Custom Green Camaro Sits On Massive 32-inch Rims

COMM: From it’s slick green paint job, to it’s eye catching rims, Corey Jones’ car is
causing a stir in his home town of Chicago. COREY: I actually took a whole city and helped put them on the map for the car game. COMM: Corey has been building custom cars since 2008 and believes his green Camaro inspired others in the city. COMM: He first noticed the craze for big rims coming out of Florida, USA. COREY: I just kind of fed off of what was going on out there and wanted to bring it
to my city. COMM: When it came to customising his own car, Corey knew exactly what he wanted. COREY: I designed the whole car, from top to bottom. I like big rims on cars. It
was amazing to see a Camaro on 32 inch rims. Once I got a visual of the colour I wanted
to go I went to my painter and we mixed up some paint until I got the colour that I wanted. And it came out better than I wanted. COMM: But Corey’s Camaro is not just about big rims and a unique paint job. The interior of the car is also bespoke, including custom speakers and tv screens in the doors and dashboard.
Even standard door handles are too ordinary for this car. COREY: These buttons here open the door, pop them open. COREY: It took about a month and a half to paint, it took them four days to do the interior
and about three days to do the door panels. COMM: His Camaro, worth an estimated $95,000 was customised at the car shop where Corey
and his friend Rico work. RICO: The boy’s a perfectionist y’know he wants his vehicle to look a certain way and
that’s what we’re known for, that’s what a lot of people know us by. It’s unique and
there’s nothing like it, a lot of people assume that you put big wheels on a car and it’s
always gonna rub and that’s not the case with this car. COREY: I’m used to it, so it performs as if I had the regular rims on there. Like you
gotta make sure that the job is done right so I have no problems turning, I can do a
full u-turn. COMM: Corey is constantly approached by people on the street and has won awards for his tricked-out ride. COREY: Actually I’ve won a lot of awards this year, pretty much every car show I went to
this year. COREY: This is the most important trophy to me, because I’ve been going a lot of years
and haven’t took a trophy from there, and it was second place domestic mile at the Chicago Dub show. COREY: Camaro is the hottest car out in my opinion, I just love em.


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