Creating A Medical Weight Loss Plan in Lexington, KY

♪ [music] ♪ We treat patients who need to lose weight
whether that’s 5 pounds, or that’s a 150 pounds. We also treat patients who are having
trouble with blood pressure, or have been told they’re pre-diabetic and
that they need to lose weight in order to improve this health condition. At the very first visit we discuss their
medical history. We talk about a goal weight,
and talk about if that’s reasonable based on current body composition. We are also assessing their candidacy for
different weight loss medications, and briefly discussing what options there
might be in the future. And then create an individualized program
for that patient based on their readiness to change and their commitment
to weight loss. The initial goal we set with all of our
patients is medically successful weight loss. Which is a 5 to 10% loss of beginning
body weight. At 10% loss we start to see improvements
in over 35 medical conditions related to weight. Lifestyle change is a term that’s thrown
out a lot these days and we use lifestyle change for treatment of a lot of things. So, the lifestyle changes are going to
include of course nutrition, and exercise recommendations. But then also giving people tips for how
to still enjoy all of those pleasurable activities in life, without sabotaging
their goals and sabotaging their health in the process. ♪ [music] ♪

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