Classic Bodybuilding: Steve Laureus’ Shoulder Workout

alright guys it’s Steve Laureus here we
at the East Coast Mecca I’m here to train shoulders so let’s get it I’ve been
applying a lot more rear delts before I do any full exercises for the
shoulder because a lot of people neglecting the rear delts so your front
delt is always the muscle that’s overpowering your entire shoulder
because the certain exercises you do for chest exercises you doing for back
you’re constantly activating your anterior deltoids so the posterior
deltoid is what I always hammer I hammer as much as I can first you know and get
it out the way and then I focus from the lateral to the front the anterior deltoid
for me was such a muscle that was overpowering my entire shoulder that I
was only doing posterior deltoid and lateral deltoid on the shoulder day
because I feel like I was doing a lot more of that and the anterior deltoid
when I do chest the whole thing about classic physique
is small waist flared thighs broad shoulders keeping and making your
waistline always look small a wide back broad shoulder flared thighs it’s gonna
give you that illusion all the time you and make you stand out doesn’t matter
if a guy is 15 pounds or 20 pounds heavier than you you’ll notice the difference
you stand on stage you know you can’t even tell focusing on retracted the
scapula and keeping the tension on the deltoids and the posterior deltoid is
always what I focus on the most so I’m not concerning about going very heavy
you know and losing the form losing the focus now there’s no blood in the bicep now so
you can see a little bit more lines as I flex it yes I still feel like I have such long
arms and anything I do like this doesn’t look good
anything I do spreading out you can see a lot more lines like Arnold used to have arms like this you know anything I do like this it looks good
you know most muscular not straight on most muscular has to be like you know
you can see everything from it’s is weird
you know cable cross for posterior deltoid I really feel like this isolate
my deltoid a lot I’ve been doing this exercise for a while I feel feel like
I’m really getting a lot of blood flow into into the shoulder so I can’t really move momentum on
this the only thing I’m contracting is my lateral deltoid I’m not standing
swinging around doing anything in this position my anterior deltoid will have no
choice but to really contract and bring the weight all the way back the side
that I just finished with that’s the side I’m going to start with now so it’s gonna be
a lot harder to do it this way this is an anterior deltoid machine
you know but I’m doing single arm with them first
I normally do 4 sets of these for the anterior deltoid so nothing too
complicated alright guys that was my shoulder
workout thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe

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