Country Heat Unboxing

Hey, I am Autumn Calabrese,
the creator Of Country Heat. And today, we’re doing
a Country Heat unboxing. We’re gonna find out everything
that you get with your kit. So let’s get started. I’m just gonna open this up. And first things first,
we’re going to pull out our nice little packaging here. And I’m gonna take out
all of our documents that are in the one side. So the first thing
we’re gonna look out is our Country Heat Quick Start guide. This is really important. This is gonna tell you
exactly how to get started. So it’s gonna tell you
a little bit about the DVDs that you’re getting, it’s gonna give you
a little example of your meal plan
and your calorie brackets. It’s gonna give you an example
of your tally sheet. And then this is
really important. This is for your weight
and measurements because you want to do
your before and afters, it’s a great way
to track your progress. The number on the scale
doesn’t always tell you what’s happening. So having those measurements
is just a fantastic way to know just how far you’ve come. So that is our
Quick Start guide. The next most important thing is your actual
Country Heat guide book. This is your Eating Plan,
but it’s gonna talk to you all about how the program works. So again, it’s gonna go into
more depth about your how to calculate your calories, to know which food bracket
you’re gonna land in, it’s gonna tell you all about how many containers a day
you get, it’s gonna give you food lists
and tally sheets and recipes and more. Read your guide book,
it’s important. Now speaking of our
color coded containers, let’s take a look at those. Set these out really quick. Now I know what you’re thinking
as I undo these, you’re like, “Autumn, those are really small. I’m gonna starve.” No, you’re not, I promise because when you read
that guide book meal plan, you’re gonna find out that
you actually get to fill these multiple times a day. And you are getting dense nutrition,
healthy nutrition, which means you get to eat more. So here are
all of our containers. All right,
let’s talk about these. We’ve got green,
that is your veggies. We’ve got purple,
that is your fruit. Red is your protein,
yellow is your carbohydrates, blue is your healthy fat,
orange is your oils and seeds. I know you see two containers
of the orange, you’ll only get one a day, there’s just an extra one
there for fun. Now you don’t even
need to remember what these containers represent ’cause we give you these
fun little stickers that tell you
what they represent. So I can just pull off
my green veggies, stick it on the front there, and now I know
the green is for my veggies and I can even write in that box
how many times a day I get to fill
this green container. So you’ve got your stickers
that will go on all of those. And then let’s also not forget
our Shakeology shaker cup to get our Daily Dose of Dense
Superfood Nutrition there. That’s really important. You want to make sure
you’re drinking your Shakeology. So let’s talk about my favorite
part now which is the workouts. So you get your
Country Heat calendar, your 30-day calendar. On here, it’s gonna tell you
what workout you are doing each day of the week, very important
to follow this calendar. So you have that. And then you get
three different discs that have your workouts on them. And what you’re gonna get
on those DVDs is you get five different high energy
dance workouts. They are 30 minutes in length. Each dance workout also
comes with a move breakdown. So I’m there showing you how
to do each move nice and slow so that when you actually
go into the workout, you feel good to go, you’re ready to
just dance and have fun. You also get one dance
conditioning workout, which is also
30 minutes in length, plus our one bonus line dance,
which is Night Crawl that was actually written for us by superstar country artist
Jo Dee Messina. So you’re gonna get all of this, you’re gonna have
an amazing time dancing and eating well
for 30 days, and here’s the coolest part. If for whatever reason you don’t get the result
you want or you decide Country Heat
just isn’t for you, you have the 30-day
money back guarantee, which means at the end of
30 days, you’re not happy, you can send it back and you’re gonna
get your money back. But I promise
you’re not gonna need it ’cause you’re gonna have
the best time and see amazing results. There it is, guys. Be sure to follow
Country Heat on social media. And for more
exclusive content from me, you can checkout
Beachbody On Demand. Bye.


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