Colton & Tayshia Go Bungee Jumping In Singapore! | The Bachelor US

Oh my gosh this is so pretty
I played looking forward to my day is Hannah at Colton uninterrupted yes question
Nate Wright says let’s fall in love I think let’s fall in love means something
with waterfalls this cuz we’re right here by the water falling in love I
won’t I’m down with that that sounds good you see that is that oh
my gosh we should go Bungie Holton you’re
kidding right no you we should go budget oh my gosh
are you afraid of heights not necessarily a fear of heights but
like I don’t like falling I’ve never been able to have the opportunity to do
something like this because my professional career I never want to do
something like I could be injured so I always played it safe now that I could
do adventurous things I’m looking forward to today we got this yeah yeah
we do together we got this okay here we go do it
life’s all about experiencing things for the first time and you really have to
figure out what you like and what you don’t like so I’m gonna figure out today
if I like Heights Oh look at it up here is incredible man
this is a lot higher than I no way from afar alcohol like hey this isn’t
gonna be a good idea and then the closer we got up to it I realize how high off
the ground it was a thousand feet is that what it is I thought this is gonna be like a circus
bungee jump so this is like a legit bunch of junk it’s fine it’s no big
thing ready patience really really freaking
out I’m really really freaking out too so like I probably just need to try to
stay quiet and jump and not make her more scared me yeah ok is that
convincing I think I’ll hand by my side don’t worry
I on a scale of one to ten definitely a twenty
have fun yep this is what don’t die I’ll see at the bottom gosh okay we’re good oh my god no no not happening didn’t get
any customers no no no you sounded like a little girl
amazing oh my what is they doing and you got this
Daysha jump to me here we go I can’t believe it I did it that was
awesome unbelievable overcoming fear is really
good feeling and it’s amazing to have someone to do it with you we didn’t date card said let’s fall in
love I’m taking those things very literally from now on we’re gonna
chicken out you think would you ever um not with you up there no no you honestly
you were like you seemed very confident while giving me the advice that I needed
it was only like that cuz you were there otherwise would have been like no thanks
I can take appreciate it any time it’s been quite some time since
I’ve felt this open and vulnerable for the guy but comfortable and secure at
the same time Colton and I have really good chemistry
and I think there is passion there I can’t wait for what’s in store for
tonight I don’t even know what’s gonna happen whatever it is I’m down I’m ready
if I did the bungee jump I can do honestly anything you


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