Creating engagement and results in your Ultimate Portion Fix Group

hey Beachbody champs I’m so excited and
stoked to be here to chat with you all things about the ultimate portion fix
challenge groups how to keep your people engaged how to create FOMO and how to
crush the results that are coming out of your groups so I’m going to give you a
confession right out the gate on this one I am someone who has never committed
to an actual nutrition program through Beachbody I was someone who’s like oh I
eat clean I looked at those portion containers when I first got them and I
was like it was like a game of Tetris and I didn’t want to put the time into
figuring it out and it was just all too consuming for me and so I was just like
I’m just going to eat really clean I’m gonna clean it up I’m gonna drink my
Shakeology I’m gonna do my workouts and nutrition just isn’t sexy so I don’t
know how to throw any type of FOMO and excitement around that so I just I’ll
just ignore that and cross my fingers to get results and I was asked to be in the
ultimate performance or the ultimate portion fix test group and I literally
was like like guys I’ve never even done this like I don’t need I know I can’t do
this and I had to gut check myself and was like who are you to not do this what
type of coach are you telling your people to commit to these things in
order to get results say that they’re foolproof when you’re not proving that
so I jumped into that and whenever I do a test group I go full force and I’m
like I’m in I’m going to show exactly what happens from beginning to end if I
actually commit to this I am going to humble myself and I’m gonna get into the
trenches with everyone and I’m just gonna do it and it was a gut check to me
because I was like oh this works fancy that and so I’m going to tell you
first and foremost this what this whole thing is going to be geared around is
committing it to with your people getting in the trenches getting in the
grind you know holding yourself accountable with them so transformations
are my ammunition transformations are my proof of my product proof of the product
isn’t me holding my shaker cup showing my containers talking about personal
development it’s showing that what happens when I do that it’s showing my
transformation it’s showing the shift in my mindset it’s showing me radiating
from the inside out it’s doing all the things to show people what’s possible
when I’m using our products and programs and so for myself I had to gut check
myself get all in this and because I don’t want to promote to get people into
my groups I want to attract you to get my groups and what I mean by that
is I want to not just tell you all the things I don’t want to educate you on
all this stuff I want to relate to you I want you to be attracted by what I’m
putting out there that you can do it you can see it in my lifestyle and then you
want to be a part of that I don’t want to just have good really good marketing
or have really good verbage around what I’m saying or talk a big game or rope
you in with my conversation I want you to look at what I’m doing and see the
way that I’m outlining the way that I’m fitting this into my lifestyle the
results I’ve gotten out of it and where I’m going from here and be like well hot
damn I want to be a part of that to me that’s more profound than me talking
about what I’m doing I’m gonna show you what I’m doing I’m gonna show you what
you’re about to do if you do this with me so the first thing I’m gonna tell you
is get into the trenches with your people commit to this don’t just talk
about it don’t just educate people on it don’t just throw out the slides don’t
just you know copy and paste things get in it put some real lifestyle grit
behind it talk about the struggles celebrate your successes show what’s
possible okay so again do it with them don’t just
educate them relate to them let them relate to you okay you’re not their
teacher you’re not your boss you’re their coach you’re their friend you’re
that piece of accountability that they’re lacking in getting their
results so here’s my thing I’m not someone that necessarily shows up to
things I’m that person that’ll do the work behind the scenes but I’m not gonna
be in the forefront liking commenting tagging cheerleading all over the place
that’s just not my personality so I know I attract that so when I first started
challenge groups I had to literally cuz I’ve never been in one I don’t even know
what other people’s challenge groups will look like when I first joined
Beachbody I literally had to sit there be like okay what would I show up to I
can’t handle you know you hear all the time people have these challenge groups
and they’re like no one’s posting no one’s liking it’s just like a dead zone
well if you’re bored and your own challenge or everyone else is probably
bored in there too so what would you show up to so I had to start thinking
about these types of things when it comes to ultimate portion fix because
again nutrition isn’t sexy to me so I know for my people it wasn’t sexy either
I can slay the whole fitness program I can make sweaty selfies fun we can talk
about fitness clothing we can talk about your workout area we can make that all
fun hype social media crazy story is a galore but I can’t make nutrition
and containers sexy so what am I gonna do to keep my people engaged keep my
people excited getting them results so I gut checked myself what would get me to
show up I’m someone along with a lot of other people that thrive off FOMO right
it doesn’t matter if you are male or female if somebody’s doing something and
it looks fun you’re gonna have FOMO over the fact that you’re not doing it with
them so I created something called um the epic live link and this is we all
know what zooms are right so this is a zoom link that is open 23 hours a day
okay I through I think I had that I couldn’t do it 24 hours so that’s why I
did it 23 hours a day I created the zoom link that was 23 hours day and it’s
called the epic live link I don’t care if you’re working out I don’t care if
you’re doing PD I don’t care if you’re a coach and you’re working I don’t care if
your meal prepping whatever you’re doing that link is open for you to get on
there and at one point in time there’s probably gonna be somebody else on there
that’s going to be doing this stuff with you that’s creating that community vibe
right so how do I break this down with the ultimate portion fix one is again
they can jump on and workout at any time so we know that we have these live
workouts coming out which is like absolutely incredible I don’t know if
you guys were around for the 21 day fix initial launch I wasn’t and all I’ve
heard about for the last three years since I’ve been a coach was how profound
that launch was how volume was skyrocketing help people’s businesses
blew up how the 21 day fix literally changed the game we’re about to revamp
that we are about to relaunch that we are about to do that 10x wise so you got
to get your head wrapped around that and get really freaking amped about this and
I can do it get in the trenches so I know that with that the live a workouts
that are coming up well guess what some people can’t do that specific time to
that live workout a lot of people do these morning workouts that are like you
know 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. our link is up you guys can get on and sweat together I
created it for a full day because there’s people that workout at all
different times a day so they’re able to post in the group hey I’m jumping out in
hours anyone else available and if someone else like crap I haven’t done my
work on it okay I’m gonna jump on and hold you accountable and do this with
you so this was something for different people to connect on a different level
and create that bond in that community that we’re trying to create in our boot
camps getting them to tag each other afterwards so nice to sweat with
so-and-so so-and-so pushed me wasn’t gonna get my workout in but so-and-so
tagged that they were working out that so I jumped on there too so even if these
people can’t get on in that live workout with autumn with the rest of your crew
make it available so that they can tag each
other and and jump on in a different time to post okay somebody asked do I post a
link live every day nope it’s a pinned link it’s open every single day 365 for
23 hours a day so they know it’s the exact same link that they can just save
and they can always access it no matter what um the next thing is I do happy
hour calls so this is something that we do at all different times depending
because not everybody can make one time and what this is is for people that
create that community vibe they have questions that want to talk about their
struggles that want to talk shout their successes out so this is
something that we can connect on another level create that community vibe you can
sprinkle on the coaching opportunity you can express to them you know this is the
topic we’re gonna talk about this time this is providing value getting them
knowing okay I know a lot of people I’m seeing a
whole vibe in the bootcamp right now that everybody’s struggling with staying
within their bracket or finishing all their containers or a different recipes
for different things this tonight’s or this during the day or whenever your
boot camp happy hour calls this is what we’re gonna address make sure that you
jump on if this is a concern you’re having or if you just want to shoot the s…
with all of us so getting them out of that community vibe creating that vibe
that people just don’t want to not be a part of the next thing is I I personally
struggle with meal prep again I went back into what do I struggle with what
do I show up with what do I need help with because I can i can assume
everybody else does too so meal prep I suck at meal prep it was something that
I’m like I don’t even know like all the containers that people have where they
have like their meals lined up and they take that like overhead shot picture
like dizzy makes me dizzy so I was like I need to figure out something so Sunday
as our designated on our epic live link that’s our meal prep day we go on there
you whip up the music you have a dance party on there you’re cheers and you’re
energized all right guys here we go let’s meal prep this out cheering great
FOMO piece to post on social media right great way to hold yourself accountable
that maybe we had a funny conversation and we post about it you don’t want to
miss the next funny conversation somebody’s sharing all of their meal
plans somebody’s sharing all of their how they’re prepping their foods how
they’re making things it becomes again that community vibe that you want to be
a part of so epic live link has really changed the game for me knowing that my
people are if I can’t give them the one-on-one support all the time they’re
getting it they have the they have the we don’t say accessible it’s accessible
at all times that they have someone they can connect with even if it’s not myself
okay so that is something that we have our epic live workouts in our boot camp
happy are links in and our meal prep Sunday so again something that you’re
addressing all the different struggles that people might have in the ultimate
portion fix you’re handling it with an opportunity for them at some point in
time during the week to jump on and get their questions answered their
struggles overcome and celebrate their successes I don’t care if you have two
people or you have 200 people in your boot camp you treat them all the same
they all invested in themselves and in you as their coach so you coach them you
handhold them if they need to be handheld you do what you need to do to
get them results everybody is gonna be different everybody has a different goal
everyone has different struggles so find where they’re at and help them where
they’re at and this type of thing you can do it any time if you have two people
jump out on FaceTime with them jump on a Facebook Messenger with them be like hey
guys pop up let’s chat what is going on right now what are you eating right now
let’s chat about it how did that fit into your containers containers are
overwhelming you great let’s break it down and figure out how to make it less
overwhelming and more successful right so if my notes cuz the guys will be all
over so next thing I want to chat about is the my challenge tracker app this is
something that is a game changer for me with especially with Facebook traction
right now the my challenge tracker was always something that I like to separate
so is something that when people plug into there they know that that’s what
they’re there for they know that they’re there for their goals the results to
talk about what they’re struggling with it’s just a place that simply for them
and I don’t know about you but as grown adults there’s not very many times we
can be selfish this is your selfish land you can be as selfish as you want
because this is for you okay so there’s different things that I do to
leverage that one is it’s awesome that Beachbody now lays out an entire
challenge group back in the day when I first started I didn’t come up with my
own challenge group content we are on Facebook I had to figure it out there
was no scheduling post when I woke up is when the post would go up what I would
remember that’s when the post would go we have all these different perks that
we can do with my challenge tracker the one thing is the guides it breaks
everything down the only thing that I’ll really suggest on that is tweak it and
make it your own make it something that sounds like your personality that’s
coming out of your mouth because again people don’t want to be educated they
want they want to relate to you they want you to be that person they’re
like oh she gets it like oh I can talk about what’s going on because she
understands or somebody else in that group understands this is something for
me that is talking to people where they’re at so here’s the beauty and I’m
not gonna lay this out because you guys all better purchase the ultimate portion
fix or you’re crazy because there’s different three different variables of
tracks of how the nutrition plans that you can you can follow suit you don’t
know what someone’s going through right now you don’t know if someone needs a
lifestyle change you don’t know if someone has if they have a wedding
coming up or a vacation coming up and they want quicker results or they want
shorter you know shorter time span to get these done or they are having
medical ailments going on or what they’re going through or they are trying out
paleo or they’re trying out being a vegetarian or a vegan talk about those
pain points target those points you don’t know if someone’s struggling with
their kids not wanting anything but grilled cheese chicken fingers and
french fries how are you going to tweak your conversations with people in your
Challenge group by talking about the different things you don’t know what
might trigger someone to be like dang I need to get off this bandwagon that it
fell off in the wagon ran over me six times I need to recommit back into this
so talk about the different factors that the ultimate portion fix can can help in
someone’s life and all the different realms because just it’s not just weight
loss it’s not just cleaning yourself from the inside out there’s so many
different things and perks that come along with this program that you can
touch on that might be like dang I didn’t even know that I could do that I
didn’t even know that was an option for people even who aren’t didn’t use the
ultimate portion fix that think they don’t need it they already know that the
know what the 21 day fix they don’t need any of that stuff talk about that stuff
create FOMO around the different stuff that this um program can do and touch
base on for people and you’re probably gonna get some of your stragglers that
are just like waiting in behind the scenes to see what other results are
popping out to be like alright I need to be a part of this whatever they’re doing
what I don’t know what they’re talking about but they’re saying that there’s
some sort of plan that if you want to level up and get like crazy results in
21 days doing this program getting ready for a vacation I’ve got Spring Break
coming up I need to do whatever they’re talking about and get them plugged in
right so the next thing is um my thing is engagement is what’s going to change
the game for you the vibe over the content we have the content they have
the content they are literally silver plattered a complete challenge path
it has locked and loaded them with results guaranteeing them result they have
everything that they need what they need is someone holding them accountable
holding their hand cheering them on and telling them that I don’t care how many
times you give up I’m not giving up on you as your coach
you’re gonna keep showing up you’re gonna keep if you fall off the bandwagon
my butt’s gonna be dragging you back on so I try to create that exciting vibe in
my bootcamp over trying to really overanalyze with a content that I put
out they got the content they need you they need you as their coach to provide
an atmosphere that they don’t want to not be a part of that they get excited
to plug in every single day to their little selfish land of themselves taking
care of themselves so create an exciting vibe and if you’re gonna come on here
and say well what what do you post or what types of things I can’t tell you
what’s gonna excite your people you can because you attracted them so think to
yourself what type of challenges would I show up to what would get me excited to plug
into this boot camp and to see what what’s going on what type of
things get me to want to engage and post what types of things am I gonna like be
like heck yeah girl hey yeah boy like what type of things are gonna
excite you and keep your interest that’s what’s gonna get your people to do the
same um one-on-one messaging the my challenge tracker allows you to do this
I feel like I’m like plugging my challenge tracker but like truth use it so I love
the feature that you can message everyone so the what I do is once a week
I do check-ins they don’t know that I’m massive them they’re gonna know now if
they’re on here but I mask check in with everybody and what I do is I send them a
message and it makes it sound catered to them hey guys I know that I saw that a
bunch of people are struggling with X Y & Z I wanted to talk to you specifically
and what’s going on with me or what’s going on with you talk to me what are
your struggles give me one success and tell me one way you’re gonna handle this
situation and then one thing I can help you on so one you’re not gonna get that
whole struggle bus of like oh this happened and this happened and I can’t
do this and this seems so hard and I can’t find a recipe but instead you’re
letting them one talk about what they’re struggling with two how they’re planning
on handling it three one thing that you can help them on and four one thing they
succeeded that they can level themselves up believe in themselves and throw some
support to themselves and shout themselves out that they did something
that’s even if it’s literally how long have you been in this challenge group
were you ever gonna do this did you not only invest in yourself but show up for
yourself and you’re no messaging me back that means
you care about yourself so you need to be honored appreciate it and shout it
out for even doing that okay so recognize them for that but what
this also does is you have certain people that won’t show up in front of
the scenes but will behind that might need that one-on-one that they don’t
feel like they’re drowning in the masses or I notice it only like three people
post it on this thing so I’m not gonna be the fourth I’m not gonna post on
there but if you get them one-on-one conversation you can handle what’s going
on with them talk to them on a different level and they might then open up to you
a little bit more about struggles that they’re going through that you can
connect on a different level and talk to them about different ways that they can
handle that and then the last thing I think that I’m
gonna talk about is when people say again their engagement drops my biggest
piece of advice is post a challenge talk about something do something in your
challenge groups that have nothing to do with the challenge group there have
nothing to do with showing up for their fitness their health recipes PD nothing
to do with that because that’s what gets people out of the woodwork when they
feel like they’re getting called out like if you do a post about something of
like post or sweaty selfie and so like Joe Schmoe has not worked out in six
weeks he’s not gonna show up for that sweaty selfie but if you post a game of
would you rather hey guys behind the scenes send me through to one of the two
truths of one lie whatever I played that game like one it’s getting them out
there it’s you’re posting about them it’s you’re talking about them getting
other challengers to engage with them those types of funny things when I do
would you rather and they’re like oh my god this is insane
but guess what they keep coming back to the challenge group ten times more than
they would if I was like hey post your meal log today so I can go there hey
what’s one healthy thing it’s just not fun for them right if they’re not in the
grind with it that’s not fun for them but if you play a game do something fun
and create a community vibe that’s not just based around results you’re gonna
get people that fell off the wagon and are gonna come back in you’re always
gonna get people that dip you’re always gonna get people to give up on
themselves you’re always gonna get people who question their their
potential that question the programs and the products so it’s your job to keep
them engaged keep them accountable showing them love and support reminding
them why you are the coach that they enrolled this I’m very firm on if
someone quits I do take that personal that’s not on
them that’s on me they might be going through something but guess what there
are my list I’m not giving up on and I will remind
them over and over and over again that guess what when you slid into my DMs
or you slid into my Inbox you got me invested in you and I’m not
giving up on you that’s not that’s not what I’m about that’s not who I am
that’s not what’s gonna happen and you can dip me and you can dodge me you can
do whatever but I am going to be here when you are ready so biggest piece of
advice when it comes to how to leverage these groups how to keep them engaged
how to keep it excitement and keep your people in it is constantly providing
value that you would relate to that would connect with you that would keep
you excited get in it with them talk about the containers with them show them
what workouts you’re doing sweat with them if you have someone I had someone
the other day who messaged me I was like oh my god I’m about to jump on my first
workout and I’m like hey do you mind if I jump on with you and I posted in my
group and a bunch of people jumped on that epic live link and we did a their
first 21 day fix workout and I don’t know if you’ve ever done the first
workout but that first move is a surrender as a new person I would
surrender myself right out of that workout so having that accountability of
a group of people that are all doing it with you is so powerful and that’s what
these challenge groups are so get those people in your challenges to realize
that this is the community vibe they don’t want to be a part of there’s a
desire that they don’t not want to be a part of they want to be stuck in here
with you guys they want to be in the grit and grind with you guys and they
want to see you struggle and succeed with them they don’t want you to just
sit there and talk to them they don’t want you to sit there and educate them
and sling and sling copy/paste stuff they want you to talk about what these
products and programs are doing for you currently so that they can relate at
that level so I hope this gives you a little bit of feedback I hope this gives
you a little bit of insight and I hope this gets you to tweak the game a little
bit to make your challenge groups more something you would show up to more than
you think somebody else would so I love you guys I’m so excited for this launch
I hope you guys are I hope you guys are ready for April first for these
workouts to knock out and get in the grit and grind with your people all
right I’ll talk to you later bye

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