CLIFF JUMPING IN MAUI! (click bait af)

What’s crackin everybody?! Do you guys remember him? I’m back! bestest friend charlie is now in maui and so the adventures are officially going to get reckless this road is insane We’re on the road to hana right now.. a little sketch A little sketchy. there’s like no guardrails on this road. There’s like cliffs and shee Probably can’t see much of it It’s intense. It’s intense, that’s for sure So I guess we are going to a place called venice pools doing some cliff jumping and we’re going to camp out over there tonight. It’s going to be a dope day! We will see you guys once we are there WOOOOO!WOOOOP our sphincters were all very tense on that drive. So now we are here at the first cliff jumping spot. cool off a little bit, it’s hot day. If you guys don’t remember Charlie he was in the Oregon video of Toketee Falls where we rappelled down and sent a few off that mamouth waterfall. l I don’t have my rope here though. Yea we got no climbing gear so do it the sketchy way I guess community so beautiful i can’t even get to me we are wrapping it up here at Venus pools first time at this spot but nothing too crazy like a little 35-footer. Getting our tricks dialed in.. we’re gonna head over get a little SENDY! Did you hurt yourself? that’s a coincidence because I was just filming the “trail is dangerous ” sign .. I forgot to note that it is indeed a top les beach so if I dont film anything.. Its because there are cities everywhere I will see you next sunday!

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