you
finally went, “You know what? I can’t keep doing this.” Just one aspect, wasn’t
the whole business but you kinda took your hands off of it a little bit and shifted toward
what you knew would be sustainable and it flexed a little but then all of a sudden very
quickly you found where that sustainability point was and you knew you could take off
from there and do something meaningful afterward. Absolutely and so many people do build to
a point where they have this little bit of success and they’re not willing to change
because they are scared like I got it here and it really is, they don’t know that out.
I literally had to sit and look at my business and do a real gut check of what part of my
business do I loathe? There were times I think I would just rather go take a nap; like you
feel that brain overload with this and then figure out if there is a different way to
do this. Is there a way to eliminate the thing that I hate? So there’s always going to
be time for work – so let’s say somebody’s watching this right now or listening to the
podcast and they’re not sure what their strengths are – what sets them apart, what
makes them special because sometimes we’re too close to us; somebody else can go, “Oh
my gosh, you could kill this!” For example for me – for a long time, I struggled in
my business trying to build it the way I was told too but, if you put me on camera or on
video, people would say, “Jimmy you’re really good at that because I didn’t have
any business degree – I was a broke actor before I started and so I didn’t see how
those skills would help me in the business world because I had no business background.
So, let’s say somebody is here watching us on video and go, “PJ and Jimmy, you guys
are awesome on video, I can’t do that – how does somebody take that self-test to kind
of figure out, “Where am I good? How can I set myself apart?” There are a couple of things to work on. First
of all go back to the purpose element of all of it. What is it you’re actually trying
to accomplish? What is it you’re trying to get done? What are the different ways to
make that happen? And you can kind of evaluate based on that. You know there are things that
we know. You can talk about – yea maybe it is unfair that somebody is watching two
guys who absolutely love crowds, who love cameras, love the spotlight – yea I do,
you do! That’s just part of who we are! Find out who you are. Find out what it is
you can do? Where are the places you’re most comfortable? Where are the places in
life – and don’t focus on business because you won’t get an accurate presentation,
but what is it you find yourself doing when there’re no expectations? What are the things
you do when you procrastinate? What do you do when you’re avoiding the things you are
supposed to do? Start looking at those and start understanding that there are probably
some hidden gifts and hidden talents and strengths in those places. Something that I looked at
because for years – most of my life, it’s finally started getting to the point where
I’ve had more of my life without this message than I have with this message but don’t
be too big for your britches, don’t show off, don’t do all of this when really the
rest of your adult life is about showing off and being bigger. So for one shame on me, shame on all of us
that have said this to our kids, but I started looking and going, “You know what?” Regardless
when there’s no expectation, and something is brought up and I’m passionate about or
I at least have a strong opinion about, I have no problem going into an animated discussion
and before long without even trying it, I’m the center of the room. I wasn’t even trying
to be, but I went after this topic and I just started looking at it thinking, “You know
what? I just have to go after topics that I love! I have to go after topics that light
a fire under my butt and I’m willing to get in somebody’s face about it I have to.
This whole topic about people building businesses that suck the life out of them and their families,
man that lights me up! I really don’t care who has a different opinion about it truthfully,
I’ll respect their opinion and I’ll listen and I’ll learn a lot. But, it’ll be entertaining
the very least and that happens in other areas of my life and all of sudden I started looking
and Oh! I gotta do that in business! I gotta do that more often. I’m a good writer, I
love writing but I don’t write in a technical sense; I don’t write the way a lot of people
write. I love our day and age now with bloggers because we see the writing style is also very
individual. You don’t have to follow an APA an MOA format, you could just write and
people will communicate with you, people will connect with you. Same thing with video, same
thing with audio; these are things that I’m good at and I enjoy but I didn’t know I
was good at them and I didn’t enjoy them until I actually looked at what it is I was
doing the rest of my life – what I would enjoy doing the rest of my life and I took
that and applied that in a business goal that I have and fit that with best practices that
I saw from other people. We don’t cast off everything just because I go, well what you
said doesn’t fit with my personality, doesn’t mean I disregard it. It means I eat the meat
and spit out the bones! I take what it is that’s being offered, and I look at it and
I form as much of that as I can into who I am, I form as much as I can sustain long term.
Because no matter what a business owner wants to do, no matter what an entrepreneur wants
to do, an executive wants to do, whoever. If I start pushing in on things that I can’t
sustain – reoccurring message hello – It will crash! If I can’t sustain it, and I
don’t want to sustain it only one of two things will happen. I’ll either quit it
or I’ll be a miserable wretch. I’ve gotta do things I can sustain and make move long
term. That’s so good! There’s so many things
that I’m like mentally taking notes and I know I’m gonna go revisit this, and write
all of this down. PJ this stuff has been amazing and I hopefully in the audience there’s
are some light bulbs that have come on today, instead of banging my head against this brick
wall, “Oh look there’s a door I can walk around here or there’s a ladder over it”
or something that allows it – that it’s a fun ladder, a fun door and somebody is,
“Oh I’m already good at this.” So, if somebody is watching this – listening
to the podcast they’re like, “I like this PJ guy; I need more of him in my life.”
How does somebody find you to work with you more?
It’s pretty easy to find me, they can just come to my blog – it’s the easiest way
it’s PJMcClure.com, there’s always a little contact form usually in the footer or something
like that where they can just drop a note telling me they’d like more info and me
or somebody on my staff, usually me because I like to get those answer them. We’ll jump
back; we’ll get the ball rolling and answer whatever they need.
PJ that’s awesome. I really appreciate you taking some time to share your insight with
us. Guys that’s another episode of Training Camp with Coach Jimmy, I hope you are enjoying
these. I’m having a blast putting them together! So, if you’re really digging this, do me
a favor, subscribe number one so you don’t miss any of the content we have coming up
and share it with a friend because if you’re finding value, obviously somebody you care
about is finding value as well. So for PJ McClure, I’m Coach Jimmy we’ll see you
next time in training camp!

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