Climb This! Crux Climbing Centre in Calgary

HI I’m Randy and when you’re in Calgary you
absolutely have to climb this the Crux Climbing Centre there’s tons of bouldering gear and what I really like about it is that it’s a terrific way to warm up, to work
on your technique and best of all you don’t need a partner for it don’t worry about climbing alone, you’ll always find someone to climb with excellent
ready to go if you’re visiting Calgary and you’ve forgotten your climbing gear don’t worry about it because the Crux is a come as you are kind of place plus we’ll rent you shoes and a harness when you arrive here, you may be wondering what all the colored tape is about the colored tape marks the path for each of the roots, and at the beginning at the root you’ll find the names plus the difficulty level, what I really
love about climbing here is that the walls are so tall and yet tons of mileage and if climbing seems like too much work for
you you can just repel straight down Geronimo!


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