Hello and welcome again to La Cooquette! What makes us create a good sandwich? Is it how simple and versatile they can be at the same time? Is it that it’s something that can make even the least skilled person in the kitchen feel like a talented chef? Could it be that it’s both an opportunity to get rid of fridge leftovers, as well as a chance to create authentic, sybarite foodie creations? Today, we are collaborating with our friends at Oroweat Bread to explore why we love sandwiches We’ll discover the possibilities of the sandwich world through two dishes: a simple and inexpensive but delicious sandwich, and another one much more gourmet and pricey For our simple sandwich we’ll prepare the classic Spanish “Mixto” sandwich, and clearly this will be constructed by Álvaro Matías And the gourmet sample will be a sandwich with Kobe meat, the most expensive in the world, crafted to perfection by me. At the end of the video we will have a couple of judges who will taste both creations and tell us their verdict so watch this video until the end to see the results! Hi friends! Like Cooquette just told you I will be making the basic sandwich, the simple one This is for people who feel intimidated by cooking But that doesn’t mean it will be a bad sandwich, Nothing like that My proposal for this challenge Is a “mixto” sandwich with egg It gives a twist to the classic “mixto” For those who don’t know it, a “mixto” sandwich is a traditional sandwich in Spain That shouldn’t cost more than 2 euros So let’s make it at home Which will be even cheaper and tastier We are using simple ingredients Like this cheese It doesn’t have to be a specific type You can use Cheddar, Or Mexican cheese works really well Pick a cheese that is good for melting, Without getting too liquid A couple of slices of ham, Any type you want If you want turkey to make it healthier, You can also use that A standard chicken egg, Regular-sized And our last ingredient, Sliced bread Indispensable in any sandwich We are using white bread More specifically the Country White bread from Oroweat, Besides being a white spongy delicious white bread, a classic This brand gives us peace of mind by making sure its products don’t have any artificial colors or flavoring, or preservatives or any of those awful and unnecessary ingredients sometimes brands add to food without us even knowing about it. See? “No added nonsense” like it says here! Let’s start our recipe! We start with the simple task of frying an egg Soaking bread in the yolk of an egg is a small pleasure of life, so we will try to not get our yolk cooked too much or have it break In a large pan, melt a bit of butter and let it spread on the surface evenly Put the bread on top, let it absorb a little butter and toast it Now it’s time to put the cheese, and then the ham I like to put the cheese first so it is closer to the heat and melts perfectly We close our sandwich and watch how it gets brown little by little, until we reach the level of toasting that we like I usually flip it a little bit, because if you get distracted, it can easily get burned This is a regular “mixto” sandwich But we want to make it with egg A normal “mixto” is about 2 euros A “mixto” with eggs won’t cost you more than 3 euros So it’s still a pretty basic sandwich We carefully place our egg on top of the ham and, knowing where the yolk is, we make a strategic hole on top of the bread I recommend you use a small shot glass to make the hole like this By the way, did you know this sandwich is called a “Bikini” in Barcelona? I really don’t know why because I don’t think this will help you get a beach body! Here is our “mixto” sandwich with egg, A delicacy for modest palates As you can see it’s a very simple sandwich But it’s also a small delicacy I will explain why Because we have the cheese, ham Grilled cheese with perfect consistency It’s on point Then we have our toasted Oroweat White Bread Which is perfect to dip on the yolk It’s already a very tasty bread but when You add the yolk you take it to the next level! This is marvelous, ladies and gents, But we’ll have to see what Cooquette has for us, Because here comes a gourmet sandwich! Now it’s my turn! My sandwich is inspired by a sandwich that went viral a few months ago for being $180 dollars a piece This is largely because it has Kobe meat but first let’s see what else it has First we will make our homemade Tonkatsu sauce, famous in Japan for being served with meat and pork dishes We will simply make it by mixing ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar, mirin, which is a sweet Japanese wine, Worcestershire sauce, and freshly-grated ginger We stir everything well and we should let this rest in the fridge for at least half an hour, but if you can make it a few hours earlier, it’ll taste better I will also make some caramelized onions to enhance that sweet touch For this we melt butter over medium-low heat and cook the onions, stirring occasionally And we’ll also cut pieces of this Brie cheese, Which is delicious, made with raw cow’s milk And it’s also a little expensive, yeah We just need thin rectangular slices of it Now let’s prepare our magnificent bread I will use a Country Buttermilk Oroweat bread, which is made with real buttermilk You can smell it! For those of you who don’t know what buttermilk is It’s basically a mix of milk with an acid It can be lemon or vinegar And this helps baked things, Like cakes or bread to be more airy, and be more delicious Because it has a special flavor, you’ll see! Something I love about this brand, Is that their ingredients are real, This is real buttermilk it’s not buttermilk flavor, and they do not have preservatives that add nonsense things to the products we eat Many sandwiches in Japan are made with milk bread that can be a little sweet so I thought of using this variety because it also has a milky flavor and it’s slightly sweet but that doesn’t come from high-fructose corn syrup, something many other brands use to add sweetness We will toast our bread by smearing it with a little butter on one side and we let it toast for a minute Look, what a nice texture! And finally let’s move on to our precious Kobe beef This piece of meat is real grade A5 meat, exported from Japan That’s why it costs so much! Kobe is a designation of origin, and comes from Tajima Gyu cattle that is only bred according to a strict tradition in Hyōgo That is why it is so succulent and precious and you can recognize it for its marbled texture and tenderness It is really soft! We will cut it in half Because we won’t use it all on our sandwich Look how easy the knife cuts through! We’re ready to cook the Kobe So have all the ingredients ready Because this will be very fast! We just want to seal the flavor like this… As you can see, we don’t need any oil for cooking, The meat’s fat melts easily because it has a low melting point So it will melt very easy! We cook it for a minute on each side and a few seconds on the edges, we are not going to cook our expensive beef too much so as not to ruin it, we just want to seal it And then just cut it into thin pieces to put in our sandwich Hmmm… succulent! It’s time to build our sandwich We start with the sauce And we have our Oroweat bread as base only spread a little of the tonkatsu sauce on the bread We put a layer of Kobe meat strips – uff my mouth is watering – And add some Brie cheese on top, like this, diagonally I will put this in my oven for a minute, on broil so as to melt the Brie a little bit and we finish with caramelized onions Now our buttermilk bread slice and we embrace all the flavors in a gourmet and delicious sandwich And there they are, 2 sandwiches, This one, at a restaurant would be like 50 dollars More than a thousand pesos! That’s too much gents, because you don’t need to pay that much to eat delicious This sandwich would be like 3 euros Where I come from you can eat this for 3 euros And very delicious! Here what matters is the quality and the taste, And for that, let’s bring the judges Contestant #1 “mixto” Dani Flowers, pastry chef and Youtuber, graduated from Culinary Art School in Tijuana. Talented in the kitchen, with an expert palate. The egg gives it a breakfast flavor I love it, delicious I would eat this everyday Let’s try the first one Daniela Hirata, producer at La Cooquette, restaurant sybarite, almost useless in the kitchen. Knows how to make pasta and cereal with milk To be honest I would totally make this at home Because it’s really easy to make But I wouldn’t add egg because I don’t like it that much Generally when I eat sandwiches is at dinner Grade #1 Taste On taste I will give it a 7 Because they are very basic flavors Which are good together but something is missing I will give it an 8.7 Because I would’ve chosen a different cheese, one that melts more Grade #2 Texture I love it, it feels buttery, very good, spongy I love it, I would give it an 8 The butter with the bread, it’s the perfect toast Until now, the bread has been my favorite part I would give it a 9.5 Good job my friend, perfect toast! Grade #3 Quality/price In quality/price I give it a 10 It tastes better for the price Quality/price is really good 3 dollars, I can totally afford it I could eat this regularly, I will give it a 9.3 Contestant #2 Kobe This one even feels different It’s more spongy, Very airy. Let’s see… I’m very excited because I don’t think my palate has ever tasted something so fancy Let’s see how it is The meat melts in your mouth, Wow! I’ve never tasted a steak like that I don’t even know how to describe it The onions give it a little taste that puts everything together Because it’s sweet and then the cheese is strong But then the meat… My favorite part was the caramelized onions Because I love onions grade #1 taste The flavor combination, All of them are different but everything makes sense They explode in your mouth. Delicious! I’ll give it a 9.9 I will give this sandwich a 10 in flavor Because I loved it as I said before The onions, cheese, beef Everything comes together very well The bread is also super spongy, I loved it Grade #2 Texture In texture, I love how the bread is very spongy The meat is super soft But I feel like something crunchy was missing I don’t know, something else… so I will give it a 7.5 I will give it a 7.3 in texture because, to be honest, Just like the flavors have a lot of contrast, the textures don’t I wanted something different, to be surprised, I wanted to be amazed That’s why the grade I gave it is not so bad, at least it’s a pass! Grade #3 quality/price Regarding quality/price I think it’s pricey But we know we’re eating Kobe beef A very expensive steak Amazing quality So it’s worth it But at the same time I don’t know if I would pay for it I give it a 6 In quality/price To be honest I could eat this everyday It’s only 50 dollars But of course I would be homeless, carless and only eating once a day This sandwich I’m not sure I’m willing to do that I’ll give it a 6.5, friend. I’m sorry, the price… I can’t. That’s it. As you can see it was a very tight race Our team is calculating the votes You have it? Let’s see who won… Hum, let’s say I’m the winner…. Winner: Basic sandwich Dany? Dany? Well, the important thing here is that you comment down below which was your favorite and why! And comment too if you have any more sandwich ideas, to try them some time soon! I’d like to thank Oroweat Bread for sponsoring this adventure And for all the yummy varieties that they have Their Organic Whole Grain and Buttermilk varieties are actually MY breads, because now that Isabelita is eating more with us I really get very worried about what ingredients food has And I love it because this “No Added Nonsense” label Keeps me calm and certain that I know they’re not adding preservatives or artificial things So I can trust them, thank you so much for that Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you on the next La Cooquette Goodbyeeee


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